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076-942-000 (Call me)

by Unörthadox

Hi everyone, we are Unörthadox and we are a Punk band with grunge, hardcore, and experimental influence. This is our very first song we have recorded and released as a band and we are very excited about it. We think its a catchy tune, we are trying to bring back the DIY values of punk, help us out.

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Fast Car

by The Getarounds

The Get Arounds have just released their new full-length album, I Wanna Live. Melodic choruses call to mind classics like Nikki and the Corvettes or The Dead Boys. Their female-fronted, angst fills the songs with 90’s style punk-grit that are reminiscent of L7, Bikini Kill or Babes in Toyland.

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Hey, We are SRTN pop punk bands from Bali, Indonesia ‘Blame’ is our first single in 2023 with the new member line up. We choose ‘Blame’ for the first single that we releases in May.

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Mountain Engine

by Tiger Valley Gunrun

Mountain Engine follows a 1940s Tennessee bootlegger who returned home after fighting in the Pacific and found himself running contraband. The song is the debut single from Tiger Valley Gunrun and is the title track for the EP of the same name due to release late summer/early fall 2023.

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by Sabres

Sabres are Portsmouth natives making noise of oceanic proportions with just drums and bass guitar. Drawing influence from grunge, punk, and stoner rock, Sabres do not pigeonhole easily, and tackle themes such as depression, govt negligence, the media machine, and toxic masculinity.

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The Mighty Ocean Beasts

by FireflyAlibi

Hey there! What would you do when you need to flee from the mighty ocean beasts? I wrote a song about it. My music is a mix of metal core, pop punk with Disney kind of storytelling.

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Gravity Killer

by Pharsalia

Pharsalia loudly embraces the elder emo culture as their generational colleagues reach adulthood and hold strong to the 2000’s pop punk and Emo music that shaped their lives – in other words, it never was a phase. Gravity Killer emphasizes the sense of weightlessness during an unsalvageable breakup.

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Fit The Mold

by Chalk Tiger

We are a newly founded punk band from Jacksonvile,FL. We've just recently recorded our first record at Warehouse studios located in Jacksonville. We're excited to share our first single 'Fit The Mold'. We hope you enjoy it!

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5 North

by Woke Up Older

Hi! We're Woke Up Older, and this is the first track off our upcoming EP, "Such a Lonely Sound". 5 North is about sorting through the grief and pain experienced with the death of a best friend. This song features emotionally belted vocals, massive guitars, and cathartic lyricism. Hope you enjoy!

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by Octopus Montage

Hey!We're Octopus Montage,a band from Blackpool,UK and we play what's been described as Bipolar music as we play everything from Synth heavy Pop-Punk to Deathcore.Solitude is us really finding our sound on the softer side of the spectrum and honestly if you don't listen to it, your smell

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by Love Ghost

Veneno is the collaboration between Mexican artist Blnko’s “contenido emo-kawaii” and Los Angeles artist Love Ghost’s “emo trap rock” styles. Produced by Mexico’s SAGA (L-Gante, C- Kan, Malilla), the song incorporates Latin rock and American pop-punk elements.

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Whats the big idea?

by Supersonic Fuzz Gun

Hiya! We are Supersonic Fuzz Gun a post punk/ alt rock band gigging around Birmingham and Worcester. The tune attached is off our Debut EP “Tone Deaf”. We tried to capture the energy we bring to gigs and i recon its a banger! Please give it a listen, thanks! -Fin from SFG

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by License to kill

Hi We are LTK and also know "License to kill" from philippinjes based inm Riyadh. About our debut single "ODS" its a story about skateboarding in early days in abroad "Riyadh" we find that theirs a group of skateboarding here that unite as one in short that song is about brotherhood.

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Cloud Nine

by Vibration Boys

We're Vibration Boys from Bristol, we're heavily influenced by bands like Scowl, The Damned, Turnstile, Cro Mags and more influences from all the alternative and hardcore scenes. Our most recent release 'Cloud Nine' is a blend of all of these influences in one single.

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Hey Folks, We are the FIRE ANTS FROM URANUS and we play melodic punk rock. On May 26th 2023 we will release our new Album PIZZA SUPERNOVA on LP/CD-Digipak and all digital platforms. Nine melodic punk rock songs full of dynamics, speed, humor and a sprinkle of pop punk.

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by Bloodhounds

We wanted to encourage people to live in the moment and accept the love they have around them. 'Relics' is a full force, energetic anthem that never halts, and we can't wait for people to hear it."

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Zero Ambition

by Les Lullies

France’s high-voltage rock ‘n’ rollers Les Lullies have just released their hotly anticipated new LP Mauvaise Foi on Slovenly Recordings International. The band describes the new album as “No-frills and fast-paced punk rock with a few power-pop jabs every here and there.

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Service With A Smile

by Skeletons In The Closet

Hey! We're an Emo/Punk band who play around the Manchester punk scene. We just released our first EP which we wrote, recorded and produced ourselves. Our biggest influence is probably My Chemical Romance so fans of them would probably be into us!

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Ones & Zeros

by Mt. Yonder

Following the Easter Sunday drop of their debut single Domino Day, the Midlands based 4-piece are back with their second offering, a 5 minute journey entitled Ones & Zeros.

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by Princess Alice Manor

I'm PRINCESS ALICE MANOR, and I release my brand new EP, Outer Demons, on Friday 18th August. Proceeding the EP is the single, Alive, out now via streaming platforms. Please watch the lyric video, here - .

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