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Unlucky Best

by Curbside Journal

This song is from the last session we recorded with Alex Newport in 2001. It was unreleased until now. It was a fan favorite of our live set. We are happy that it is finally getting a release.

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I Gotta Be Kidding Me

by Long Past Overdue

Lost somewhere between the labels of emo, pop-punk, alternative rock, and shoegaze, LONG PAST OVERDUE is a 90s-inspired melodic and emotional band from Curitiba, Brazil. It started as a solo project in 2018 and remotely became a band during the covid lockdown.

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Nosotros No Vamos A Morir


New track and video here from the sonic project AUDIO|FORGEMINI, a genuine swipe at sincerity and seriousness with a tinge of politics. The rage is genuine so enjoy some scream blended hooks and melodies. Please also watch the accompanying video. It's better than watching 'unboxing', we promise.

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Cold Smoke

by Slow Science

Hi, we're Slow Science, we were around many years ago but took a break while members focused on other projects - namely the bands Axes and Human Pyramids - but we've got back together to play the Manchester Punk Fest and thought we'd also record a couple of songs while we're at it.

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The Actuary

by The Atlantic Union Project

A transatlantic collaboration bridging the waters via intense blasts of post-punk exuberance. The Atlantic Union Project are all veterans of the hardcore scene and bring their love and inspiration for it with the new EP. Debut single, The Actuary, is an angry blast at the system & its inequality.

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Everything will turn out fine

by Clayton

'Clayton' hail from Nantes (France) and play a molitov cocktail of gritty punk rock and super catchy melodic punk goodness. Imagine mixing Leatherface and Samiam with elements of Ship Theives and you get a good idea of the bad ass jams these dudes will bring to your ear drums.

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Eat Shit Everyone

by Calm.

We're Calm. your new favourite little punk band from no where special! Eat Shit Everyone is a go fuck yourself anthem for the modern age, a rage charged punk rock slammer that starts hard and ends harder. We hope you dig!

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by Burning Nickels

What started as an outlet to record forgotten songs from days long past has now morphed into a pop punk monster. Calling on friends from all over the world to sing and play on the songs, Burning Nickels has released their latest EP, Cobwebs, to spectacular critical acclaim form themselves.

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I'll be out the back

by Running Colour

Hi guys, this is demo for a new band we started working on during lockdown (I bet you've heard that a lot lately!), it's pretty DIY but we're enjoying it and will hopefully be looking to gig in the future when this is all over.

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This Is Fine

by She Bit Me First

Hey everyone! We’re She Bit Me First, a three-piece punk band from London. We just released a new EP and new music video to go with it. This Is Fine is the first track, and it’s about how pervasive technology is in society and the privacy and ethical implications it has. We hope you like it!

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Make It Back

by Long Past Overdue

'Take It For What It Is' is the debut album of Long Past Overdue, a four-piece alternative rock band and music collective that is actually just one dude. Inspired by the 90s alt rock, punk, and emo, Gus Schiochet sings, plays all instruments, and produces all the music by himself. Hope you like it!

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Of Mountains And Seas

Hi, we are "Of Mountains And Seas", a three piece Punk Rock band from Bavaria and Austria. We released a 4 track EP in december 2017 and though it's called "Dracula", it's far from being gloomy. Give it a spin and hopefully you'll like it!

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