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Ultra Violent

by The Stealers

Ultra Violent tackles the theme of teenage rebellion and angst emphasised by the dirty tone of the instruments, punchy drums and cutting vocals. It's definitely one of the most creative and professional songs we have released so far. A wall of sound that you can feel just as much as you can hear.

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by Talleen

Montreal’s premier post-punk quintet Talleen have just released their latest single “Economics”. The dark wave collective returns with a new video directed by Alex Ortiz (We Are Wolves) to accompany the hard hitting single.

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by Movment

We produce raw, intense, engaging, and real alternative rock music with guitars, electronics, bass, drums and experiments with sound. We use technology & instruments to produce their sound, and make observations on life and living.

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Ringer Thought

by DWP

This track is the guitar workout track of this release - equal parts precision weaving and blowout wall of sound. For maximum release with reckless abandon

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Effigy Envy

by Sea of Limbs

We are Sea of Limbs, a collaborative project between members of Portsmouth bands Battery Hens and Noyo Mathis. We developed and recorded these songs between 2017 - 2018 as a studio project, and finally released it on April 2nd, 2021.

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by Artemis

Artemis are a four-piece, all-women, Alt-Rock/Post-Punk band formed in Southampton UK. They were also officially announced on the line-up to play Vesterbro Rock Fest in Copenhagen, Denmark in Sept 2021.

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Modern Waste

by Mutes

'Modern Waste' is a blistering distillation of all that has defined Mutes' explorative take on post-punk until now. Wiry, tense verses give way to muted chamber pop and eventually blossom into a full-on, fuzzed-out, fist-pumping euphoria.

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Missing Adult

by Fine Grain

Hey there! We're a weird punk/post-punk outfit from Albany NY. Our songs have always spanned an array of genres and this new track is no different. Backing off the raw, loud songs of our past, Missing Adult is an eerily-dark laid-back ode to those that are lost and never found.

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The Politics of Sinking

by Sex Cuts

We're the Sex Cuts, four strangers from Gothenburg in Sweden. The track "The Politics of Sinking" deals with the frustration of not fitting in and feeling that something's wrong with you. A feeling of being a part of something you hate and wanting to leave but always end up coming back to it.

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The Conquering

by Intervene

Three minutes of angular and anarchic energy,‘The Conquering’ feels as much like a statement of intent as it does a single release, while also acting as a testament to Intervene’s uncompromising attitude, which here feels more unfettered than ever.

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by Berries

Berries describe the single as being “about imitation and how we are programmed by society to try and live up to other people's expectations of happiness and how unhealthy, self-critical and obsessive this way of existing can be”.

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Know the Voltage

by Inks Lake

Inks Lake are a new post-punk band from Austin, TX with former members from Nice Strong Arm, Swans, and Beth Israel. Our music blurs energetic, cathartic sounds and angular aesthetics with melodic vocals.

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Drawing us in with this breezy number, laden with syncopated rhythms and signature shifts, it tempts us with the colour of the next EP. Given the wild abandon that stung their debut, do we dare to dream that they can beguile us with yet another perfect riot?

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by M(h)aol

Hi there, we're Irish intersectional feminist post-punk band M(h)aol. We've just released our new single 'Laundries', our first release after a five year hiatus. 'Laundries' recounts Ireland’s history of Magdalene Laundries, the oppressive institutionalisation of women and girls.

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"Give The Ghost To Me"

by Science Man

Buffalo, NY’s lab rat Science Man is back with a new LP "Science Man II". Think if Hot Snakes started playing only basement gigs with weirdo hardcore bands after listening to Big Black and Judas Priest in the van all day.

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Broken Memories

by Dead Rituals

Hi! Dead Rituals is a band with a focus on playing melodic punk rock, spiked up with other elements, such as dreamy textures and other atmospheric sounds. Our music is somewhat dark, but not gloomy, and still energetic!

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We are a band called COME We are a 2 piece Post Punk/Hardcore outfit from London. Born from the energy of being stuck inside for 8 months and producing music made for the soul intention of Popping off at a show. we have a new track out called CONSTANT STROBE, Dark,Heavy and shouty.

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Blue is the Color

by Beltalowda

As the great Nina Simone once said, "An artist's duty is to reflect the times." This is us reporting for duty. From our upcoming socio-political EP "Unheard Language." Thanks for checking it out.

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by Versari

French post-punk three-piece Versari are delighted to announce the UK release of their emotive third album, Sous la Peau, out on 16th November 2020 via Good Deeds. To announce the release, Versari have unveiled a three track set including album tracks 'Brûle', 'Des Images' and 'Plus de Tristesse'.

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by Black Market Heart

Black Market Heart includes former members of the Los Angeles garage band The Lords of Altamont and noise pop band Honeymoon Screams.  Taking their cue from bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Joy Division, and A Place to Bury Strangers, this is post-punk noise from Los Angeles.

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