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Lost in the Mall

by Alden Ave

Alden Ave delivers the finest quality new wave pop punk that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head and be on your summertime playlist! The happy-go-lucky feel of ‘Lost in the Mall’ will have listeners singing to the na-na-na’s in the chorus on repeat!

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Let Me Go

by My Escape

Check out the brand new video for "Let Me Go" from Pop-Punk band My Escape. Blending catchy hooks with up-beat tones that are sure to please fans of such bands as Blink 182, New Found Glory and Simple Plan

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Beyond The Pines

by Mads Francis

Mads Francis' grand entrance comes in the form of a six-track EP titled ‘The Violet Crown’, showcasing his dark mood, ear for melody, and affinity for modern pop-punk.

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Friendly Little Games

by Keep Your Secrets

Keep Your Secrets is a DC-based pop punk band with easycore and emo influences. Their latest release "Friendly Little Games," from their upcoming EP "Let's Face It, We're Lost," tells the story of a young woman who is fed up with the mind games her romantic interest insists on playing.

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We Are Done

by Homesick

Hey! It's Darío, I'm in a Pop-Punk band based in Madrid, called Homesick We formed during quarantine and we're about to release our first single HOMESICK - WE ARE DONE (anticipated link) Hope you like it!

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Sometimes Things Change

by Swimming

Here's the single upcoming debut LP, “That’s OK” (Oct 8th) in partnership with Chillwavve Records and Here Goes Nothing Records. We’ve had the pleasure of working with mixing engineer Dylan Hanwright & mastering engineer Jack Shirley (Jeff Rosenstock, Deafheaven, Loma Prieta, Punch)

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Off The Ground

by Neversaid

Hey, we're Neversaid! Off The Ground is the lead single featured on our debut EP 'Getting Better'. It was written about cutting out a toxic friend, and describes the anger, sadness and desperation of realising a person is having a negative impact in your life.

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Why Am I Still Here?

by Something In-Between

Hey guys, we're Something In-Between and this is 'Why Am I Still Here?' which was released on our most recent EP. It was written by our bassist, Jared, who recorded the main vocals for this track. Jared is a massive Hoppus fanboy and a lot of inspiration was taken from early Blink for this song.

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We are EVERLYNE from Melbourne. DERANGED has a more produced and heavier sound than our old stuff, which we love. Lyrically it's about a girl that is slowly losing her mind and hearing voices. The heavy riffs, high powered rhythms, hardcore accents and Mac's incredible vocals help us stand out!

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Back To Austin

by Halfway Atlantic

Song release: July 9 BACK TO AUSTIN maintains Halfway Atlantic’s signature emo aesthetic. “It’s an ode to a city, a person, a habit, a lifestyle,” explains vocalist Matt Warmuth. “It’s about throwing baggage overboard, leaving the past behind and setting sails into a new, unknown future.”

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Bezos With a Side of Fries

by Wine Moms

Hi! We're Wine Moms and we're a small punk/pop-punk band from just outside Glasgow. We just put out our first EP which this song is from and its full of great music. This song is the fan-favourite and it's a punky, stompy and angry tune that hits hard! If you like this song, give the rest a try!

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Sooner or Later

by Jumping Ship

Hello! We're Jumping Ship, a Pop Punk band from Normal, Illinois. Being in a genre that can sometimes feel a little cookie-cutter, we do our best to approach the genre with outside-the-box lyricism, structure, tone, and overall intention in hopes it creates a cool sound that doesn't feel overdone.

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Seven Ten Split

by Lipstick Stains

Our new track Seven Ten Split, taken from our record "Controlled Chaos" available on all major streaming services.

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by Crown The King

Hey whats up, we're Crown The King from Dublin, Ireland and this is our new single "Melissa", it's an anthemic pop punk track about being there for someone in a time of need. This is our fourth single and the first track taken from our Debut EP coming later this year!

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Selling Stars

by The Cascadian Divide

We’re a new Seattle-based punk band formed by the members of Longward and Regional Faction. Tyler got stuck in Ireland for months during the covid lockdown, so we started this side project while waiting for Tyler to finally get home, but the music ended up being too good to not share with the world.

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Why Weren't They Stunned

by Emily Davis and The Murder Police

We're Emily Davis and The Murder Police! Our new single "Why Weren't They Stunned?" (from our new LP out June 25), about how the government isn't concerned/doesn't care when it comes to the role we play in climate change, the pandemic, etc., & that lack of urgency keeps biting us in the ass.

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Modern Art

by Detroit Zits

Iggy, Stooges, MC5, fighting in the streets and everything blown- Hemi rumbles under the hood of the Detroit Zits sound. Inspired by the Motor City and all its dirty, greasy V-8 powered rock, Detroit Zits is born to crash and burn. In the meantime...

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Wait For Me

by Interkon

Hi all! When New Jersey and Russia meet Philly Punk. This is Interkon's debut release! They are bringing back that nostalgic sound we all miss and love. This song is about self love and putting yourself first. Hope you enjoy!

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by The Kanz

We are electro-pop punk trio THE KANZ and our ne single Borderline, is out everywhere now.

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Hometown Hostage

by Boltergeist

This is the 2nd single for the band Boltergeist which is a collaboration of members between Frank Dux and Trashed Ambulance. They play poppy yet thought provoking punk rock and are only just beginning.

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