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by Shallow Teeth

This is the sound of 4 people slowly losing their minds. The EP shows a lot of the angst everyone has been feeling over the last year, and then the release of being able to come back into the world after

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Get Light

by Nobody, No One

We are Nobody, No One and this is “Get Light”, the single off our 2020 self-titled E.P. This E.P. is a concept E.P., but at this point, the character is finally finding respite and solace when he really needs it.

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Brave New Normal

by Stay Awake

Hi guys , we are Stay Awake, an international punk rock four-piece based in Bangkok. We just released our sophomore EP 'PORTRAITS' and would love to know what you think of the EP. Here's a track from it called Brave New Normal.

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Dragged Up

by Fangs Out

Having released our "Curse Words" EP last year, We are back with our new single "Dragged Up" which is taken from the upcoming new EP "Pretty Bleak". "Dragged Up" is a plain and simple rager that'll turn your face into a puddle on the you best get a mop ready"

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Vill inte vara här

by Planet Trash

Hey! We're a hardcoreband that just released our latest record, our first in swedish, called "Blodspår 2020". The first track called "Vill inte vara här" (I dont wanna stay around), is about ridding yourself of toxic people that by mere presence pollutes the air around you. Available on vinyl now!

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by Luxora

Hello Punktastic readers! We are Luxora, a four piece post hardcore band from Saint Louis, MO. Our video for Resurrector perfectly encapsulates our personalities, and the song itself is a great introduction to our sound.

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by Kin Corruption

Hello everyone! We are Kin Corruption from Athens, Greece. He have just released our latest single, "Brothers", which is a message of unity and solidarity we want to convey to every single person in this scene, especially in the weird times we live in.

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Wet Soaking Wet

by Shevils

Hi! This is our new single ”Wet Soaking Wet” It´s Shevils fifth single from the album ”Miracle of the Sun” Hope you like it :)

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Ghost Stories

by Gloom Culture

Good evening to you wherever you are. We are Gloom Culture. We're a new hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona and this song is from our debut album. Ghost Stories is driven by its menacing guitar riffs and its faithless gang vocals. Ultimately asking the question-Do you believe in ghosts or yourself?

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Coopers Drive


Hey Guys, we're PARLA - Melancholy post-hardcore from Cardiff. Our debut EP 'Fervour/Further' is up for release on February 19th and its been a long time coming. Its our most organic product to date and we can't wait for you to hear it - give our latest single 'Coopers Drive' a spin right now x

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by Tritonic

Hector is the final track from their debut album 'Port of Spain,' A raw, frenetic and frantic mixture of punk, prog, pop, indie and metal, Tritonic show they have one foot planted in hardcore’s forms and conventions and one foot determinedly outside of it.

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by Chapter 19

We are UK angular post-hardcore twosome CHAPTER NINETEEN who return with the release of our new EP, A Story Well Told, which arrives on Friday 23rd April. We also unleash a new single, How Is There Hope, featuring Josh Redrup from Palm Reader, out on Friday 12th February.

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My Dying Friend/I Tried My Best

by We Too, Will Fade

Hi Punktastic, we're We Too, Wil Fade, from Munich. We hope you enjoy our new double music video for "My Dying Friend/I Tried My Best"; 2 of the 3 tracks from our new EP, 'Everything Falls Apart as It Should', out now on Midsummer Records.

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by Pale

Hey, we're a post-hardcore band called Pale. Our debut single "Absence" was written with the intent to capture as much emotion as we could through the ethereal ambience in the instrumental all the way through to the delivery of the lyrics and imagery. We hope you like it.

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Vampire Eyes

by Havelocke

Hey, we're Havelocke from Sheffield. Havelocke are an Emo Hardcore band from Sheffield, UK. We play a haphazard mix of emo, post-hardcore and things horror, with big harmonies and post-apocalyptic themes.

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Hear Me Out

by Dragged In

...We grew up listening to great hardcore and punk bands like Sick Of It All, Minor Threat, Dayglo Abortions, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Poison Idea, DRI, and Gang Green....We love those bands,as well we love post hardcore too like Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu... -Dragged In

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Hi, we're a 4-piece hardcore/rock band from Stoke on Trent. Formed in 2018 and recorded our debut EP back in January which is being released 21st December, 2020. We're influenced by a range of different bands such as Turnstile, Pantera, Rage Against the Machine, Cold World, etc...

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"First Shot Misses"

by Wrong War

"First Shot Misses" is the debut single from Chicago's Wrong War and appears on the album 'Fixed Against Forever," which was released on Election Day via Council Records.

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Liquid Lunch

by Atombuzz

Hi, we're Atombuzz, a noisy punk band from West Sussex. We've previously had enjoyably extremely poor reviews from Punktastic but after hoping too change that with our last release. Enjoy!

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by Rattleback

G'day G'day, we're Rattleback, a bass, drums, vocals only punk band from Melbourne, Australia. I've included a track off our debut album that I consider the most fun to play! It might not be the best track but you'd have to check out the rest of the album to decide that for yaself!

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