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by Death Cassette

Death Cassette is a punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba that blends elements of grunge and hardcore. The sound is melodic, high energy, and vocally driven and they've recently signed to High End Denim Records to release their latest effort - a 6 track EP entitled "Get Rid Of It."

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You Are The Resistance

by Felicia

Hey everyone. We started out parading Boris Johnson through Grantham to his beloved Queen Maggies Statue, clad only in Union Jack Boxer shorts. Now we have a brand new single and video - 'You are the Resistance'. We wanted to create an anthem to represent the times and the disgusting living crisis

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by BE N!CE

Hello! We're BE N!CE, a 4-piece heavy punk band from London who's just released the first of 3 entirely self-produced songs that we're putting out this summer. 'Ghosts' was the first song we wrote together as a band and has been tried and tested MANY times live. Hope you like it!

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Trailer Thrash

by Misfit Saints

Hey Punktastic! This past December 2022, punk trio Misfit Saints released our debut double-single entitled "Greetings From Nowhere" We are excited to share our musical debauchery with others and hope you dig the music! Thank you for your time and consideration Peace, Punk, Party! -Carly Quinn

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by Femegades

‘Speechless’: Two and a half minutes of blistering melodic punk rock that instantly brings to mind bands such as BERRIES or False Advertising, as well as the aforementioned stalwarts of the genre, Bikini Kill, it’s the perfect introduction to those unfamiliar with the band, and the EP itself.

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Blue Eyes

by Bratboy

Excited to send you the new single from Vancouver's Bratboy, feat. Bella Bebe (guitar/vox), Megan Magdalena (bass/vox), and Tony Dallas on drums. Since 2017 they’ve opened for the likes of La Luz, Dumb, Blackwater Holylight and many more with their bright, anthemic riffs and high energy vocals.

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by Berries

Berries describe the single as being “about imitation and how we are programmed by society to try and live up to other people's expectations of happiness and how unhealthy, self-critical and obsessive this way of existing can be”.

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Last day in L.A.

by Healthy Junkies

Hiya. We wrote this song during our U.S.A. tour of 2018. Saying goodbye to the city of angels was not easy as we wer flying high and on a roll. But all good things come to an end. At least we got a song out of it! This is an uptempo new wave/punk stomper and it waves goodbye to the world.

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"Fairytale in the Supermarket."

by Cannibal Girls

Hi. We are Cannibal girls, an all female punk rock performance art group based in NYC. Mostly performing around Brooklyn, we were actively involved with the NYC DIY scene. We are a live band, and only have one demo out on Bandcamp, a cover of "Fairytale in the supermarket," by The Raincoats.

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Black Dove

by Favvkes

Hey there, I'm Favvkes and this is my debut single Black Dove! It's an anthem of inner strength to help us through these trying times about harnessing the power you've always had within you... It's edgy and moody and I hope you love it. Best played loud ;)

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Big Monster

by I am HER

We are I am HER.
This is the first time we've used an electric guitar and pedal on our record, giving a fresh take on our distinctive sound.
This song is about anxiety and how anxiety is like a beast separate to us that stalks us and preys on us.

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All Talk

by Healthy Junkies

Hiya. This is Healthy Junkies. All Talk is the name of our forthcoming new single. We are calling out the lies, deceit and layer upon layer of Bull Sh#t that people are being subjected to. The fake news, the denials, the empty promises.

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Sister Ghost

Sister Ghost is the project of Shannon O'Neill, but live is a 4 piece band. We've supported Shellac, Pussy Riot and LeButcherettes, been played on BBC 6 Music and was the Next Wave artist on BBC Radio 1 Indie Show last month. We have a reputation for high energy performances - all killer, no filler!

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The Empty Page

We are The Empty Page, a fuzzy, melodic trio from drizzly Manchester. We like listening to noisy indie rock, giggling about stupid things in transit vans and jumping around on low stages in sweaty basements. Our new song When The Cloud Explodes is about inevitable rainy day creativity in the North.

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Hey Musical Lovers, we're called BABYTEETH b/c we think we'll probably all fall out! Not really, we're as tight as ever, on and off the stage. We're a 5 piece London alt-rock band and this is our 2nd single, "Shame". Produced by Cam Blackwood, it smacks you around the head - play loud. Love, BT

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