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Shep, Adam and John formed Escape Goats at the beginning of 2024 in Glasgow, just north of London, UK. Muhammad Ali is the band's debut single and will be released digitally on 23 February 2024.

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My Mind Fell Out

by Grave Faces

Brand new UK punks Grave Faces have basked in the neon glow of skatepunk and 90’s rock their whole lives, soaking up the rays and beaming them back out in the form of My Mind Fell Out. The fat slab of punk rock production comes courtesy of producer James Atkinson (The Chisel, High Vis & Fucked Up).

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Don't Forget Me

by The Softer Side

Jacksonville, FL melodic punk rockers, The Softer Side, have released a new single, "Don't Forget Me", which is a melodic, intense, and poignant song about one's own lasting legacy. The band's new EP, Deathbed, will showcase 6 songs blending skate punk, pop punk, rock, folk, and metal influences.

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Toxic Wasteman

by California Cheeseburger

We are California Cheeseburger, a 4-piece punk rock band from Surrey, UK. After a busy 2023 filled with shows, we are gearing up to release our third EP in March. The release of the new EP begins with our new single, 'Toxic Wasteman'. Out on all streaming platforms now.

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by Dad Magic

This new single will kick off 2024 for us. It is the soundtrack of Dad Magic's new year. It's a song that showcases Dad Magic's ability to write a song with a catchy chorus. The song blends classic hardcore riffs with an emotional punk chorus in the veins of Title Fight & Touché Amoré.

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by The Spite

Ey'up we're The Spite from Wakefield , our Bassist Bob can juggle Ferrets. True story.

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Youth Is Wasted

by Tilly Kingston

Hey! My name is Tilly Kingston! This song is about saying "fuck you" to all the adults who look down on us and say we're wasting our lives partying and just having fun!. "Well, if this is wasting my life, than fuck yeah I am ....AND LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

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Don't Waste Tonight

by McBain feat. Streuner

McBain is a punk rock power trio formed in 2015 in Milan, Italy. Don’t Waste Tonight, feat. Streuner, emerging stars of the German Disco Punk scene, is a blend of disco vibes, punk distortion, and catchy melodies.

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Ten Years

by Live it Wisely

I've been very active on YouTube for a few years now, and decided to get some of my own music out finally!

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The Lie We've Built

by 95th street

Helloooo! This is a big song post breakup leading to the dark night of the soul and further Awakening. It has to do with the mirror theory and how 2 narcissists have to deal with that.

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Love On Fire

by Brake Loose

Hey Punktastic, we're Brake Loose and this is our new single 'Love On Fire'. It's our newest release and the most excited we've ever been to share music with the world. We make music for people who have a lust for life and 'Love On Fire' is the essence of this. We're excited to hear what you think x

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I vaped again last night (and I would kill to be in love)

by Customer Service

Hey, we're a new Emo band that has been slowly gaining traction across Canada through relentless touring over the past few years. I think the biggest factor behind our growing audience is that we have fun doing what we do and to me no song represents that better than this one.

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McFly Family Photo

by Vampire Slumber Party

We're Vampire Slumber Party from London, UK, and we play pop-punk (with fangs). "McFly Family Photo" is the second single from our new album, out later this year. And it's a song about getting up, dusting yourself off and trying again, no matter how much it feels like you're disappearing...

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Slow Murder


RONKER, the speed noise band hailing from the heart of the swamplands of Belgium, released their new single ‘Slow Murder’ on FEB 20th. 'Slow Murder’ acts like a hand grenade sized song full of dissonant aggression, fueled by the ability to put things in perspective.

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by Black Forces

We're a powerviolence band from Bowling Green, KY. This song, "Hate", is directly based in the personal experiences of our vocalist and exists as a direct confrontation of questioning from a hypocritical piece of shit that is graciously no longer around. The only good thing they ever did.

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Down the Pathway

by Gevaudan Dogs

This is one of two singles from our upcoming debut album called This is the Sound of Gevaudan Dogs. This song is about tackling hardships. The video travels through the journey across Bradford which inspired the song several years ago.

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Jump Ship

by Fortune Teller

We are pop-punk newcomers FORTUNE TELLER and we are set to drop our debut EP, Premonitions, on Friday 29th March. We have also just revealed our brand new single and video, Jump Ship, out now - .

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Pity Party

by Broken Lungs

We're Broken Lungs, loud fast noise from Birmingham and we present to you our Pity Party, taken from our upcoming EP Love Is Temporary And So Are We (out Fri 1st March), and you're all invited

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My Valentine

by Love Hearts

Hi, I'm Mikel (The Lemonaids, The Hallingtons) and Love Hearts is my powerpop-punk side project. Short and sweet love songs, lots of harmonies, inspired by bands from Ramones to Smoking Popes. This track is the first of some new songs to release in 2024, also featuring Mike from DeeCRACKS on drums.

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Hey, if you like 311 or Skindred , you might like this band. The Tips recently released a new track, "ONE," from their upcoming album, !EATPLASTIC. The track is a mix of Reggae and Crossover.

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