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September Sky

by The MSGS

Hey, we're The MSGS from Fukuoka, Japan, and this is the 'September Sky', the lead single from our new album, 'Ghost', which is out now on Waterslide Records in Japan, and Monster Zero in Europe.

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Far From My Home

by Wasted History

Hey guys this is Ben from Wasted History. This is our new track called 'Far From My Home'. Its got a killswitchy vibe so please be responsible and enjoy loudly.

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The Red Tree


AUDIO|FOR|GEMINI is the given name of a solo project from a musician with the given name of Nathan Allison, an artist from Scotland. Heavy bass lines, fuzz distortion, ambient guitars, emotive melodies, sincere lyrics. Enjoy.

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Slipped Through My Fingers

by Down And Out

We are a 5 piece pop/punk band and we have finally followed up from our debut EP with a new song that has our first ever music video! This song is high energy with a catchy chorus and we had heaps of fun recording it. We hope you have just as much fun listening to it!

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by Gumiho (구미호)

We are a punk band from Seoul, SK. We mix our influences of American and Korean punk and hardcore to create our own fast and energetic style of punk.

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by Mark Hex

This is a tale about fascists coming to town and being sent home with their tail between their legs.

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by The Last Giant

This is The Last Giant's new single Nova, a white-knuckle ride through prog metal, math rock and downright good fun. It features on our upcoming EP I: Terminus (out 4 September). We are a duo from Shetland - making us the UK's most northerly instrumental metal band...or something like that.

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Pressure Drop

by Black Heart Breakers

Hey Punktastic! We are Black Heart Breakers from Sydney, Australia :) We're happy to share with you our brand new single "Pressure Drop" We hope you like it "We all tend to over analyse and stress ourselves out, over things that probably won’t matter in 2 months." Singer/Songwriter - Hayden McGoogan

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Who wants to spend the summer with me?

by Toleco Dunes

Hi everyone. We're Toleco Dunes, bringing you some melodic pop punk to take with to the beach... or the kitchen. If you like this track, check out our album The Lost Girl on Bandcamp. Have a great summer!

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Out of Control


We are FOXHAUNT, based in York and have been creating our own brand of British Alt-Rock since 2018. Our latest release, ‘Out of Control’, stems from those moments of ups and downs that get on top of you as a person and how they can lead into self destruction.

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by 1000facez

Listen up everybody! We’re pleased to announce 1000faces’ video ‘Barbidura’ has just come out. The Moldavian band indulges in experiments with Gipsy-Punk and Ska-Folk featuring Balkan-inspired trumpet tunes and bass lines over a chord progression. Just enjoy it and have fun!

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Gettin' Over You

by MPM Producer

Hi! I'm Marco Porrà, known as MPM Producer. I produce and mix my own work! MPM Producer is my new musical project mixing punk rock and other modern genres such as hip hop. I just released my debut EP, “Reborn”. Hope you'll like it :)

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by A Tiger Made of Lightning

I'm Mike from A Tiger Made of Lightning, and this is my debut single! This song is about *gestures broadly at the current state of the world* and how to get through it. I think you'll be hooked in the first 30 seconds.

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by Take Breath

Hi Guys, thanks for this opportunity! This song is our second release and a real cathartic one for us. It touches on a very personal story of loss and we hope that emotion is conveyed to you. I hope you enjoy x

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El Hachazo!

by Infernaol Weveo!

Musical project born in the heart of southern Chile, in Beaches and green hills, wind and rain, finally bottled in crossover / thrash / punk that speaks of themes so rare that they only happen in the parallel universe in the mind of Reverend 0 Panzada (composer main of IW!)

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Warren & Jimmy

by Loser Points

'Warren & Jimmy' is a complete re-imagining of a song that was written by the band for a fan contest in their formative years. On the band's latest tour, the song began to take on a new life, with Shawn and Kurt giving fans the hardest shredding, most high-flying track yet.

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by Warpark

"Slug" and its video counterpart are brutish critiques of our psychological and cultural attachment to assault rifles. It speaks to the irony of our American desire for autonomous self-protection and self-preservation, even at the expense of human lives.

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My Good Friends

by The Fullers

Hey everyone, thanks for checking us out! We are The Fullers from New Jersey- We hope you enjoy the opening track off of out latest release 'Cheers' - The song is called 'My Good Friends' and we appreciate you all checking us out and for your support!

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"I'm Done"

by Minus July

"I'm done." Many of us have said these words. Whether we've been strung along in an empty relationship, walked away from a negative influence, or waited for COVID-19 to go away, this song is about reaching the point of being over it. Musically, this our most diverse track released so far.

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