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We are a band called COME We are a 2 piece Post Punk/Hardcore outfit from London. Born from the energy of being stuck inside for 8 months and producing music made for the soul intention of Popping off at a show. we have a new track out called CONSTANT STROBE, Dark,Heavy and shouty.

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by Rattleback

G'day G'day, we're Rattleback, a bass, drums, vocals only punk band from Melbourne, Australia. I've included a track off our debut album that I consider the most fun to play! It might not be the best track but you'd have to check out the rest of the album to decide that for yaself!

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The Secondhand Empire

Hey rockers and fuzz lovers, we are The Secondhand Empire, a rock trio from Oslo, Norway. Loaded with fuzzy-as-hell bass lines, hard hitting drums and high energy vocals, our first record, 'Heist On A Thrift Store' is out now! Take this track for a spin and embrace the noise!

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