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by Cornered

Burn is about knowing exactly what’s going wrong in this world and not being able to or having the guts to speak out about it. A planet full of smart people who are lead by fear of a minority in control. The result is an isolated society. We are doomed.

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Campus Queen

by Dirty Mike

Hey folks we are Dirty Mike from Glasgow here to bring you that rock goodness. Check out "Campus Queen" A fun tale of our first night out, depicting the excitement of the evening and the feeling of regret the morning after. A song to remind us of better times while such nights are not possible. x

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by Femegades

Hi, we are Femegades and this is the title track from our debut EP "Pornsick". It is 5 songs covering subjects of women subjected to male violence, consent, and 'big porn'. We feel we're pretty unique in what we write about, and aim to be a band that stands for something. We hope you like the song x

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Keep It a Secret

by Frontline

“What’s this, what’s happening?” It’s the lead single from the brand new EP from ‘Frontline’ - ‘Accidental gathering’. Listen to it on Spotify now! The single "Keep it a Secret" is a catchy upbeat road about an accidental hit-and-run. Let’s not keep it a secret and share it with everyone you know!

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Erin Rose drinks on shift

by Good Friend

We're Newcastle based Irish punks Good Friend. After 4 years touring the UK, EU and USA the band have just dropped their eagerly anticipated new release The Erin Rose EP as well as a new action-packed video. Single Erin Rose drinks on shift is a rousing rock-punk jam hotter than an O'Irish Coffee.

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by prdr

prdr is a composer and solo artist from Adelaide, Australia producing his own dynamic progressive/post-rock sound. 'vanguard' features Rob Brens (I Built the Sky) on drums and Liam Horgan (Ivanyi) on bass, with mixing and mastering by Simon Grove (Plini, Intervals, Protest the Hero).

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Hi There! Our song is called Metamorphosis, we consider it a scream of rage against the reality in which we live in, representing the summit of the unavoidable transformation of humans into a machine. Hope you like it!

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by The Mandevilles

Hi Punktastic gang! We're The Mandevilles. Our new song "Lightning" reflects on the masochistic side of a past relationship. Eventually realizing that it just didn't work, but there's still this sick thrill from going through hell for someone you think you're meant to be with. Plus it's grungy af!

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The Haida Smile

by Whippin Shitties

Hey, we're Whippin Shitties from Boise, Idaho. We've been playing music together since 2017, but have known each other since middle school. We'd love for you to check out our new single The Haida Smile. If you like The Promise Ring mixed with Weezer and Modern Baseball we think you'll enjoy it.

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The Beast Must Die

by Harker

Harker here! We're excited to be sharing the first single from our new album Axiom (April 23rd). The Beast Must Die is based on the idea of Mono-consciousness by Colin Wilson, who focused on striving to live with a heightened sense of meaning and avoiding a closed mindset. Plus noise! We like noise.

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by Gardner Leonard

Hi all at Punktastic! We are Gardner Leonard! a UK based pop-punk duo consisting of Daryl Gardner & Rhiannon Leonard. Conspiracy serves as the 4th single from our upcoming debut album, and we hope you enjoy it!

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Death March

by Madicide

Hello! We are Madicide, a four piece Groove/Thrash metal band based in South Wales (U.K) & formed in 2011. We've been lucky enough to have our latest single played recently on both BBC Radio (The Adam Walton Show), TotalRock Radio and many more - we're just trying to keep the momentum going! Cheers

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by Uncivilized

OI oi ! So, this is our promo track for our upcoming album COVID-1984. Lockdown is here again so maybe smash up yer TV and do something else. Sing, draw, read, cook, learn, write, I dunno. Big up the keyworkers ! Much love from Uncivilized (UK).

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Face The Flames

by White Shores

Hey everyone! We're White Shores from Philadelphia and we'd like to introduce you to our debut single, "Face The Flames." It's a driving, fierce, and melodic banger chock-full of energy and angst.

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Stupid Kid

by Red Rocket Arcade

Sly Rawk (Punchline 13): lead vocals & Guitars, Guillaume Fortin (Ten Foot Pole): Drums & PA Bédard (Attache Tatuque): Bass joined forces to bring you some tunes & trying to make this new era a little more enjoyable!!

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Dying for a Future

by The Late Aprils

Hi we're The Late Aprils, a 4-piece Alt-Rock band out of Hertford in the UK. This is our follow up to our debut and it's called "Dying for a Future", it’s a pulsating, breathless, rollercoaster of a rock song, just like the past year it encapsulates.

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by The Wraith

We had a blast reimagining the UK Subs classic "Warhead" for a split cassingle with UK deathrock legends Screaming Dead. You can grab it by subscription from Plain Disguise Records or from The Wraith's Bandcamp. Cheers!

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The Inherent Emptiness

by Breaths

Hi All, I'm Jason and this is my solo project, Breaths. My newest single, "The Inherent Emptiness" was written as a response to the overwhelming amount of negative events in 2020. "We all feel lost sometimes, so hollow. It can be hard to find a light to guide."

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Lockdown Blues

by Crashed Out

been around since 1995 toured all over the world with our unique sound hope you like we are the band that puts the Rock into punkrock! cheers

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