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Your heaven, my hell

by Pissed!

Hey hey, we’re Pissed! from Trenton, NJ. We formed about four years ago and just put out our 3rd release Statute Of Liberty on Nov. 3rd. We feel it’s a great reflection of how things have gone these last few years and love for you to check it out!

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We are a band called COME We are a 2 piece Post Punk/Hardcore outfit from London. Born from the energy of being stuck inside for 8 months and producing music made for the soul intention of Popping off at a show. we have a new track out called CONSTANT STROBE, Dark,Heavy and shouty.

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Assassination is our manifesto-song. Two minutes, fifteen seconds, to answer modern man’s three big questions: Who are we? Where are we going? Could you please turn up the volume?

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What Went Wrong

by Molly And The Krells

We're an Australian punk rock band called Molly And The Krells, this track is about losing touch with a friend who refuses to let you help them get their life back on track.

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Painted Mind

by Pinehill

Hi! We are a new band on the block! We are Pinehill, from Sweden. We recently released our debut single Painted Mind. If you're into alternative rock, female fronted bands and catchy melodies, this one's for you!

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Long Damn Year

by Safe at Second

What’s up everyone!! We’re Safe at Second from Calgary, Canada and we just released our debut EP “Memories”. If you’re a fan of the good old days when life was, let’s say, a little more simple, then this EP for you. So kick back, relax and enjoy some freshly brewed pop-punk 🤙

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by Saucer Eyes

Saucer Eyes was born from a desire to marry delicate, dream-like melodies with heavy, sludgy guitars. Sonically drawing on influences like Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr, MBV, Sleep and Electric Wizard, the band blends layers of reverb and delay with fuzz to create a dystopian-like wall-of-sound.

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by Batboner

We are Batboner. We play deathrock, but we take inspiration from everything from surf, to goth, to punk to progressive rock, and beyond. Ikon is the track that showcases this best. Inspired by the French deathrock bass guitar and horror punk gang vocals, we think it’s very catchy.

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Viper Woman

by Bitchin’ Hour

5 woman with an attitude problem. You have been warned. Bitchin’ Hour’s new single Viper Woman is about the struggles of mental health and overcoming the trails and tribulations to become the bad bitch you where always meant to be.

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by Blue Statue

Blue Statue is an Alt-Indie/Post-Punk band based in North London. Featured recently on Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6 Music Recommends, the Browns' latest incarnation raises the bar with Double A Side ‘V.F. / So to speak’.

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If You Don't Matter, Nothing Does


On I’LL BE HONEST, the band celebrates a stirring mixture of emo and skate-punk in the tradition of great genre representatives such as Spanish Love Songs, The Hotelier or The Wonder Years, but still achieves a new independent sound with an inimitable DIY attitude and an infinite joy of playing.

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Out Of Control


Hey there we are FOXHAUNT an ALT ROCK band from York UK! We promise after hearing our new song "Out Of Control" you will be singing the chorus over and over again. Out Of Control is a song about unleashing those moments of ups an downs that overwhelm us! Give it a listen!

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Class of Inevitable Doom


In January 2021, HAERDSMAELTA releases the full-length All Alone in the Danger Zone. A bloated journey straight into the dark and rotten heart of our civilization. No record has ever been as right in time as ALL ALONE IN THE DANGER ZONE. First single is Class of Inevitable doom!

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by Killer Wails

A staple of the Toronto Punk Scene, The Killer Wails straddle the space between punk rock and classic rock. They've graced the stage with notable acts like Cancer Bats,The Isotopes,The Murderburgers and Boids. During the great Lockdown, The Killer Wails enjoy sharing memes over their band chat.

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Admit It

by Signs of Progress

Both sincerely written and packed with catchy melodies, Signs of Progress' debut single "Admit It" is sure to send fans through an array of emotions while keeping them on their feet!

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Chemicals Man, They'll Fuck You Up

by The Revoors

We are an unknown punk rock band who just released their debut EP “Low-Cost Punk, High-End Feels” along with a video for the song “Chemicals man, they’ll fuck you up”. Our vocals are sung in spanish and english accompanied with thick guitars, growling basslines and a steady 90’s Punk beat.

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Better Off

by Tragic Hearts

After years of playing in different notable southern Ontario bands like The Artist Life, Closet Monster & Victim Party, Tragic Hearts have crafted a perfect collection of summer anthems for the ages.

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The Fireman

by The Red Lite District

Hi All, We are The Red Lite District, and this is one of the tracks from our fifth EP, Peephole. This track is literally about going mental during lockdown, I think we have all felt a bit deranged lately. But dont take the advice we give you in this track seriously.

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My Toxic Heart

by Honestly, Anywhere

My Toxic Heart - Our bubblegum pop anthem that would make All Time Low weep, blink-182 proud and Enter Shikari laugh at. This is the 100th time we’ve rewritten this song and we vow if this song goes viral, we’ll all quit music to become shepherds.

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I would like to introduce you to Glasgow-based anthemic alternative rock outfit Kamora who have just released their video for single 'Incomplete'! ‘Incomplete’ centres around a theme of unrealistic expectations and the struggle to overcome them.

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Three Stage T-Shirt Tan

by Young Pretorians

We're Young Pretorians from Portsmouth, UK. Check out our second single ‘Three Stage T-Shirt Tan’, recorded with Ben Whyntie at Old Blacksmiths Studio. The song is about the second guessing, the anxiety and the doubt that define dating in your mid to late twenties. Melancholy words over music in the major key. Full debut EP coming soon.

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