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Rest in Profits

by Sour Steve

Hey everyone, I'm Sour Steve announcing my second full-length record: Life in a Cage. After the success of my debut album: Age of Disconnection, I have been very busy creating the sequel album. Rest in Profits is the first single off my upcoming album and I hope that you enjoy it!

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The Malthusian Trap


Playing with the boundaries of both garage- and punkrock they bring a loud, energetic sound that will make you bang your head for the entire 4 minutes and even leaves you wanting more!

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Known To Lie

by Hollow River

Hey, I'm a Canadian Pop-Punk-Rapper currently attending Berklee College of Music. Basically, I like to play guitar and talk really fast. I hope you have as much fun listening to this tune as I had making it.

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Inherit The Scepter

by Sword Collector

We're a post-punk band from South Texas composed of members that grew up in the local hardcore punk scene. Sword Collector has provided us an opportunity to explore new sonic possibilities with a healthy dash of esotericism while maintaining the political ethos we established as punk kids.

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Same Movie, Different Girl

by The Cryptics

Hey folks, we're The Cryptics, a punk band hailing from Dover, New Hampshire. We've released our record, Continuous New Behavior, earlier this year. If you're into punk or skate punk... check it out!

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by Everase

Greetings! We are ukrainian rock band EVERASE. On 06/20 we released our debut album "GO FOR BROKE". Check it out!

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Pilot Light

by joyful.

Hello everyone! We’re joyful.! A pop punk band from Chicago, IL. Our new song “Pilot Light” explores the different perspectives of two people in a relationship that’s on the brink of falling apart.

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Outlast You

by Sparks Red

We're 4 East Coast punk-genre veterans playing original 90's inspired West Coast melodic punk rock. Featuring current and former members of The Softer Side, The Pennyroyals, Hetfield & Hetfield and Beware. Our focus is heartfelt lyrics paired with driving drums, guitars and vocal melodies.

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Sands of Fire/Seas of Ice

by Lawndale

G'day, Lawndale here! Put shortly, Lawndale is a project that followed frontman and songwriter Marcel from his desert birthplace, Australia, to his new home in Sweden. 'Sands of Fire/Seas of Ice' explores the nuances and difficulties of such a drastic change and presents it with high energy skatepunk.

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Lost in Blue

by Dancer

Hey, we're Dancer from Portland, ME. Check out our new single and music video for "Lost in Blue". The track is taken from our debut EP, set to drop later this year.

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Revolution Traffic

by Nrvs

Dutifully confrontational with an air of swaggering nonchalance, Nrvs employ alt-rock inspired anthemia that compounds the irony of the miring lyrical narrative; one that reflects on the tech-ridden, self-obsessed, instantaneous world we’ve created.

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Old Friends

by Bear Away

Hello fellow punk fans. We are Bear Away, a melodic punk juggernaut from Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Listen to our new banger of a single 'Old Friends' now!

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In Aquamarine

by Buddie

In Aquamarine is a high energy power pop track focused on self discovery that roots for loved ones as they find their place in the world. This is the 2nd single off upcoming LP, Diving. Buddie has received recent praise from Post-Trash, Atwood Magazine, Apple Music, and Bandcamp's New + Notable.

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by Divine Astronaut

Hey! We're Divine Astronaut and this is our new single "Voices". The video was filmed at Dracula's Castle in Transylvania, we hope you love it!

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Here's Hoping


Hello world! This is our brand new single 'Here's Hoping'. It's a song that represents our sound perfectly with a nice balance of melodies and riffs. Lyrically, the song is about realising someones true colours and cutting them out of your life. There’s nothing worse than consistent negativity!

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Playing for Likes


Hello friends! I'm excited for you to hear my new single. It's a fun song that's loosely based around Social Media and why we post the things we do. This single is a new chapter as it signifies an evolution in my musical style. I really hope you like it! Thanks for listening! Let's be friends too :)

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by Low Praise

Low Praise's music is infused with nods to 70’s post punk while bringing new hook-filled energy to their sound. The video was shot and edited remotely during lockdown, using footage from video artist McHank plus images from the band members’ phones. Enjoy!

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Cleaned Out

by Raincheck

Hi Everyone, We are RAINCHECK, from Lyon France, we have a brand new EP called LAST CALL, and this is "Cleaned Out", a song about being broke, and about how you feel trapped when it happens!

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Custom of the Sea

by Seven Crowns

Hi all, Seven Crowns here. we've just unleashed our 'Blood Moon Acid' EP offering up a taster of how on our forthcoming album number 4 where we'll continue to sour hardcore punk further to our own personal taste for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

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They Don't Give A $$$$

by Street Pharmacy w/ Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

Street Pharmacy's latest song, a collaboration with GPGDS, 'They Don't Give A $$$$' sees the band venturing into socio-politically charged territory, tackling the root of the world’s rising tensions amid a year full of crises by cleverly outlining the ongoing manipulation of power.

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