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by Drag Me Down

What's up? We're Drag Me Down, a punk rock/pop punk band from Swindon, UK. We're all about catchy choruses, blazing riffs, ridiculously fast drumming and good vibes all round. This is our new single "Hellstar", and it's a tune packed with melodies and lyrics that are sure to get stuck in your head.

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What Was It Like

by Nothing Special

Yo! We're a small pop punk band from California called Nothing Special. We released our first E.P. this past September and have been wanting to share our music. We're currently working on more songs so If you like what you hear, give us a follow on the socials! Thanks for hearing us out.

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Blush Now

by Carbono Party

Hey there! I´ve been a drummer all my life and a few years ago I started to compose this, my solo proyect. I recorded all the instruments on this record, and according to few people who have heard the album, this is one of the best songs, I'm I think is the truth, is not that bad.

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by Say it Anyway

'Whatever' is an unapologetic blend of huge, buoyant pop-punk riffs, driving drums, and earnest lyrics. This track has become an instant anthem on tour, captivating crowds as they belt out 'WHATEVER WHATEVER' in unison.

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Mi Sent

by Hike The Peak

These final 2 songs of this cycle of releases will be released collectively as a physical album release entitled ‘ONLY THE TRUE FLY FREE’ in 2024. This track 'Mi Senti' features Italian XFactor winner Gio Sada

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Letto di Spine

by Jay

I'm just an Italian girl, I need to speak with all the broken souls out there and I think music is the only voice I can use it for that. My songs talks about mental issues, depression, bad past, feeling like an Alien on our planet, love and broken Heart's... Just an ordinary life in a shitty world.

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by Jodie Langford

Hi I'm Jodie Langford, an outspoken & unashamedly northern wordsmith. My new track's a bratty take on the Happy Birthday song & a tongue in cheek true-life story - miss my party at your peril! Hope you love my upbeat, aggressive rant on friendship & betrayal!

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Cut My Losses

by Crown The King

Hey, we're Crown The King from Dublin, Ireland. We just released our new single Cut My Losses, it's a straight up pop punk anthem about self awareness and knowing when to shut up and listen to somebody else! If you like your pop punk upbeat, catchy and introspective this one is for you!

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by Citizen Rage

After sharing the stages with bands such as DRI, Cro-Mags, Trapped Under Ice and Madball, Citizen Rage have unleashed HARSH REALITY on Toronto punk powerhouse CURSED BLESSINGS RECORDS. They hope to carry on spreading their message of positive social change.Hug your homies!

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Let Go

by Beetlehead

Hi, our album comes out on Friday the 1st of December, this band features ex members of the naughties post-hardcore band Secondsmile who were signed to Big Scary Monsters records, we are all older now, but we still like... to play. Thank you for your time. Olly

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Goblin Dance

by Dermabrasion

We are Dermabrasion - a Toronto duo and we'll release our debut album 'Pain Behaviour' on Jan 19th via Hand Drawn Dracula. A fascination with the corporeal form & the occult thread through the record wiith allusions to Roman Catholicism, LaVeyan Satanism and genre fiction.

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Hold On

by ZacTheLocust

We are South Wales newcomers, ZACTHELOCUST, and we have an anthemic new single, Hold On. The song and video are out now. Please check them out.

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Look Around You

by Tiger Island

Hiya! We're Tiger Island, a 5-piece garage punk band from the wilds of Yorkshire. This is our new single Look Around you - it's a fast, furious fever dream packed into less than three minutes of relentless boogie.

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Sound Control


Hey everyone, we're BARONETTE, and here's a nasty little song about people trying to control the music industry - we're having none of it, and we hope you enjoy.

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Yo, we are PLEO and this is another visualaudio piece that blurs the lines of music. It is inspired by Plato's "allegory of the cave" and deals with the perception of reality.

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life is what happens while your busy making plans

by Alice is Dead

Hey my name Zac i have been working on this album for a long time. the title track is about being alone with no friends or family and waiting on a better tomorrow.

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Wilted Bloom

by The Idiot Kids

Hi! We're The Idiot Kids, a Garage/Punk Trio from Detroit. We have the "energy of punk, the roughened aesthetic of garage rock and the melodic sensibilities of art pop." The track "Wilted Bloom" is a song about the allure of relapse to an addicts brain and the constant fight against it.

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Cheezy Fries

by Fire Drill

Hey Everyone! We are Fire Drill from San Jose, Ca. A new band with an old school sound. Cheezy Fries was written for my wife but is really for anyone who's significant other wasn't into punk when you first got together.

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by Reside

Hey, we're Reside and we're releasing out new song Eden, we hope you like it! The story takes place in the Garden of Eden, which felt fitting as a metaphor for a song about finding somewhere that you wish to be safe in, only to find out it has every intention of rejecting and turning against you.

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by Losing Streak

Brixton is a 14-year-old raised on 90's So-Cal punk rock and skateboarding. His dad is a seasoned drummer. Together, they wrote some original songs and enlisted the help of Rob's former bandmates (including myself on vocals) to bring Losing Streak to life. -Charlie

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