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by Vaughanstrosity

I am VAUGHANSTROSITY, and I have a debut EP, Memes And Dreams, out on Friday 27th January 2023. Prior to the launch of the check out new single and video, fl0w. Hit up the video, here - .

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Ride It Out

by Small Town Saviours

We are SMALL TOWN SAVIOURS, and we release our intoxicating self-titled debut album, on Friday 27th January 2023. There is a brand-new video on the way for our next single, E.N.E.M.Y. In the meantime, check out our last video, Ride It Out.

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21st Century Affliction

by Disgraceland

Disgraceland are 3 grizzled old punks from Devon making a noise that takes in nearly 70 years of rock and roll history and roughs it up a bit. 21st Century Affliction is about how toxic modern life, particularly social media can be.

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Stay High

by Radio Compass

We are a loud band with some riot grrrl yip and yelp that's equal parts bashing grunge and lockstep post-punk. This track is one of the most pop punk tunes off our genre bendy new album, Aloha! Enjoy!

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by Hedra

We are Brit progressive metal unit HEDRA and we have unleashed a new single and video, Jackdaw, out now - . The track is lifted from our anticipatedd new EP, The Pecking Order, which drops via Devils Clause Records, on Friday 11th November.

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Get Better

by The Honesty

Hey folks, we're The Honesty. This song is called Get Better and is about the hopelessness after losing someone you love, yet the hopefulness that things will get better.

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Bulletproof Boots

by Conditions Apply

We're Conditions Apply. Our song Bulletproof Boots is about shooting yourself in the foot, an issue everyone can relate to. Though a couple of our members have been playing in punk bands since the mid 90's, this is the first music video any of us have ever made. Enjoy!!! Jonah.

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The Color Red

by Fountain Island

We are FOUNTAIN ISLAND and we are set to drop our ultra-magnetic new single and video, Pretty Little Nightmare, which lands on Friday 9th December through all platforms. Before then, please check out our last single, The Color Red.

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by Regal Cheer

Hey! We are Regal Cheer, a indie/punk two-piece from Brighton, UK. We make tunes for those with a short attention span. Here is our new single ‘Ante’ taken from our upcoming debut album ‘Cans’, out February 3rd on Beth Shalom records. We hope you like it! Tell your mates xox

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Unlucky Best

by Curbside Journal

This song is from the last session we recorded with Alex Newport in 2001. It was unreleased until now. It was a fan favorite of our live set. We are happy that it is finally getting a release.

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Find Us

by SortCuts!

This is the 1st single off of our first s/t E.P.

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Ain't Nobody Like You

by Bothers

“When you decide it’s finally time to strip naked, scarf a fistful of peyote buttons, and drive an ’82 Cadillac Cutlass deep into the desert in the middle of a lightning storm, BOTHERS second LP should probably be blaring on your tape deck"

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by Que Violette

EVERYONE IS DOWN IN THE DUMPS! Seasonal depression and mens mental health health month are upon us. I have a need to make sure people understand they aren't alone in their experiences. Even a person like me who smiles all the time, goes through extreme depression.Thank you for reading and listening!

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Lights! Camera! Cobra!

by Danvers

This song is an ode to growing up in the DIY punk music scene, and how it never really leaves you. It features guest vocals of Fred Oakman, a stalwart and much-loved singer/songwriter of western PA, also known from his rock/punk bands: One If By Land, Signal Home and The Twirpentines.

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Listen To Levels

by Shower Beers

Hey all. We're Shower Beers and we're a brand new pop-punk band based out of Murray Hill, NYC that wants to punch you in the mouth with some gigantic choruses. We just dropped our debut single Listen To Levels TONIGHT, 11/3. Check it out!

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“Coming Through”


Newly formed Post Hardcore/Noise-Punk outfit, FAKE HANDS, have just released their first single, "Coming Through". The song is a blistering rock track that blends the hard hitting 90s sound with the gritty no-frills instrumentation of 80s punk.

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Take Me High

by Anson

This is the first single off our first album, Devil in a Dress.

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by Grasping at Pieces

This is the first single off our new E.P., We are GAP not JFA,

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When We Break

by After Elmer

Hey guys, we are After Elmer, a pop punk band from the Netherlands. We made an acoustic pop punk track with violins in it. It also has an distorted guitar parts as a climax. This track is about those times that you feel like no one listens to you even though you have something relevant to say.

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Hot Lisbon Nights

by Storm Boy

Storm Boy is "confident, indulgent, fist throwing, beer cheers-ing, movie climax moment music" coming straight outta Olympia, WA.

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