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Away We Go

by Cold Company

Ever wondered what the Grim Reaper's routine is like?....Look no further. This is my debut track from an upcoming EP which is set for release in a number of months from now. This is a passion project, a Covid baby which has finally seen the light of day after years of heartbreak and graft.

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No (Doesn't Mean Convince Me)

by Naz & Ella

Hey! We are Naz & Ella, an alt-folk duo from London. Our new track ‘No (Doesn’t Mean Convince Me)’ is a dark song about the normalised sexual harassment women experience. The track is based around a grungy guitar riff and builds gradually with vibrato guitar lines and atmospheric harmonics.

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Nothing But A Memory


Dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment means your whole life stops—everything else takes a back seat while you enter battle mode. You are faced with the concept of your own mortality and identity, but there’s also the opportunity for perspective.

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by Jen Janet

I'm Jen Janet, and I love to blend rock and alternative music with fashion and interesting visuals. I've always been drawn to "dark" things, and I'm fascinated with merging both heavy and stereotypically "pretty" sounds. The same goes for my music videos, photos, and art.

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by The Ivins

Hello Punktastic! We are The Ivins, a Loud Alternative band from Nashville and this is our latest single "Bloom"! If you like hearing cool new rock music but still feeling like its 2002 and you're listening to rock radio in your mom's car, this song is for you. Enjoy!

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Finger Guns

by Middlenamekill

We're Middlenamekill of no fixed genre. What a shit time to be musician. We're not special, particularly original, easy to pigeon hole or of any musical importance, however you will like us and the chances are your Mum won't.

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Hey Friends! We’re VYNYL - an alt pop/synth rock band from Denver, Colorado! This is our latest single “heart//break” - a redemptive, cathartic release of emotion that touches on themes universal to the human experience such as pain, frustration, and love, as well as regaining one’s confidence.

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Talk About

by happydaze

Hey, whats up? We're happydaze, here to curate some vibes and set the mood. We're everything about 2020 rolled into one and inhaled softly; beats, riffs, catchy melodies.. something to have a good and or bad time to.

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Private Tantrum

by New Fossils

We're New Fossils from the Bay Area, and this song is about what playing music means to us. It's boppy and fun but still looking for something more than where we are.

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by Venus Furs

Hi, I'm Paul Kasner aka Venus Furs, and Paranoia is the newest single from my upcoming debut album on my own label Silk Screaming Records. I wrote Paranoia as an examination of mental health, attempting to explore the feelings of depression and anxiety. I hope you like it.

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by Mouth Culture

hey there! we're mouth culture, an indie/rock band from leicester in the uk. we've just released our new track 'sink' it's like we put the 80's in a blender with some modern twists, check it out, you might find your new favourite band

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Dickhead DNA

by Argh Kid

DDNA was written last year, but after recent events, especially the scenes of far right thugs smashing their way round London, we felt we needed to release it now! Recorded, mixed, mastered within a week, Dickhead DNA is a ska-fuelled middle finger to racists, and a protest anthem for 2020.

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Everything I learnt about girls, I learnt from Captain Kirk

by An English Settlement

Hi all, we are An English Settlement from the East Midlands, UK. This track is from our debut e.p which was self recorded and produced. It takes a light hearted look at your typical keyboard warrior

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by Cellar Door

We are Cellar Door from Teesside. Probably our darkest and dingiest single so far Sirens is a seedy story.

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Drunk in the Snow

by Moni Grace

Moni Grace is a 23 year old singer-songwriter based out of Boston MA. Through her raw, unique adaptation of alternative-pop, she is able to approach artistry in a conceptual and abstract way. This approach presents itself in every song Moni creates to share her creative expression and soul.

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Her Glow

by Konarucchi

Hi everybody, I'm Konarucchi and this is my debut single! It's been in the works for over a year, and I'm very excited to have it out and share it with everyone. The track plays with different styles of music, and is dedicated to my beautiful little new niece.

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by Let Man Loose

Hey guys, we're back with a brand new single 'Bulldog', a satirical commentary walking the circus tightrope between patriotism and bigotry. Without getting too political, this is a fun-poke at the dinosaurs who 'wanted their country back'.

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by The Phoenix Within

We are The Phoenix Within, a rock project based out of Queens, NY. Copycat was written with the intent to encourage artist and songwriters to embrace originality & authenticity in their own musical & lyrical work.

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by The Kanz

Our music combines the alternative punk rock style of the new century influenced by electronic music with synth and special effects. We play punk rock shows with alternative electronic rock songs, deep emotional tunes and party vibes.

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by Colourful

We're a new Glasgow based band with influences in emo, alternative and hardcore artists. We currently have 2 singles out - 'Your Best Possible Life' and our latest single 'Healthy/Happy' which are both going to be on our debut album 'Until Life Gives Us Colour' out next month.

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