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by Queens & Kings

Hi! We are Queens & Kings, a rock duo from Toronto. Normally I (Alissa) play drums and Brendan plays guitar with the occasional swap, but on this track, Brendan plays both instruments AT ONCE! The music video was filmed in two abandoned locations, one now demolished. Hope you like it!

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Haunt Me!

by Witch Hook

We are Witch Hook, a gothic punk duo dwelling in Bristol performing, writing and making music in the underground scene of the city - this song is our third track, 'Haunt Me!' and we have been working on it for a long time, its dark, seductive and violent and we hope you enjoy it!

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Spike Heels

by Tiger Island

Hello! We're Tiger Island, a garage punk band from Leeds and this is our debut single "Spike Heels" which features guest drums from Atom Willard (Against Me!/Rocket From The Crypt/PLOSIVS). "Spike Heels" is moody groove about friendship, life in the fast lane, and great shoes!

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No (Doesn't Mean Convince Me)

by Naz & Ella

Hey! We are Naz & Ella, an alt-folk duo from London. Our new track ‘No (Doesn’t Mean Convince Me)’ is a dark song about the normalised sexual harassment women experience. The track is based around a grungy guitar riff and builds gradually with vibrato guitar lines and atmospheric harmonics.

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Big Monster

by I am HER

We are I am HER.
This is the first time we've used an electric guitar and pedal on our record, giving a fresh take on our distinctive sound.
This song is about anxiety and how anxiety is like a beast separate to us that stalks us and preys on us.

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Ballad of Always and Never

by Seven Mouldy Figs

Hello, we are Seven Mouldy Figs (7MF), alt-rock band coming from Zagreb, Croatia. We are proudly presenting you our new single "Ballad of Always and Never". It is a song about a love that is and can never be. Also, it is the first single of our upcoming album. Hope you'll like it!

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by Witches Mark

We are Witches Mark , a blues punk duo who play raw , stripped down ,loud punk rock and roll . We take our love of punk music and try to track it back to its beginnings with our love of traditional blues music .

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Emma Ruth Rundle

Emma Ruth Rundle has unveiled a darkly romantic music video for “Light Song.” No stranger to mining her life for inspiration, this new track and its video celebrate a completely new chapter for the songwriter, following her relationship with Evan Patterson of Jaye Jayle, touring the UK together soon

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