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by Ratking

G'day everyone, we are Ratking from Perth, Western Australia. We are a punk/hardcore band influenced by the likes of Trash Talk, Last Lights, Ceremony, Wavves. We would be stoked if you gave us a listen!

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Missing Adult

by Fine Grain

Hey there! We're a weird punk/post-punk outfit from Albany NY. Our songs have always spanned an array of genres and this new track is no different. Backing off the raw, loud songs of our past, Missing Adult is an eerily-dark laid-back ode to those that are lost and never found.

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Ghost Stories

by Gloom Culture

Good evening to you wherever you are. We are Gloom Culture. We're a new hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona and this song is from our debut album. Ghost Stories is driven by its menacing guitar riffs and its faithless gang vocals. Ultimately asking the question-Do you believe in ghosts or yourself?

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by Crucial Features

Hey, we are Crucial Features, a grrrl punk band from Vilnius, Lithuania. Have you ever felt like procrastinating the whole day and watching stupid videos online? Or maybe encountered egoistic people? The track is digging into the subject of vanity and it's all there in the song!

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Welcome to Analog City

by Sleep Year

Sleep Year is the solo project of Max Mueller, a 17-year-old from a Minnesotan suburb. In a lo-fi mix of power pop and post-punk, Mueller metaphorically expresses the boredom of his years spent in dystopian suburbia with the song Welcome to Analog City.

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Black Market Heart

We are Black Market Heart, post-punk noise from Los Angeles.

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Hey, we are Porcupine and this is a song off of our most recent demo. It is fast, aggressive, and energetic. Hope you enjoy it.

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