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I Know Who You Are

by Ackerman

Hey everyone! I'm a Long Island-based audio engineer, and just put out my first full length emo/punk record! Here is the first single from that record! You can find it everywhere and I hope you enjoy.

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Sparks In Our Blood

by Matter Of Mind

We’re Matter Of Mind from Stockport, Manchester. If you like Ballsy guitars and choruses that will have you screaming along until your hearts content, we’re the band for you.

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Dream Boy

by Beach Bunny

"Dream Boy" was inspired by summer love - it is a song about being jaded to the idea of falling for someone again after being heartbroken in the past. It's about giving into the butterflies in your stomach even when love seems so scary at times.

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by Colourful

We're a new Glasgow based band with influences in emo, alternative and hardcore artists. We currently have 2 singles out - 'Your Best Possible Life' and our latest single 'Healthy/Happy' which are both going to be on our debut album 'Until Life Gives Us Colour' out next month.

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by Spring.Fall.Sea

SPRING.FALL.SEA express a sound that incorporates post-hardcore, heavy pop and electronica, the energetic rock trio will release their new EP, Time + Tide, on 6th September. The Londoners have also just dropped a new single, Strangers -

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Love Like Fiction

Hi! We're Love Like Fiction, We love Pop Punk, Emo and everything in between. We try our best to pour our heart and soul into our music, and to give you that fresh angsty feeling with a bit of modern sound sprinkled on.

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A Carnage in the Lovetrees

We are A Carnage in the Lovetrees. We formed in Chicago and now live in Seattle. This is the title track from our third record, Fires, released in April 2019 on Department of Sound & Magic.

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Cold Reading

Hi everyone, We are Cold Reading from Lucerne, Switzerland and we will be releasing a three-part concept album over the course of 2019. 'Through the Woods, Pt.1' is the first single taken from it. If you like big riffs, driving drums and delicate vocals than this is right up your alley!

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Overgrow is an indie emo band from Columbus, OH! "The Earth Will Swallow Me Whole" is our new single off our upcoming sophomore EP 'The Name We Share', slated for release May 3rd through Common Ground Records!

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Fairies! No Mercenaries

I'm an unconventional artist singing about their own troubles in this world with a lot of synths. Picture a soundtrack from your favorite creepy pasta or romantic horror story and that's me. For fans of the macabre and artist who perform catharsis to survive.

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Breichiau Hir

Hey, this is our new single 'Penblwydd Hapus Iawn'. An unflinching three minutes of punk aggression powered by a wall of three pronged guitars and cathartic vocals. The song is about a catastrophic birthday party I attended a few years ago where I witnessed the worst in some of the best people”.

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Johnny Football Hero

We are a Philly-based band comprised of two former bands- The Dispersions and Hyper Inc. After the departure of long-time member and friend Jesse Fogg, the band was at an existential crossroads but decided to push forward, reinventing ourselves as an emo/math trio.

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Penelope Tree

We're Penelope Tree and we like to think of ourselves as Pop-Punk with feels. We're just writing songs that hopefully people can relate to in order to vent our own frustrations.

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No Plug.

Hi we’re No Plug. So you’re scrolling through Punktastic looking for some good music huh? Well how about a high-energy sad boy rock band to add to your playlist? Don’t like sad music? Want us to stop asking rhetorical questions? Smash that play button!

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Roars Hunter

I'm an original artist from London. Punk-electronic, alternative rock, lofi-hiphop. Bit emo, bit political. FFO Gorillaz, 21 pilot. Described by Ticketmaster as "sounds like Michael Jackson covering Nine Inch Nails"

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Glazed is here to turn 2019 into 1999 pt. 2 with our new single 'New York City.' The sound stems from our love for pop punk, hardcore and emo music, as well as our experience as a racially diverse band in the Southeast U.S. This is just the tip of the iceberg for our year! More to come soon.

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Inner 29

Hey! We're a Brazil based pop-punk/emo band called Inner 29. Our main goal as a band is making music that adds something good to people's lives. This is our debut single.

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Underline The Sky

Oh hey, didn't see you there. We're Underline The Sky, and as Suffolk got running water and broadband last year, we're able to send you our new single "Promises", a banging emo anthem about not being able to keep your promises! Bloody hard ain't it.

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Carried Away

Hey friends! We are Carried Away, a 3 piece pop punk band from Toronto, Canada and we are excited to share our tunes with you! We blend catchy vocal hooks straight out of early 00s with modern emo / pop punk vibes to deliver hard hitting and honest, but at the same time upbeat and hopeful sound.

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Midnight Son

Hey Punks, we're Sheffield's latest Emo outfit and this is a song from our debut EP. Feast yourselves!

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