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Sucio Traidor

by Tygers of Wrath

We are Tygers of Wrath, a new punk-rock band. Sharp guitars, female vocals and solid rhythmic base. Pure energy

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Too Far Too Reach

by The Fires Below

We are Londoners, THE FIRES BELOW, and we return with our savage sophomore EP, Thorns, out everywhere on Friday 7th June. Check out our new single and video, Too Far To Reach - .

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by Skint Knees

We are a Riot Grrrl band based in Sheffield, UK. Unafraid to be ourselves and uninterested in toning ourselves down, we want to make our name for ourselves by screaming about what we are passionate about - Gender, sexuality, and a better society for everyone. This track is off our new EP 'Bite Back'

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by Squidge

Hey gang! We are Squidge, Big Sad Loud Dumb Punks from Bristol UK. Truck is the second single from our upcoming EP "Tough Luck" (releasing April 26th). It's an abrasive sucker punch of frustration from feeling the need to rise out of a slump imposed by adult life.

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We are LOVELOST, a quartet Emo / Post-Hardcore band from Bristol, UK. Pour The Salt In is a peak into our heavier side which delves deep into the aftermath of toxic relationships and their lingering effects.

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by Good Teal

Hi, I’m Reg. I play bass and sing in a four-piece hardcore/garage band named Good Teal. This is our single ‘Lookout’ which actually came out a couple weeks ago alongside a video I directed.

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by Undermine

This is our Third Release 75th is about 75th airborne rangers during Vietnam war

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by Black Nines

Hi all! This is Mike from Black Nines, asking you to put your face in the sonic vacuum that is 'piss-take'. Enjoy!

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by Demoted

We are Demoted, the self-proclaimed "laziest working band in show biz." Don't be fooled that this album was recorded in 2022, or the cd manufactured in Oct 2023...we are finally "releasing" it in spring 2024, right now. At this rate, our first tour will be the nursing home where we wind up!

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Punk n' Roll

by Zitter

Swedish band, Zitter, plays hardrock blended with punk. Grinding guitars and punchy bass lines melt together with steady drum patterns, never compromising with vocal and instrumental melodies. This is indeed true for the band’s latest single Punk n' Roll, taken from Bubblegum God.

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by Th Burn Club

The Burn Club is South Florida based 3 piece bringing a blend of punk, ska and hardcore influence deeply rooted in the South Florida scene and culture. We pride ourselves as being a haven for anyone looking for community and prioritizing unity.

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Something About You

by Brooklane

We are Brooklane! Our newest release "Something About You" explores conflicted emotions towards someone holding immense power over them. Despite fears of heartache, they're irresistibly drawn back, creating a struggle between the need for distancing and being lured back.

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Shep, Adam and John formed Escape Goats at the beginning of 2024 in Glasgow, just north of London, UK. Muhammad Ali is the band's debut single and will be released digitally on 23 February 2024.

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My Mind Fell Out

by Grave Faces

Brand new UK punks Grave Faces have basked in the neon glow of skatepunk and 90’s rock their whole lives, soaking up the rays and beaming them back out in the form of My Mind Fell Out. The fat slab of punk rock production comes courtesy of producer James Atkinson (The Chisel, High Vis & Fucked Up).

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Don't Forget Me

by The Softer Side

Jacksonville, FL melodic punk rockers, The Softer Side, have released a new single, "Don't Forget Me", which is a melodic, intense, and poignant song about one's own lasting legacy. The band's new EP, Deathbed, will showcase 6 songs blending skate punk, pop punk, rock, folk, and metal influences.

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Toxic Wasteman

by California Cheeseburger

We are California Cheeseburger, a 4-piece punk rock band from Surrey, UK. After a busy 2023 filled with shows, we are gearing up to release our third EP in March. The release of the new EP begins with our new single, 'Toxic Wasteman'. Out on all streaming platforms now.

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by Dad Magic

This new single will kick off 2024 for us. It is the soundtrack of Dad Magic's new year. It's a song that showcases Dad Magic's ability to write a song with a catchy chorus. The song blends classic hardcore riffs with an emotional punk chorus in the veins of Title Fight & Touché Amoré.

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by The Spite

Ey'up we're The Spite from Wakefield , our Bassist Bob can juggle Ferrets. True story.

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Youth Is Wasted

by Tilly Kingston

Hey! My name is Tilly Kingston! This song is about saying "fuck you" to all the adults who look down on us and say we're wasting our lives partying and just having fun!. "Well, if this is wasting my life, than fuck yeah I am ....AND LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

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Don't Waste Tonight

by McBain feat. Streuner

McBain is a punk rock power trio formed in 2015 in Milan, Italy. Don’t Waste Tonight, feat. Streuner, emerging stars of the German Disco Punk scene, is a blend of disco vibes, punk distortion, and catchy melodies.

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