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Until Somebody Drowns

by 3 Chords And A Lie

3 Chord & A Lie play swampy grungy homemade DIY punk with swampy grungy homemade DIY guitars.

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God Is A Woman


“It’s unusual for us to record a cover but it came from our live shows. None of us are guitar snobs, we appreciate pop music too, and Ariana is a really great writer. Also half of us have a crush on her so we hope she won’t hate our version.”

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Viper Woman

by Bitchin’ Hour

5 woman with an attitude problem. You have been warned. Bitchin’ Hour’s new single Viper Woman is about the struggles of mental health and overcoming the trails and tribulations to become the bad bitch you where always meant to be.

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Comfort Me

by Witch Of The East

We are Witch Of The East from Leeds/Nottingham. Comfort me was written during an unjust spell in Viennese jail recorded and released appropriately in the wake of a pandemic exploring the themes of isolation, incarceration, loneliness and the real human need for companionship, love and touch. Enjoy x

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by The Nightmares

Hey, We're The Nightmares and we like to mix disco and fuzzy riffs to make a horrific cacophony of melody and noise! We've been together for 3 years and have spent that time building on the idea that we can mash anything together and call it a Nightmare!

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Desk Chair

by Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

We're Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers from Canberra, Australia. Our new single 'Desk Chair' is a tribute to teenage feelings, and the problems that seem life changing but turn out to be insignificant. It’s about self-sabotage and wanting what you don’t have.

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River Phoenix

by Medusa

This is the 3rd track from the new album In Bed with Medusa. Recorded by Steve Albini.

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by Fret!

Hello, We are Fret! - Rob Woodcock (drums / vocals), Cath Tyler (bass / vocals) and Steve Strode (guitar). 3 'heart of darkness' fuzz monsters riding a tidal wave up the Tyne to soundtrack a Mexican bar brawl. This track is taken from our 2nd album, 'A Vanity Spawned By Fear'. Play loud & enjoy!

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Hey guys! We are HIGH/LOW. We Love Fuzz, Grunge, and lofi music. 'SLEEPWALKER' is the third in a series of 7” singles from our forthcoming 16 track album ‘Down the Wave’. "Confirming their love of fuzzed-up guitars & driving riffs, Sleepwalker is the soundtrack to a sunny road trip down the Coast"

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Basic Bitches

We're Krystal and Naomi from Brooklyn (although we're really from all over the place). We're fast, fun, loud, and maybe a little silly. Sometimes we're mean, sometimes we're serious, and sometimes we just want to sing songs about cats. Relatable content is our calling.

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Hi we are Saboteurs from Lincolnshire UK. we are a misfit bunch of middle aged people who still have some great songs left to share. We mix a number of styles together and have a passion for lyrical content. We are partial to a good riff, wear our hearts on our sleeves and still have a tale to tell.

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Sister Ghost

Sister Ghost is the project of Shannon O'Neill, but live is a 4 piece band. We've supported Shellac, Pussy Riot and LeButcherettes, been played on BBC 6 Music and was the Next Wave artist on BBC Radio 1 Indie Show last month. We have a reputation for high energy performances - all killer, no filler!

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Damn Cargo

Hi, we're Damn Cargo, from various bits of Derbyshire. Our debut EP Machine Cut is out on May 3, we recorded it with Lewis Johns (Rolo Tomassi, Muncie Girls, Palm Reader) and we're super-proud of it. Our influences are a mix of post-hardcore, grunge and pop... oh, and some dark indie too. Enjoy!

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"angst-ridden grunge of Nirvana, while flecks of Pavement ensure a distinctly nostalgic flavour to these young guitar heroes” NME. DESTROYER comes as the first massive new single from the band. With its matured and modern take on 90s grunge, DESTROYER propels HEYROCCO back onto the scene

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Saint Evil Street

Hi guys, we're Saint Evil Street, a French alternative rock band offering an aggressive and melodic music, skilfully dosed. Strongly influenced by the legends of stoner and grunge, we've just revealed our debut EP, entitled “Cursed”, available now everywhere! We hope you'll like it! :)

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The Downsides

We’re a punk band from the deserts just north of Los Angeles. We released our debut EP September 2018 and recently put out our music video. Influenced by bands like The Gaslight Anthem, Against Me! & Alkaline Trio.

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Last Night Issue

Hi guys, we’re a band from Belgium and we just released a new song (with a clip) ! We are a duo drums/guitar

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Hello! WATERFOOLS are releasing the final track of their second EP, Breathe - the band are a self released group, with a DIY Grunge sound, led by noisy guitar riffs and pulsating drums!

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Vice and Virtue

We're Vice and Virtue and we make high energy, annoyingly catchy, punk rock songs. Our debut single, The Hangover Party is a tale of highs and lows, embracing both the best and worst of times. No middles!

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Hey guys, we've been playing around Bath/Bristol for the last 3 years after we released our debut EP. This is our brand new single 'Tired', a song about looking out for your friends. Hope you can relate and enjoy the music!

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