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Fever Dream

by Preach Electric

What's up?! We're Preach Electric from Edmonton, AB and we've just released our first single "Fever Dream". Check it out!

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by Drastic Park

Hey guys! We are Drastic Park from Melbourne, Australia. We recently dropped our latest single BACKDOWN which premiered on Dreambound. It was produced by Alan Day of Four Year Strong and mastered by Jay Maas of Defeater. It is the first song featuring our new lead guitarist/backing vocalist Elise

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I'm Ready to Ride Giants, Kunu

by Sucker Punch

Guitarist Billy Butka: “'I'm Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu' is an anthem for those stuck in the vicious cycle of self doubt. We had the pleasure of working with Chris LoPorto to deliver a powerful performance to help extinguish those negative thoughts keeping you down.”

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Sunny Mornings

by A Night in November

A Night in November are a power trio from Leeds. Life throws us a curveball from time to time. This song is a promise that things will get better and the hope that the darkest nights are often followed by the brightest mornings.

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Next To Me

by Stay Safe

We are STAY SAFE and we are a North West based pop-punk band loaded with chunky riffs and contagious choruses. Please check out our brand new single and video, Next To Me, out now.

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5 North

by Woke Up Older

Hi! We're Woke Up Older, and this is the first track off our upcoming EP, "Such a Lonely Sound". 5 North is about sorting through the grief and pain experienced with the death of a best friend. This song features emotionally belted vocals, massive guitars, and cathartic lyricism. Hope you enjoy!

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Howdy! We’re GUT WRENCH, the new down-tuned pop punk band in town. A collaboration between long-time friends Wade Hunt (vocals, Knockout Kid) and Michael Anstice (keyboards, Hinayana), we combine pop punk melodies from the 2000s with riffing on seven-string guitars - check out our first single!

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It’s All Good


"‘IT’S ALL GOOD’ is an explosion of energy and new life coming out of a rough couple of years. It’s our first single with Adventure Cat Records and we couldn’t be more excited about the future!

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Listen To Levels

by Shower Beers

Hey all. We're Shower Beers and we're a brand new pop-punk band based out of Murray Hill, NYC that wants to punch you in the mouth with some gigantic choruses. We just dropped our debut single Listen To Levels TONIGHT, 11/3. Check it out!

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Fall Away

by Hype Lights

We are alt-rock crew HYPE LIGHTS, and we deliver our new single and video, Fever Dream, on Friday 7th October. This cut is taken from our eagerly awaited debut album, Leave It All Behind, which arrives via all platforms on Friday 14th April 2023. For now, please check out our last single, Fall Away.

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by Bornside

Hi! We're Bornside from Lyon. “Somewhere” is the 3rd single from our first EP, “Light Rain & Dick Moves” released on 19/09/2022. It's about the questions we all have, every day. Whether it’s about our place in today’s society, our place in the workplace, in our family or in our group of friends.

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by Bornside

You might be already back to school/work but we hope to bring you back on holiday with our new music video 🏝 Stay tuned for more cool things pretty soon 😏

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Taking The Hood

by Bornside

Hi guys, we're Bornside, Pop Punk band from France. We all had previous musical experience that didn't work out so teamed up to come back stronger! What's as much Pop Punk as pizza? Pirates obviously, so we hope you'll enjoy or DIY pirate video!

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True Love - Pure Hate


Hey! We are Life Lessons from Oslo, Norway! The fact about this track or album is that we started writing it in January 2020. I hope you guys like it because we think it is a banger!

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Is Heaven Worth This Hell I'm Living

by Van Full of Nuns

Hello! We are Dallas, TX based pop punk band Van Full of Nuns, founders of Pop Punk Nite!, and we just released our new single "Is Heaven Worth This Hell I'm Living." It tells an ill-fated story of love that crossed international borders.

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We Are Done

by Homesick

Hey! It's Darío, I'm in a Pop-Punk band based in Madrid, called Homesick We formed during quarantine and we're about to release our first single HOMESICK - WE ARE DONE (anticipated link) Hope you like it!

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Nineties Guys

by Feelbacks

Hey you beautiful people, we're Feelbacks, a pop punk from Rome, Italy. We're releasing our new single "Nineties Guys", which is about our angsty and tormented generation living in this fast-moving century, anticipating our new album "PARADOX".

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Sooner or Later

by Jumping Ship

Hello! We're Jumping Ship, a Pop Punk band from Normal, Illinois. Being in a genre that can sometimes feel a little cookie-cutter, we do our best to approach the genre with outside-the-box lyricism, structure, tone, and overall intention in hopes it creates a cool sound that doesn't feel overdone.

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Groundhog Day

by Crown The King

Hey, We're Crown The King from Dublin, Ireland and this is our new single "Groundhog Day". It's from our debut EP of the same name which comes out on February 2nd! If you like pop punk with gritty vocals and honest, open lyrics this might be the track for you.

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Nothing at All

by Sideline Heroes

Hey y'all! We're Sideline Heroes, a pop punk band from Nashville, TN and we're super excited for our debut EP to be released later this spring. "Nothing at All" is one of our favorites off of it and we're thrilled to share it with everyone!

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