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by Cashing In

Millenials from Baltimore channeling our discontent into crunchy riffs, sludgy breakdowns and a catchy pop choruses that attack the depression and alienation interent to life under capitalism with equal parts earnestness and humor.

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Young Punk, Mr Rock N Roll

by Dacian Miron

Hi. I'm Dacian. I used to play in a touring post hardcore band, but i left and now i make punk rock music as a solo artist. Listen to my brand new track 'Young Punk, Mr. Rock N Roll' for all you out there who feel like you don't fit in.

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by Enemy of My Enemy

We're a punk and rock n' roll band from Santa Cruz CA. This is a track off our self-titled album, out now on Snubbed Records. Our super powerful and catchy riffs combined with Christa's melodic vocals make this an energy packed album well worth checking out. Thanks!

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Numero Uno

by Night Thieves

Night Thieves are a rock band from London consisting of vocalist Jess, guitarist Paul, bassist Rick, and drummer Chris. Combining energetic melodic rock with pop and metal undertones, Night Thieves have forged out their own sound that sets them apart from their coequals.

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"Emo Christmas"

by Tug of War Machine

The holidays bring cheer but sometimes also bring loneliness, a perfectly normal and common feeling that we brought to life in this 'Emo Christmas' video, a polished up version of an oldie but goodie unofficially released by Carpet Ride in 2011. For fans of early Blink-182.

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by Solence

Brothers is the new single from Swedish rockers Solence, taken from our debut album, also called Brothers! It's been a long road for us to get here and we're so happy to finally be able to share our songs with everyone. Hope you like!

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All I Wanted


Give Up To Failure is a 5-piece group from Wroclaw, Poland, carrying loads of dark and heavy tones. It’s mix of post-punk, post-rock, a bit of shoegaze and a strong willingness to experiment with ambient.  We describe our sound as: "Gloomy heaviness. Alluring darkness. Fuss".

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Hollowed Out

by Cliffhanger

Hey everyone! We're Cliffhanger from Chicago's western suburbs. We recently released a brand new EP and Hollowed Out is our leading single. Hollowed Out focuses on the challenge of finding self-awareness when you're engulfed with difficult situations.

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Slaughterhouse Apathy

by Fastix

We're Fastix - representing North Yorkshire hardcore. This is our favourite track from our new EP "No Future 2020", which came out on 10th January. It's called "Slaughterhouse Apathy" and is about the meat industry. We think you'll like it!

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Samson's Bad Hair Day

by In Case Of Ire

Hello hardcore fans! Maybe you have heard of us. Most probably you haven’t. We are In Case Of Ire, a Skate-punkish, melodic hardcore band from the west coast of Sweden. It took us some time but we’ve managed to staple together a few songs for you to listen to.

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by Lynz

Hi! My name is Lynz and I'm a 21-year-old female music producer, creating music from my bedroom, reaching for the stars.

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by Rushing Spring

Hey y'all we're Rushing Spring, this track is off our just-released debut EP 100% Human. It's about young love, long drives, and good memories. Hope you enjoy!

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by I See Vultures

We are a new five piece from Leicester, UK. This is our first release and we're excited to put it out into the world. If you like it, keep tabs on our page as we have loads more to come throughout 2020

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Shitty City, Baby


Punk Rock from the European Union! This track you're (hopefully) listening to is from our debut album out on December 13th. We like chunky riffs, gang vocals, sub-par production and being cross at the Tories so if you're into any of that then you'll probably love us!

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by Fret!

Hello, We are Fret! - Rob Woodcock (drums / vocals), Cath Tyler (bass / vocals) and Steve Strode (guitar). 3 'heart of darkness' fuzz monsters riding a tidal wave up the Tyne to soundtrack a Mexican bar brawl. This track is taken from our 2nd album, 'A Vanity Spawned By Fear'. Play loud & enjoy!

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52 Demons

by The Shifty Grifts

Hi! Were a skapunk band from Prague, and we just released our first album! We try to write music that is political and has an opinion, but is also personal, is about our everyday struggles, and is something people can relate to and channel their frustration through, but also have a good skank to :D

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Bitter Pill

by Saltlake

UK alt-rockers SALTLAKE make a triumphant return with their engrossing new single, 'Bitter Pill'

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Selfie Fucks

by The Blowies

We would like to share with you the debut single from Austin pop/punk rockers 'The Blowies'. The single 'Selfie Fucks' (and the clean version entitled 'Selfie Love') is taken from the bands forthcoming EP.

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by Ache

Hi! We're Ache from Tangerang. We just wanna let you know that we just put out a new EP and Tummo is the single featured on bandcamp. You can hear our tunes on spotify as well. We love fish n chips for certain!

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