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sit and wait

by Tadgh Billy King

Hello! My name is Tadgh Billy King (pronounced pronounced like “Tiger” without the “er”). I didn't set out to re-create the sound of frustrated punk rock, I'm bringing it back through a modern lens with my new song "sit and wait."

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Just For A Minute

by Lion Trail

This track is mixing heavy guitars with quieter parts yet always having an energetic rhythm section behind it. As the song progresses bells and synth paint hopeful colors above the distortion and vocals. It's about getting away from the agendas that are being added to everything now days.

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Brain Dead

by Layla Bina

Hey, guys! I'm Layla Bina, and I'm a punk-inspired, Iranian-American rock artist. I was raised in a mind-numbingly insular SoCal suburb, and punk rock was my only friend. I grew up writing songs as an outlet, and studied psychology at UCLA so I would actually know what I was writing about. Enjoy!

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Be My Queen

by Kovanta

formed in late 2019, eldest was 16 years old- youngest was 12 years old. 5 piece teenage band, recording their first EP. Heavily influenced by 80's/90's rock, we're literally a Covid formed band, we're still working hard creating new material

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All Mine

by Blue Stragglers

We are BLUE STRAGGLERS, and we unleash our new single and video, Reactor, on Friday 24th February, via Hassle Records. For now, please check out last single, All Mine.

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When It Began

by Pullstring

My name is Toke and I am a part of an alternative rock band called Pullstring. We recently dropped our album "All I Know Is What I've Seen" and its single "When It Began" is an optimistic rocker for those looking forward to better days.

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Unload Your Guns

by Bluebirds

Bluebirds are an aggressive post-punk duo from Exeter, UK. They released 3 EPs in 2020, (recorded in isolation on their laptops), covering social, political and surrealist themes. In September 2022 Bluebirds are set to release 'Fortified Whines', their most accomplished work to date.

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Burn Notre Dame

by Am Samstag

Formed in 2018, Am Samstag make grunge, but not only... Compared to Nirvana, Mudhoney, Babes In Toyland, Minor Threat, The Stooges, or even Patti Smith, the trio makes fun, gets angry and yes, makes you nostalgic.

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Restarter Repeater

by Gods and Forest

Gods and Forest was founded in a small apartment by two friends with a passion for early 2000 rock. The lyrics are based on storytelling and darker subjects. The song is about a girl numbing her sadness with alcohol, drugs and nightlife. she wants to change but repeats her selfdestruktive path.

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The record is really a confessional to dating misery, pain and loneliness, which we try to sweeten). We wanted to place the central voice in a sort of twisted relationship with their emotions, controlling their every move and losing their grip on reality

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Nothing to Say

by Supersonic

Always influenced by the Grunge and Alternative Rock era of the 90's, with distorted guitars, marked bass and intense drums. Trying to rescue the essence of alternative rock from the 90s, and with lyrics that address reality, desires and disappointments.

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Kario Mart

by Bluedive

We're Bluedive from Santa Clarita, CA, We got together in the middle of the Covid lockdown and have been writing, recording, and playing as many shows as we can since. Our sound is a mix of emo-punk meets indie rock. Kario Mart is our latest release.

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Pills And Wine

by Am Samstag

Formed in September 2018, Am Samstag make grunge, but not only... Compared to Nirvana, Mudhoney, Babes In Toyland, Minor Threat, The Stooges, or even Patti Smith, the trio makes fun, gets angry and yes, makes you nostalgic. This is the third single of our album "Dualism", released on March 18, 2022.

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I want to see you tonight

by Hook

Recorded in an old Edwardian house in Dublin city. Originally released as a double-sided single (paired with the slow burner ‘Caroline’) earlier this year, ‘I Want To See You Tonight’ features high-octane instrumentation and infectious guitar hooks

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by theWorst

Portland, ME indie-punk/emo trio theWorst are back with their newest single "Monomania" — Check it out and catch them on their US tour this Spring and Summer.

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Exploding Whale

by Space Pistol

Evening!!! We’re a 4 piece British alt rock/grunge band hailing from Milton Keynes and Buckingham YOU NEED TO HESR THIS!!!

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by Røtten Apple

We are Røtten Apple, a grunge and punk band from the armpit of California, mixing the sounds of the 90s with a modern rock twist. Our single, "Ashamed" is all about... well being ashamed. Ashamed takes place after a heavy breakup, and the pain that comes with it.

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Finally An Escrow Jay

by Rudy G

Rudy G's debut single “Finally An Escrow Jay” exemplifies his powerful rock foundation, the sounds of alternative rock, punk, and hard rock, & strong original songwriting. Finally An Escrow Jay is a metaphor representing one making like a jaybird and flying away from the binding mold of complacency.

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by Sentimentipede

Hey! We're an upcoming punk/grunge band called Sentimentipede from St. John's, Newfoundland This is a track called "Hang" off of our debut album "Pretend This Sounds Good" - The track melds styles of grunge, punk rock and has a real drivey-distorted garage-rock feel to the production.

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by The Animal State

Hello. I'm The Animal State and this is the 2nd single from my new album. It tells a story from my past. If you like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins or Placebo... you will probably like this song.

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