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Hey, if you like 311 or Skindred , you might like this band. The Tips recently released a new track, "ONE," from their upcoming album, !EATPLASTIC. The track is a mix of Reggae and Crossover.

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Sum Of All Our Parts

by The Survival Code

Hi Punktastic, we are best known for our track "So Serious" which has over 1.5m stream on Spotify and helped us have 20k listeners a month for 4 years. London rock duo with riffs, melodic and cutting songs. EPK link :

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The End of Particular Things

by The Medicine Cabinet

Hey guys! We're the medicine cabinet and we've just released our debut single "The end of particular things" on all platforms, its a bit gothic mixed with some pop punk crashes and splashes, we hope you like it!!!

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by Gnarlah

Creeper is an insight into how Gnarlah began. Having been in their set since day one, the latest release from the Alt-Rock trio draws inspiration from generation-shaping TV like Black Mirror. Introducing the band's fascination with analysis of control and influence

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Artificial Pleasure

by R3VO

Artificial Pleasure avails itself of heavy sections, psychedelia-influenced choruses and an intimate outro. R3VO's originality is expressed through a mature songwriting style and compelling vocal rawness. The song is an introspective journey on the topic of undergoing addiction.

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Color Of Time

by Minai

"Color Of Time" An overwhelming excitement and a peaceful relief; "Color Of Time" is the leading single off our new EP "Love Has A Bitter Taste".

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Hey Punktastic team! We're an alternative/metal band from South Africa, and super excited to send you our new single, releasing Friday 14 May through our German label, HopePunk Records. It's the 2nd single from our forthcoming EP, releasing end of June, and features a really cool vocal collab!

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Year Zero

by Komodo Fox

Hey folks, pleased to be here! We're pleased to introduce you to Year Zero, the opening track of our self-produced debut EP which goes by the same name. A song about abusive relationships, it draws thematic inspiration from the bloody Khmer Rouge regime which devastated Cambodia between '75 - '79.

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by Komodo Fox

Hi folks, we are Komodo Fox, a two-headed rock trio based in Berlin, and this is the second single from our debut EP. Pride is a song about dealing with the past and coming to terms with our experiences, good and bad. We hope you give it a spin and like it! Cheers, KF

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by Y!KES

Hello Earthl!ngs, we're the shambolic anti-pop entity 'Y!KES'. We thought we'd share our upcoming single/vid 'Pirouette' with you. We built our spaceship out of tin foil & bits and produced the song ourselves. The track is from our 2nd EP 'Mass!ve' out 28th Aug.

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Her Glow

by Konarucchi

Hi everybody, I'm Konarucchi and this is my debut single! It's been in the works for over a year, and I'm very excited to have it out and share it with everyone. The track plays with different styles of music, and is dedicated to my beautiful little new niece.

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Bitter Pill

by Saltlake

UK alt-rockers SALTLAKE make a triumphant return with their engrossing new single, 'Bitter Pill'

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Busy Saving The World

by Dramalove

Hi guys! We are an alternative rock band from Brighton called Dramalove. Thanks!

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by The Kanz

Our music combines the alternative punk rock style of the new century influenced by electronic music with synth and special effects. We play punk rock shows with alternative electronic rock songs, deep emotional tunes and party vibes.

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some villains

We are Some Villains, a four-piece alternative/hard rock band based in Burnham on Sea, Somerset. We are probably most well-known for supporting Liam Gallagher at Pilton Party 2018 at Worthy Farm. We like to describe our music as 'perpetual motion' - Someone smarter than us came up with that!

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REAPERZ are a two piece heavy rock band from Aberdeen, Scotland. Debut single ‘The Living Dead’ takes a clear pop at the monotonies of the every day 9-5 life: “How can you say the grass isn’t greener? You’ve never seen the other side!”.

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Hi, we're TRANK. A French rock band that mixes powerful alternative rock and new wave / cold wave inspirations. We've recently dropped a new single and video “Undress to Kill”, as a preview of our upcoming album! We hope you'll like it!

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Luna Kiss

LUNA KISS have unleashed a stunning lyric video for 'Not Afraid', a track taken from the band’s debut album, Following Shadows, out on Friday 12th April.

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In My Disguise

Hey Guys! We're In My Disguise, a Suffolk-born, 4 piece rock band and this is our latest single "Find A Way Out", a hard-hitting, upbeat rocker about finding yourself in a dark place and knowing that you need to find a way out of it. We hope that you enjoy!

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KorrectioN was formed in the summer of 2016 in Athens Greece. Full details in our FB page.

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