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Raw Plastic - "Waiting Till Summer" EP

by Raw Plastic

Hello! We are Raw Plastic and we've just released a new EP "Waiting Till Summer". Our sound is a fusion of lo-fi surf/bedroom pop and shoegaze. Fans of bands such as Wavees and early Cloud Nothings might dig it!

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Hey, we are HEYUP! We are a Glasgow alternative/indie band formed of brothers Callum and Luc Grindle with friend Chris Devine on bass. Our single Only A Game is an introspective song about moving on from difficult times in life. We collaborated with friends to film the video on no budget.

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Night Swimming

We are Night Swimming from London. We take elements of punk, emo and shoegaze, combining them together to make something that isn't as good as any of those genres.

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Nature Channel

Hello from Brighton garage-punks Nature Channel! Our last record got a lovely review from Punktastic ( and was well received by fans, and we're hoping that everyone loves our sophomore effort 'Almost Optimistic' just as much!

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Pillow Talk

Hey, we're Pillow Talk - Callum, Luc and Lukas from Glasgow. 'Strangers' is the title track of our second EP, an homage to pop-punk bands of the early naughties who share a love of loud music with emotional underpinnings.

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