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Better Luck Next Time (feat. Trenton Woodley of Hands Like Houses)

by Written By Wolves

Hey Team! We are Written By Wolves, a Cinematic Rock band from Auckland, New Zealand. This is the second single from our upcoming EP, 'The Collab Project'. This track features Trenton Woodley of Hands Like Houses who also mixed the track and stars in the video directed by WBW member, Bahador Borhani

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We are NEGUL NESHAI - a five piece alternative rock outfit from Newcastle, UK. Over the past 18-months, we have constructed our debut project 'Inside Divine Circles' - a six chapter album, short film and story, due to release in three week intervals until December 31st.

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Help Me Through The Night feat. Kellin Quinn

by Written By Wolves

We are Written By Wolves from Auckland, New Zealand. This track is the first of an EP of collaborative re imaginings of songs from our debut album, 'Secrets'. It is about talking about the struggles that we are going through and trying to break down the stigma attached to mental health issues.

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by Jack J. Alexander

I'm a emo rap artist based in Galway, Ireland and i'm delighted to announce ‘Subconsciously’ my first single to be released on 20/10/21 . ‘Subconsciously’ is a sub-4 minute alt-rock meets hip hop anthem with influences from emo, pop-punk, and metal. It's about having to be distant in order to grow.

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Amen To The Storytellers

by Minus Alive

We're Minus Alive, and create anthemic yet honest music that will bring people together. This is Amen To The Storytellers, a song about solidarity within the creative world. This song features a lot of our fellow artists standing alongside us, to let you know that the creative industries are viable!

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The Compass

by FooN

Hello everyone! We are FooN and today the compass points north at our home of Copenhagen Denmark. Our new single titled "The Compass" is the most hardhitting song to date. If you feel like headbanging and playing airdrums this is for you. Find us on SoMe and ay hi - and then later on tour!

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Half to Life

by Wine & Warpaint

We're Brandon, Colleen, Hunter, Taylor, and Hannah, and we're called Wine & Warpaint, 2000s-inspired alternative pop-rock. Our new single "Half to Life" is about the difficulty in recovering from setbacks, something I think many of us experienced in the past year. Cheers!

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by Pale

Hey, we're a post-hardcore band called Pale. Our debut single "Absence" was written with the intent to capture as much emotion as we could through the ethereal ambience in the instrumental all the way through to the delivery of the lyrics and imagery. We hope you like it.

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Nothing Left To Save

by Neptune Rain

Hey we are Neptune Rain. 'Nothing Left to Save' is from our debut EP 'Chaos & Light' and is about the pain and confusion left behind when a relationship unexpectedly ends. Our name comes from the theory that on Neptune it can rain diamonds; suggesting that hope can be found in the darkest of places.

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by Esprit D'Air

This is a song I produced during lockdown whilst playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake. We worked with the director of Bury Tomorrow's "Cannibal" to create the incredible sci-fi video, inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Ghost in the Shell.

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Burning Heart


SIRIN is a Melodic Metalcore band from Southern Finland. Our music consists of empowering bright guitar leads and positive lyrical content mixed with heavy breakdowns.

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by Worth The Wait

Hey guys! We're an alternative metalcore band based out of Ohio. We'd love for you guys to check out our newest single "BLACKWATER"!

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Hey Friends! We’re VYNYL - an alt pop/synth rock band from Denver, Colorado! This is our latest single “heart//break” - a redemptive, cathartic release of emotion that touches on themes universal to the human experience such as pain, frustration, and love, as well as regaining one’s confidence.

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by Blackout Problems

Hi! We're Blackout Problems and we're excited to share our new single DARK with you! It's a pensive rock track laced in electronics, examining the self-destructive nature of humankind on itself and the world we all live on. Let us know what you think!

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Low Class Warrior

by Black Vizard

Hello, my name is Black Vizard, and this is a track from my debut EP, a mixture of contemporary hip hop and metal, this track is big and groovy, and i hope you guys enjoy.

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Do It Again

by Glass Waves

We are GLASS WAVES and we have just dropped a firecracker of a single entitled Do It Again. Check out this visualiser to coincide with this stunning track. We take from the likes of Don Broco and Queens of The Stone Age, through to Bring Me The Horizon.

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Ante Metus

by Chaidura

Hey guys. This is Chaidura, an upcoming rock & metal artist from Singapore. My music can be described as a blend of Goth Rock and Alternative metal and lyrically I try to provide insightful revelations that hopefully gives people strength especially in these trying times :)

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by Saving Vice

We're Saving Vice, an independent metalcore band based out of New England. We just released our Binary EP and would love for you to check it out!

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Out of Control


We are FOXHAUNT, based in York and have been creating our own brand of British Alt-Rock since 2018. Our latest release, ‘Out of Control’, stems from those moments of ups and downs that get on top of you as a person and how they can lead into self destruction.

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