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by Ratking

G'day everyone, we are Ratking from Perth, Western Australia. We are a punk/hardcore band influenced by the likes of Trash Talk, Last Lights, Ceremony, Wavves. We would be stoked if you gave us a listen!

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Down With Rent

Down With Rent is a four-piece hardcore punk group hailing from Connecticut. We aim for an original sound with a classic punk feel. Our first full-length, Entitled Millennial Scum, releases this July.

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Hello! We are Bazookatooth and we're a 3-piece hardcore punk band from Nashville, TN. This is the first music we've ever released and we are ecstatic to share. David tracked, produced and mixed everything (on top of drumming and doing one third of the vocals) and we're very proud. We hope you enjoy!

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Trespasser are a 4 piece progressive hardcore band from the UK. Tackling political issues via a fusion of hardcore/ punk & thrash. Our DNA is made up of fast, relentless big riffs & passionate lyrics & vocals. We have a total disregard for what is "current" and/ or "fashionable". We are what we are

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Struggle Session

Hey guys! We are brutally fun hardcore from Beijing, China and would love for you guys to check us out! If you're into hard, fast, blasty, messy and fun, please check us out!

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