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It's a Shame We Didn't Get More Time, Lance

by The Subjunctives

Pop punk veterans The Subjunctives bring you a melancholic hooky song in a happy key, a musical and lyrical tribute to the seminal East Bay pop punk songwriter Lance Hahn of J-Church. Ean from the Subjunctives was in Sicko, who shared many stages and tours with Lance and J-Church in the 90s.

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Flat Joke Psychodriver

by The Westerwaves

The Westerwaves are arguably the most legendary band of the Viennese penguin pop-punk underground scene. Not the mainstream one, the other one, the underground one.

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Voyager Of A Daydream

by The Endorphins

We are The Endorphins, a psych-punk band in Boston, and our new album 'Nothing Is Real' is out November 11.

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World Less Than Plain

by Future Selves

How are we there fellow humans? We're Future Selves, a punk rock trio from Wigan (Pie, anyone?) here we are with the first single 'World Less Than Plain' from our upcoming debut album. We hope you enjoy big melodic choruses, thrashy hard hitting arrangements and lyrics inspired by the grit of life.

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Barbed Wire

by Bottlecap

Hey! We are Bottlecap from Sweden. This is our third single from our upcoming album "Wooden Systems", out in May. Barbed Wire is a Fun, Heavy, Catchy, Fast punch in your face with lots of love. Enjoy!

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Everybody's Famous

by Tonota 80

We are Tonota 80, three friends who like to make sweet music together and enjoy the odd Eccles cake. It would be lovely if someone liked us, double figures would be good.

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Know the Voltage

by Inks Lake

Inks Lake are a new post-punk band from Austin, TX with former members from Nice Strong Arm, Swans, and Beth Israel. Our music blurs energetic, cathartic sounds and angular aesthetics with melodic vocals.

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Blue is the Color

by Beltalowda

As the great Nina Simone once said, "An artist's duty is to reflect the times." This is us reporting for duty. From our upcoming socio-political EP "Unheard Language." Thanks for checking it out.

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We're Not Alone

by Pezz

Unable to mark our 30th anniversary with a live show because of the pandemic, we're releasing this new song and video in solidarity with the outrage over the killing of George Floyd and the demand for greater transparency by the police.

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The Ones Who Are Left Behind

by Active Minds

We're Active Minds. You may not have heard of us, but we've been around for quite a while playing DIY political punk and hardcore. We have a wide range of musical interests, and try to reflect this in our songs - so expect some variety. Here's the first track from our new EP.

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Iron Bloke

by Spudge

Ay up, we're Spudge. Thick like a spud, smooth like fudge.

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by The Slow Painters

'Egon' is the first single off our debut LP. FFO: The La's, Hüsker Dü. Hope you like it! EPK:

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just for kicks

by bauwaves

bauwaves are a new Austin, TX indie-punk band with ex-members of Wild America and The Fall. Our debut album was released on 01/10/20 on Salinas Records and was called "a brave and uncompromising creation that crackles with energy and intense feeling" by Faster and Louder.

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by Cashing In

Millenials from Baltimore channeling our discontent into crunchy riffs, sludgy breakdowns and a catchy pop choruses that attack the depression and alienation interent to life under capitalism with equal parts earnestness and humor.

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by Flowers in Concrete

In December, Austrian hardcore veterans Flowers in Concrete re-issue their LP Aufrecht on Numavi Records for its 20th anniversary and make it available digitally for the first time ever.

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by AK-747s

Hello humans. This is AK-747s fifth record 'movies'. Its too punk for metal and too metal for punk. We sing songs about our 'civilizations' impending doom and the attendant evils of this world. Lets blast!

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Hi folks, we're PET HATES, a powerpop/emopop/all over the shop indie rock band from London, UK. We play fun and crunchy hooked filled tunes that take influence from everything from the get up kids to the Replacements, Martha to Prince, early REM to Superchunk. You'll want to move, hopefully.

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Punch Drunk

Hey, we're Punch Drunk from Nottingham, UK. We play a blend of grunge and pop punk. Fast, melodic, punk numbers that hopefully get stuck in your head. We're just about to release our debut album 'Sassy' on cassette through Disillusioned Records and on CD through JSNTGM Records.

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Iain Bethel

Hey guys! i'm looking for a review of my solo EP or just for you to take a listen. I supported Grant Hart(Husker Du) once. holy shit. I also play in UNDO. Iain x

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