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Plauge or Pain

by Lex Maria

Hey Punktastic! new song out and last on our new EP. Its weird and cool and we hope you like it. Play loud!

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by Dolly Dagger

“Nightmare” is about not giving up on your dreams, or at least trying really hard to not allow that for yourself. Sometimes it feels like the world is against you, sometimes life is cruel for no reason and you have to either adjust to the changes or roll with the punches.

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by The Animal State

Hello. I'm The Animal State and this is the 2nd single from my new album. It tells a story from my past. If you like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins or Placebo... you will probably like this song.

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Year Zero

by Komodo Fox

Hey folks, pleased to be here! We're pleased to introduce you to Year Zero, the opening track of our self-produced debut EP which goes by the same name. A song about abusive relationships, it draws thematic inspiration from the bloody Khmer Rouge regime which devastated Cambodia between '75 - '79.

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Off Track (Single Edit)

by Jovi Skyler

Howdy! Punk, alternative rock with an early '90s spirit and a hint of psychedelia. "Off Track" is about procrastination and the inevitable guilt that piles up by not following through with what you want to do. Every now and then it will make you crack up.

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by Komodo Fox

Hi folks, we are Komodo Fox, a two-headed rock trio based in Berlin, and this is the second single from our debut EP. Pride is a song about dealing with the past and coming to terms with our experiences, good and bad. We hope you give it a spin and like it! Cheers, KF

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Give Up The Hoax


We are a band based in Newport, Wales. Formed in early 2018. We started writing songs together before self-releasing our debut EP in 2019 (this sold out in tape format). Since then, we have released a string of singles and have completed two UK tours (w/ Holding Absence & Tiger Army).

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by King Venus

King Venus is a solo project, originally rooted in hermetic magick. 'Inhumite' is the first scene from 'Correspondences', a concept oratorio. Thank you —Fr. M∴M∴ (Mute)

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Comfort Me

by Witch Of The East

We are Witch Of The East from Leeds/Nottingham. Comfort me was written during an unjust spell in Viennese jail recorded and released appropriately in the wake of a pandemic exploring the themes of isolation, incarceration, loneliness and the real human need for companionship, love and touch. Enjoy x

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Easy To Forget

by Frank's White Canvas

“We are part of a society that is accustomed to turning a blind eye toward injustice. They convinced us that one person cannot change the world, but we have decided to try.” That is the feeling that Frank’s White Canvas express in their new single, “Easy to Forget.”

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by Danny Wright

Danny provides a safe place where listeners can let go of all their frustrations and admit they need help. It’s not enough to fix the world's problems, but it's enough to make someone feel a little bit better, if only for the duration of a 3-minute punk song.

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Busy Saving The World

by Dramalove

Hi guys! We are an alternative rock band from Brighton called Dramalove. Thanks!

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Better Things

by Honeycub

Hi we're Honeycub, a neo-Grunge band from Leeds. Better Things is all about questioning where you are in life against where you'd like to be, and trying to move on from negative experiences and people, but constantly being sucked back in.

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Let It All Burn

by Love Ghost

'Let It All Burn' is how I see the world through my 18-year-old eyes. The hypocrisy and unwanted advice that weighed me down during senior year led to this song. My dad being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer made me more determined - "fuck what they say, I make my own way."

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Quotes of the Dead

We're an Upbeat alt rock band firing out of Glasgow. With darkly satirical lyrics, and a conflict of styles from 70's rock'n'roll to 90's grunge! We have a few tracks "Twist or Stick" and "Legs Akimbo" available on our Soundcloud so check us out!

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