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I vaped again last night (and I would kill to be in love)

by Customer Service

Hey, we're a new Emo band that has been slowly gaining traction across Canada through relentless touring over the past few years. I think the biggest factor behind our growing audience is that we have fun doing what we do and to me no song represents that better than this one.

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Falcon Punch

by Open Palms

We're Open Palms from SE London, playing slightly rough-around-the-edges emo/pop-punk since the summer of 2021. We've just put out our second EP, 'i hope you find your tree', through iniit records. It's four short, (hopefully) sharp songs about how shit it is to be around in the UK at the moment.

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by Angry Son

Emerging out of Northern Virginia we are Angry Son! We skillfully blend the genres of emo, alternative rock, and pop punk into a familiar yet refreshing take. Our first single Home dissects the balance of figuring out who you are, and who you once were.

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by Mothercanyouhearme

Hey we're best gal pal London duo, Mothercanyouhearme. After meeting at uni and graduating we decided to become Mothers and birthed our baby = Mothercanyouhearme. This song touches on drug use and constantly fighting to find true happiness without chemically altering your mind.

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by Six Impossible Things

Hi, we are Six Impossible Things and this is our new song 'me'. We recorded it at Ranch Production House in Southampton and we filmed the videoclip in a small apartment of the city. We hope you like it!

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by The SS-SR

THE SS-SR have been jamming emo-alternative tunes from Nashville to the Midwest since Halloween night of 2018. The duo’s love for their cats is almost parallel to their love for skateboarding which they never quite mastered. Check out their newest release created over the course of their quarantine!

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You Get a Lot Done Without a TV

by Topiary Creatures

Hi, we're Topiary Creatures! We're a Bay Area band who plays thrashy, sparkly, intricate indie-rock. This song was written about not watching TV or dating people, and how surprisingly similar those two things feel. Keep an eye out for our debut LP this summer.

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Say So, Stay Sore

by Stick Figure Funeral

Hey, I'm Edward from Stick Figure Funeral. I'm actually the only person from Stick Figure Funeral, it's just my solo project. I recorded this track in my bedroom with my acoustic guitar and cello. I wrote it like three years ago but decided it was worth making a proper recording of. Enjoy!

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Make It Back

by Long Past Overdue

'Take It For What It Is' is the debut album of Long Past Overdue, a four-piece alternative rock band and music collective that is actually just one dude. Inspired by the 90s alt rock, punk, and emo, Gus Schiochet sings, plays all instruments, and produces all the music by himself. Hope you like it!

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by small talk.

Hey everyone! We're small talk. from San Diego, CA! Listen to our single Runner and stay tuned for our ep "mindspace" which is coming soon. We're just a few sad kids playing sad songs who want to connect with others who might feel like they're alone.

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Zach Frost

Hey hey! I'm Zach Frost and I am an indie-punk solo artist from Columbus, Ohio. I spent most of my life playing drums in various punk sub-genre bands and recently made the foray into writing and releasing my own music. This song is called "Rock Bottom" and is about the worst year of my life.

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Float Here Forever

Float Here Forever are a three piece alternative/punk/rock band from Detroit, Michigan. Buzzsaw guitars and intense percussion, followed up with deep bass and moody vocals Float restlessly pushes the boundaries.

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Hey there! We're Creekside, a four-piece pop punk act from Chico, CA. We've all been making music together for four years now, and this song is the opening track off of our new Self-Titled EP. It's a dancy rock track exploring the fears of closing a major chapter in your life. Hope you enjoy!

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Hi there, we are Hiding from Berlin / Stuttgart (Germany) and will release our self titled compilation "Hiding" on June 29th 2018 digitally and on cassette. If you're into sad Lo-Fi tunes made for losers give it a listen!

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We are a Birmingham based Emo Punk band, first formed in 2014 as Luke and Brad began writing some terrible music in Brad’s bedroom. Our name is taken from a Bukowski poem called layover. We are bringing a new sound that is predominantly based within the American market.

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True Blue

Ey up mi duck, just a dude from Derby who played in punk bands since I was 11. Started working nights and wrote 2 EP's for anyone in their 20s who might relate. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to listen, thank you!

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