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slowly, long

by Virgins

Hey, were about to release our new gaze-pop single, 's l o w l y, l o n g', The single finds us embracing pop-centric melodic influences as much as the multitude of fuzz and reverb pedals that adorn our pedalboards. Lyrically the track speaks of unchecked desire being set free.

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by A Swift Farewell

‘Salt’ is an energetic and catchy emo pop punk anthem, with dark-toned lyrics that capture the frustration of feeling trapped in someone else's expectations. The track is an exploration of the feeling of being demanded to change by someone else, but refusing to comply.

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by Pale Bloom

We are a TX-based band combining elements of shoegaze, grunge, and post-hardcore. We've existed since 2021 but are finally making time to record. We are releasing 'highways' as a standalone track while we finalize our EP. We currently plan to record the EP this spring for a release later this year.

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Paradise ft. SayWeCanFly

by The Wildfires Projekt

Paradise is the story of those who have experienced the truth of Hollywood. While it may be paved with gold in our heads, the true reality is that most people who come seeking fame and fortune often end up less than who they were before. Hollywood isn’t as beautiful as it seems...

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Y Pwysau Mawr

by Breichiau Hir

Hello, we're Breichiau Hir. We've just released our debut album, Hir Oes I'r Cof. It's a 10-track album in Welsh, with a running theme of nostalgia, and this song seemed to encapsulate the atmosphere of the entire album nicely. Sonically and lyrically!

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The Letting Go

by Agvirre

Agvirre are a blackened post-rock collective based in Manchester, UK. Our sound combines rock instrumentation with strings, synths, spoken word samples and electronics. We embody the sound of anxiety through intense performances that observe the struggles of living with mental illness.

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Hey Girl

by Fabian Secon

Hey! This is my new single "Hey Girl". I’ve always wanted to expand more into the punk/pop-punk world, as this comes very naturally to me. The melodies in my music have always been inspired by alternative, pop and rock music, so it was an obvious progression.

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Talk About

by happydaze

Hey, whats up? We're happydaze, here to curate some vibes and set the mood. We're everything about 2020 rolled into one and inhaled softly; beats, riffs, catchy melodies.. something to have a good and or bad time to.

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by Saucer Eyes

Saucer Eyes was born from a desire to marry delicate, dream-like melodies with heavy, sludgy guitars. Sonically drawing on influences like Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr, MBV, Sleep and Electric Wizard, the band blends layers of reverb and delay with fuzz to create a dystopian-like wall-of-sound.

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The Enemy Doesn't Sleep

by Entropy

Hey everyone, we're ENTROPY from Hamburg, Germany. "The Enemy Doesn't Sleep" is from our debut album"Liminal", and its a groovy mid-tempo anthem that deals with paranoia and anxiety. We navigate the vast seas of everything guitar-centric, from shoegaze to indie rock to posthardcore.

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A Haunting In Two Parts

by ghostar

Ghostar is a blend of post-rock, emo, and alt-punk." A Haunting in Two Parts" mixes themes of fear and loss with a pulsing postpunk sound alongside twinkly riffs and postrock crescendos,

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Hey We are Feeze, a Pandeglang (Indonesia) -based Noise / Indie Rock group consist of Azi, Naufal, Alifian, Ikbal & Refan. Our performance and records are identical with layers of distorted & fuzzy guitar riffs, noisy feedback, unique sounds and effects, and streams of soft yet melodious vocal.

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Hey guys, we're a post-rock/shoegaze band from Birmingham. Our music is pretty miserable - we hope you dig it.

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Night Swimming

We are Night Swimming from London. We take elements of punk, emo and shoegaze, combining them together to make something that isn't as good as any of those genres.

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Hey, We are Feeze, Feeze is an Noise / Indie Rock band formed in Pandeglang - Banten, Indonesia. We had Releases EP called "HEDGEHOG's DILEMMA" via digital streaming media Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and Deezer. CD's & Cassette's available November via Ofto Records

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Hello! My name is Reece, otherwise known as Binama (not by many as I'm still very small, haha) and I've recently got into recording music! I dabble in emo/hip-hop right now and I'm planning to release my first album this summer!

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