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Ten Years

by Live it Wisely

I've been very active on YouTube for a few years now, and decided to get some of my own music out finally!

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by Drag Me Down

What's up? We're Drag Me Down, a punk rock/pop punk band from Swindon, UK. We're all about catchy choruses, blazing riffs, ridiculously fast drumming and good vibes all round. This is our new single "Hellstar", and it's a tune packed with melodies and lyrics that are sure to get stuck in your head.

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Mi Sent

by Hike The Peak

These final 2 songs of this cycle of releases will be released collectively as a physical album release entitled ‘ONLY THE TRUE FLY FREE’ in 2024. This track 'Mi Senti' features Italian XFactor winner Gio Sada

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Favourite Disaster

by Lunar Hijack

Hello World, we're Lunar Hijack from Birmingham. This is a track from our debut EP "Space & Time". "Favourite Disaster" is about being in a relationship with someone that, deep down, you know wasn't right but still having feelings for them. Hope you like it!

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Sunny Mornings

by A Night in November

A Night in November are a power trio from Leeds. Life throws us a curveball from time to time. This song is a promise that things will get better and the hope that the darkest nights are often followed by the brightest mornings.

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Seven Twenty

by What Makes Sense

Hey! We are What Makes Sense from upstate New York. We've been putting our spin on pop punk for about 4 years now, and Seven Twenty is the first sample of what's to come. If you like heavy riffs and acrobatic performances, you'll enjoy this video!

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The time of death 4:44

by The American Scream

Time of Death 4:44 is a raw and emotional exploration of the pain and struggle of dealing with alcoholism and the loss of loved ones who have succumbed to the disease. With powerful vocals, driving guitars, and an intense, heart-wrenching melodies.

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Gravity Killer

by Pharsalia

Pharsalia loudly embraces the elder emo culture as their generational colleagues reach adulthood and hold strong to the 2000’s pop punk and Emo music that shaped their lives – in other words, it never was a phase. Gravity Killer emphasizes the sense of weightlessness during an unsalvageable breakup.

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Howdy! We’re GUT WRENCH, the new down-tuned pop punk band in town. A collaboration between long-time friends Wade Hunt (vocals, Knockout Kid) and Michael Anstice (keyboards, Hinayana), we combine pop punk melodies from the 2000s with riffing on seven-string guitars - check out our first single!

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Winter Hill

by Stay Safe

Hey! We're Stay Safe from Manchester, UK- this is our latest track 'Winter Hill'- this probably is one of our favourite tracks to play live because of it's massive opening riff & the breakdown really gets people moving at shows!

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Bad Luck Days

by Say It Anyway

Heyhey! This is our new single, produced by Romesh Dodangoda. We think its a bit of a bop, hope you do to! x

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by If and When

Hey there! We're called If and When from Columbus, OH. I am TJ the sole member of the band. If you've ever gotten to a point in any time of relationship whether it be romantic or a friendship where you have just had it and don't care anymore this is what my new song "86" is all about.

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Damage and Collapse


LIFE LESSONS started with a vision of bringing Easycore to Norway and being seen as pioneers of the genre in Norway. The band is based in Oslo (Rat City) and has a lineup of 5 'Whats My Age Again's'. LL has a numbers of single releases and their brand new track is called "Damage And Collapse".

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Flip a Coin (Overthinking)

by After Elmer

We're back! Our new single 'Flip a Coin (Overthinking)' kicks off a brand new series of singles we will be releasing, so get ready! Flip a Coin (Overthinking) dives into a twenty-something year old brain (again), wondering which life choices to make. A little heavy, but most of all loud and fun!

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Two Fingers

by Concert For Aliens

Hi! we are Concert For Aliens, we met completely randomly at a party and now here we are, making music! the track was played in the same sound system as the recording studio where Blink182 and Angels And Airwaves recorded, isn't that cool? for us, who are lovers of Californian pop punk, hell yes!

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Let Me Go

by My Escape

Check out the brand new video for "Let Me Go" from Pop-Punk band My Escape. Blending catchy hooks with up-beat tones that are sure to please fans of such bands as Blink 182, New Found Glory and Simple Plan

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Don't Let Me Die In New Jersey

by Proxy

“Don’t Let Me Die In New Jersey” is about the longing feeling of wanting to grow past where you have been your entire life. I wrote it from the perspective of someone who wants to die somewhere more beautiful and pleasant looking than a place they are no longer bound to. - Ryan Stolinksi

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True Love - Pure Hate


Hey! We are Life Lessons from Oslo, Norway! The fact about this track or album is that we started writing it in January 2020. I hope you guys like it because we think it is a banger!

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Sunday Morning

by Something to Someone

a pop punk band called Something to Someone back with a music video for their new single "Sunday Morning". Sunday Morning tells about the boredom experienced in everyday life with the same activities every day, and trying to get out of the saturation that has passed.

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Everyone I Know Will Die

by Kulick

This was one of the most therapeutic songs I wrote for the new album, hands down. I was trying to see the positive and eventually realized that I have anxiety surrounding death because I love living too much, even with the blind-sided tragedies that may come.

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