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The Inciter

by Ariandelle

Hi everyone, We're Ariandelle and this is our brand new song! This track is heavy, full of aggression and is all about finally making a point to change the things in your life instead of waiting for the moment to come! We hope you all enjoy it!

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Belly of the River

by Dead Mammals

Hi we are Dead Mammals. A two-piece Noise Rock band from Rochester, Kent. We formed in 2020 and wrote and recorded our self-titled debut album at home whilst bored during the Covid 19 lockdown. The album stemmed from a shared love of late 80's and early 90's Alt/Noise rock bands.

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Die Young

by Fight Back Mountain

Hey we're Fight Back Mountain, and this is the lead single off of our upcoming album, "Lavender Sky." It's our second album. It's very 90s, if that's your thing. Also kind of sounds like 2000s Org-Core. If you're old enough to know what that means. *crying laughing emoji*

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Old But Still Handsome

by Futhermuckers

Hey Everyone, Futhermuckers here, and we´d like to introduce you to the lead track from our debut self-titled ep. Old But Still Handsome. Go on and give it a listen.....We dare never know, you just might like it.

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komet - self titled LP

by komet

Komet is a trio from Northern Italy with members of Punches and Antares. Limited to 200 copies, 150 on blue wax and 50 on marbled grey!

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by Komodo Fox

Hi folks, we are Komodo Fox, a two-headed rock trio based in Berlin, and this is the second single from our debut EP. Pride is a song about dealing with the past and coming to terms with our experiences, good and bad. We hope you give it a spin and like it! Cheers, KF

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When You Think It's Right

by Post Profit

Hi everyone, we're Post Profit and this is our new single titled "When You Think It's Right" off of our upcoming album - "When You Think It's Right It's Always Wrong". The song itself is about mistrust and broken expectations and we hope you love it!

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Brittle Bones Nicky 2

by Rare Americans

BBN tells the story of Nicky, a kid who grew up in the foster system with the odds stacked against him. This led to us getting signed for a brief time but we knew the indie life worked best for us for part 2. Over 1000 fans drew fan art and people have dressed up as Nicky at Comic Con last year.

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Black & White

by Suitable Miss

Hey Punktastic, we're Suitable Miss from Denver. Think high-energy, catchy pop-punk with influence from electronic as well as post hardcore. we hope you enjoy our new single "Black & White". Our debut EP, 'Don't Look Back' is out now.

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by Swecore

Swecore is a cover project of Swedish punk rock classics from the 90s. It started out as a DIY one-man cover band but ended having vocal collaborations from singers across the globe. Featuring the classic songs we grew up with and singers from bands we listen to now. A mix of nostalgia and hope

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by Wild Spelks

Hey guys we are Wild Spelks! We make scuzzy alt-rock that is packed with a punch. Our new single 'Dreamer' is about recurring dreams and the funny feeling of these rich, vivid memories quickly fading to nothing.

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Hooligans shampoo

by Vanity Rose

Hi, my names vanity Rose and I am an up and coming new wave punk singer songwriter and guitarist from Bedford, Bedfordshire. Im aiming to be the spearhead of punk for this generation. Think Debbie Harry meets polystyrene! The world will never been the same again.

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Jump Outs


Hey hey! BBQT is serving up some exciting aural pleasure in an otherwise flaccid and frustrating time... Vinyl being released during the horniest time of the year....spring!

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by Dial Denial

Hey Everyone! We are Dial Denial an Upcoming Teenage Pop Punk/Indie Rock band Dial Denial From Sydney, Australia aged 15 - 17 and this is our song Amalgamations! If you love pop punk, you will love us! Please copy paste this link and check us out!

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Color Blind

by El Sancho

We're a little punk rock band from the Big Island of Hawaii. We write short and fast punk songs about all the bad things in the world, but mostly we just like to rock out and have fun.

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Missing Adult

by Fine Grain

Hey there! We're a weird punk/post-punk outfit from Albany NY. Our songs have always spanned an array of genres and this new track is no different. Backing off the raw, loud songs of our past, Missing Adult is an eerily-dark laid-back ode to those that are lost and never found.

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Ghost Stories

by Gloom Culture

Good evening to you wherever you are. We are Gloom Culture. We're a new hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona and this song is from our debut album. Ghost Stories is driven by its menacing guitar riffs and its faithless gang vocals. Ultimately asking the question-Do you believe in ghosts or yourself?

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Not Ready To Die

by One Last Day

Hi everyone, we are One Last Day and this is our debut single Not Ready To Die! We think it's a track that will resonate with many people during these trying times. We need to be there for each other - that's what this song is all about!

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Breathe In

by Sports Almanac

Hi guys, we are Sports Almanac and we play alternative music inspired by midwestern emo but with modern pop sounds. This is our lead single off our new double A side 'Breathe / City'. This release along with all our previous ones is self recorded and mixed. Hope you dig it!

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Keep dreaming

by 360 Phoenix Flip

I'm 360 Phoenix Flip, a fast-paced, high energy, synth-heavy pop punk artist originally from UK, but I've been living in Hangzhou, China for almost 10 years. "Keep dreaming" certainly sounds original to me, but if you know of any bands that do something similar please lemme know via IG!

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