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by Ivy's Panic Room

We're called Ivy's Panic Room, we play alternative punk music out of Rochester, New York. This song is called Rudy. Everyone has a Rudy of sorts. We hope you enjoy the tune, check out the rest of the EP "Songs for the Flood", it dropped December 26th. Come see us when live music returns! Thanks!

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Milk and Vinegar

by bigfatbig

We are bigfatbig: a three-piece girl band based in North-East England. We released our third single, Milk and Vinegar, on September 3rd, and we would really love for you to consider us for a feature on Punktastic. The track is about how important finding non-romantic soulmates is to us.

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Black Light

by Ash Ellis

Hey lovelies! My name's Ash, I'm a non-binary folk-punk musician from Southampton, UK. I always try write my music to be as honest as possible and that's one way to describe Black Light. It's a song about a deeply personal struggle with dissociation and the isolation that it brings along with it.

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Drunk in the Snow

by Moni Grace

Moni Grace is a 23 year old singer-songwriter based out of Boston MA. Through her raw, unique adaptation of alternative-pop, she is able to approach artistry in a conceptual and abstract way. This approach presents itself in every song Moni creates to share her creative expression and soul.

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by Loyalty To Me

We're Loyalty to Me from New Jersey. We hope you dig our new music video, "Rewrites". The track is taken from our upcoming EP, 'Clash / Coexist' out May 15th 2020.

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Punk With An Ex

by Walter Etc.

Hi! This is the first single off Walter Etc.'s upcoming LP. It features raw dark comedy lyrics recounting the first few days of anger and confusion after a break-up. With a melodic chorus it's sure to get stuck in your head. Enjoy!

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Kissing The Klepto

Hey homies! We are Kissing the Klepto from Philadelphia, PA. We have established a reputation in our area for overly energetic live performances with piñatas full of stickers, black lights, and tons more! Here is our flagship track “Northern Philadelphia” Available on our debut EP “Why Bother?”!!

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no reception.

Hey everybody! I'm Claire and I make up the one woman pop-punk band that is no reception. "Time to Kill" is a taste of my upcoming EP, See Through, and through its crunchy guitars and angsty pop vocals it tells the familiar story of putting more into a relationship than you are getting back.

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Holy Pinto

The song “Gold Leaf” is about distance, the restless feeling of wanting to ramble, of being wide-eyed about the world and wanting to chase experience. The song is tinged with sadness and regret; about what you sometimes give up, the potential of letting someone down and leaving them behind whilst.

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True Blue

Ey up mi duck, just a dude from Derby who played in punk bands since I was 11. Started working nights and wrote 2 EP's for anyone in their 20s who might relate. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to listen, thank you!

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I formed metayouth when I moved back into my parents house. I'm tired of sad pop punk and wanted to write some fun stuff.

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