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Cold Smoke

by Slow Science

Hi, we're Slow Science, we were around many years ago but took a break while members focused on other projects - namely the bands Axes and Human Pyramids - but we've got back together to play the Manchester Punk Fest and thought we'd also record a couple of songs while we're at it.

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Secretly looking for a way to escape

by Jack Adamant

Hello everyone. I’m an artist/producer who lives between Italy and Sweden. Under the name "Jack Adamant" I carry on an alternative rock solo project which currently has two albums and some singles under its belt, including some covers. Looking forward to know what you think! Cheers Jack

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by Teen Creeps

Belgian indierockers TEEN CREEPS are showing off their soft side on ‘CRASH/LAND’, the closing track of their new album ‘Forever’. The new single is no fast 90s punk song, but a long and quiet album closer that erupts into a guitar solo after four minutes.

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Start Today

by Playing Dead

Hey, my name is Sam and i play in the Long Isand ny band Playing Dead. We are a 4 piece band with a sound that focuses on big guitars and lots of melody. We just released an ep called Catharsis of choice and the song Start Today is on it. We also have a video for it on our youtube channel.

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Spoiled Rotten

by Dasterds

Hey y'all! We are Dasterds from Lansing, MI. Our track "Spoiled Rotten" is from our latest full-length album 'Cherophobia.' This song is a big "fuck you" to MAGA-toting conservative boomers. It's playful, angsty, poppy, and fun. Thanks for checking us out!

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by Cashing In

Millenials from Baltimore channeling our discontent into crunchy riffs, sludgy breakdowns and a catchy pop choruses that attack the depression and alienation interent to life under capitalism with equal parts earnestness and humor.

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Make It Back

by Long Past Overdue

'Take It For What It Is' is the debut album of Long Past Overdue, a four-piece alternative rock band and music collective that is actually just one dude. Inspired by the 90s alt rock, punk, and emo, Gus Schiochet sings, plays all instruments, and produces all the music by himself. Hope you like it!

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Hi folks, we're PET HATES, a powerpop/emopop/all over the shop indie rock band from London, UK. We play fun and crunchy hooked filled tunes that take influence from everything from the get up kids to the Replacements, Martha to Prince, early REM to Superchunk. You'll want to move, hopefully.

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With comparisons by Q Magazine drawn to the melodic pop precision of Phoenix combined with the punk-fueled force of the mighty Dinosaur Jr, throw in some Teenage Fanclub harmonies, Buffalo Tom earnestness, and Superchunk energy and you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head with the Beezewax sound.

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My name is Rizkan from Jakarta, Indonesia. I have an emo band named Ache and we do adore some bands like Jawbreaker, The Weakerthans, and consume so much Asian Man bands like Tuesday, Warm Thoughts, Smoking Popes, etc.

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The Addisons

Hello, We're The Addisons, a pop-punk-rock band from Chicago. You may know some of us from the bands Textbook, Tom Daily, Woolworthy, Dan Vapid and The Cheats, Noise By Numbers, etc. We have a new EP you should check out...

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Sea Lilies

Newish band of 3 guys who have been in a bunch of other bands in the past - most recently Dead Mechanical and Sick Sick Birds

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We're Surhoff from Baltimore, Maryland, and we play songs about being in your late 20s and the summer.

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We are Textbook from Chicago, USA. This is a brand new song recorded by our buddy Mike Hagler who has worked with Wilco and the Mekons and features the one and only Doulg Gillard of Guided By Voices, Nada Surf, Cobra Verde (and lots more) on guitar. Have a listen!

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