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by The Animal State

Hello. I'm The Animal State and this is the 2nd single from my new album. It tells a story from my past. If you like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins or Placebo... you will probably like this song.

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Bezos With a Side of Fries

by Wine Moms

Hi! We're Wine Moms and we're a small punk/pop-punk band from just outside Glasgow. We just put out our first EP which this song is from and its full of great music. This song is the fan-favourite and it's a punky, stompy and angry tune that hits hard! If you like this song, give the rest a try!

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Sooner or Later

by Jumping Ship

Hello! We're Jumping Ship, a Pop Punk band from Normal, Illinois. Being in a genre that can sometimes feel a little cookie-cutter, we do our best to approach the genre with outside-the-box lyricism, structure, tone, and overall intention in hopes it creates a cool sound that doesn't feel overdone.

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Red Hands

by Run with Hounds

The music video for our new single 'Red Hands' was released Tuesday on Cleopatra Records, and we'd would love if you would consider the video for review. Thank you in advance. The lyrics tell a pulp magazine style drama of betrayal that is all at once painfully sincere yet tongue in cheek.

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You're Dead To Me

by The Ice Cold Killers

Hey all, we're The Ice Cold Killers and our new single "You're Dead To Me," from our forthcoming album Stories From The Grave, is out now! People come and people go. And the Door is forever revolving..but sometimes you have to kill off characters in your they may never return.

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Every Mile

by Dirty Shrines

Featuring longtime musical collaborators Tim Browne and Brian Van Proyen (Elway), Drew Johnson (Chumped), and Max Barcelow (Gregory Alan Isakov), the quartet's sound reminds No Echo of everything from the guitar-harmony-driven sound of Thin Lizzy to melodic punk to power pop.

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by Dungeon Days

Hi Punktastic. We're Dungeon Days from Copenhagen, Denmark. We just released our sophomore album "Dungeon Days 2" and would love if you would check out one of the songs, "Dads", taken from the album.

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Bury Me

by Gunpoint Alibi

Hi, friends! We're Gunpoint Alibi! We're a group of absolutely silly best friends located in Denver, Colorado. Bury Me is the first release off of our upcoming album, "deathwish" We can't wait for you to give it a listen, and we look forward to seeing you out there, dancing around to it!

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Mostly Ghostly

by Pretty Pretty Awful

Hope all is well! I'm working with Punkerton Records on the debut of Cleveland spooky pop-punk band Pretty Pretty Awful! This song RIPS and is perfect for fans of Alkaline Trio, Bayside, and Pup.

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I'll Be Fine

by Sad Plant

Hi Everyone! We are Sad Plant, a Canadian Pop-Punk Band here to share our brand new single "I'll Be Fine". We wrote this song as a commentary about our experiences with mental health. Our goal is to inspire the youth to embrace creativity, and to know they have support systems available to them.

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by Sentimentipede

Hey! We're an upcoming punk/grunge band called Sentimentipede from St. John's, Newfoundland This is a track called "Hang" off of our debut album "Pretend This Sounds Good" - The track melds styles of grunge, punk rock and has a real drivey-distorted garage-rock feel to the production.

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No More Kim Kelly - Demo

by Death Plumes

Hi All! We are Death Plumes. We are a Garage Punk band from Richmond, Virginia and our debut single 'No More Kim Kelly' just released. Together our sound is a blend of sounds such as surf, lo-fi, psychadelic, grunge, and pop punk. Our main goal is to keep our songs raw, energetic, and punchy.

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Bad Vibes

by Cash Bribe

We're a hardcore/punk/rocknroll band out of Brooklyn. The EP is our first, 5 songs that we wrote mostly in the height of the pandemic in 2020. Our approach is a primal one, where our focus with the music was to kick teeth in. We're not particularly interested in subtlety.

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We are CHUD! A 3 piece Nu-metal band who've traveled in time from the idyllic 1990s to heal the wounds of our divided society in the only way we know how. Through mediocre Nu-Metal! Our track 'Invalid' is the first single off our debut excretion 'The Invalid E.P.' HAIL CHUD!

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Fight For Revolution

by Dignity Of Assholes

Hey Guys, Were Dignity of Assholes from jakarta Indonesia, we are a punk rock band that been est at 2009 and just released our first EP "Fight For Revolution" with Headwormz records. we have a different punk tunes with a message within this album.

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by Lake Malice

Lake Malice a new alt-metal duo from Brighton UK with an aggressive, vulnerable and experimental take on modern metalcore. They take inspiration from bands such as Spiritbox, Vukovi and Grimes. There debut single Blossom is available to stream worldwide on 26th August.

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Lie Lie Lie


We are MFRSM, a straight-ahead Post-Punk band from Tel-Aviv. We play hard and fuzzy riffs alongside Middle-Eastern melodic tunes. "Lie Lie Lie" is the title track of Mediterranean Post-Punk band MFRSM, upcoming sophomore album.

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by Canavar

We are CANAVAR and we deliver a sound that is rapid, catchy and explosive. Our barnstorming sophomore album, Living After, is set to drop on Friday 18th March. Please look out for it, thanks for the support!

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Mile End

by Fake Friends

We write music for jocks with art degrees.MTL's Turbo Haus house band. Faux punk for real ones. Former and current members of Montreal juggernauts Trigger Effect,Mundy's Bay, Kennedy & Watch for Wolves.

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Enola Gay

by brocoy.

Hey, I'm brocoy. I'm a multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Ontario. I've played in punk bands for over a decade and I'm constantly trying to push the boundaries of the genre. "Enola Gay" features polyrhythms, angular guitars, electronic loops, vocal harmonies, and a pulsing rhythm section.

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by Black Coast

This is Black Coast's third release this year 'Ache' from the newly announced debut album Outworld', set for release 19 November via Blood Blast Distribution. On 'Ache' The 'Stokie' five-piece celebrate their brooding nu-metal KoЯn and Deftones influences, melded with their metallic hardcore sound.

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