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Leave Me Alone

by Death Valley Dreams

Death Valley Dreams' single “Leave Me Alone” featuring Crobot shows off infectious hooks, pounding rock beats, wailing atmospheric guitars, and immersive synths. It spotlights their 80s & 90s influences from Tears For Fears, The Cure, and Depeche Mode while balancing their expertise in modern music.

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by Jonjo Yano

Hey there punktastic, Im sharing my new single 'DEAF N BLIND' and the best way to describe i feel is a retake on post punk/ newwave with a refreshed sound. A dark airy track with a blood pumping chorus which wants to make you march along. 'DEAF N BLIND' is to be featured as part of my upcoming EP

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The End of Particular Things

by The Medicine Cabinet

Hey guys! We're the medicine cabinet and we've just released our debut single "The end of particular things" on all platforms, its a bit gothic mixed with some pop punk crashes and splashes, we hope you like it!!!

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Faking Paintings

by Looney Gloomers

If you dig good old Madchester-vibes and noisy psych-pop a la The Flaming Lips, you should definitely check out 'Faking Paintings'!! It's a song about battling insomnia and takes on a tabu of self-loathing in the 21st century... ENJOY!

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Dysphoria! At the Psych Ward

by girlcrush

This is girlcrush! Bringing you queer punk-pop-power on our new single, Dysphoria! At the Psych Ward. It's about trans ppl struggling with mental illness and how the psychiatric hospitals (need) to be better at helping trans ppl without questioning their gender. It's from our new album out June 2nd

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High Girl

by Loner

Loner is a melodic punk band based out of Montclair, NJ. "High Girl" is a song about a girl that's really about my own struggles with drugs and alcohol. All proceeds go to CarePlusNJ, a non-profit that helps people in NJ recover from addiction and mental health issues.

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Clap Song

by Cephos Powders

Hey folks, we're Cephos Powders and this is our first single! It was inspired by Steve Reich's Clapping Music and it's a bit of a banger.

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by Entwives

We love songs with emotion. This song was recorded in my bedroom with acoustic guitars but then distorted. The song is dark and tense and the vocals full of some kind of twisted, obscure angst. But that changes at the end.

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Seventeen Seconds

by Mark Hex

Seventeen Seconds: pouring my blackened heart out over a skeletal and vitriolic cover of The Cure classic.

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The Witches

by Vampire Money

Hey! We're Vampire Money, where Halloween spends the rest of the year! This is "The Witches", the lead single from our new EP "Outcast Club"! If you like your emo spooky, then turn this up!

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Give Up The Hoax


We are a band based in Newport, Wales. Formed in early 2018. We started writing songs together before self-releasing our debut EP in 2019 (this sold out in tape format). Since then, we have released a string of singles and have completed two UK tours (w/ Holding Absence & Tiger Army).

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by King Venus

King Venus is a solo project, originally rooted in hermetic magick. 'Inhumite' is the first scene from 'Correspondences', a concept oratorio. Thank you —Fr. M∴M∴ (Mute)

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Hiding Your Face In The Wall

by Theyrgy

Theyrgy’s music aims to radiate light from within the dark spaces resonating inside and outside the listener. Our music is our contribution to the re-enchantment of the world.

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Do It Right

by Jeremy Drury

What's going on?!? I'm Jeremy Drury, "Do It Right" is a track off my first solo record, (I also play drum with a band called The Strumbellas), and moves away from the folkier side of things and represents some of my heavier influences.

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Young Lost Rebel

by Jon Crabb

Hey guys! My name is Jon Crabb, I am a rockabilly/punk musician and I have just released this single of "Young Lost Rebel" only earlier this week! It's about the frustration and confusion a young person feels when joining a rebellious gang or organisation, and questions their purpose. Enjoy!

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by Rain To Rust

This is the first single off our album 'Stillborn Flowers'. It is an uptempo Darkwave tune with lyrics influenced by Emil Cioran's 'A Short History Of Decay' - melancholic and straightforward at the same time.

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Hold Still

by Ötzi

Ötzi pierces the heart with their dark and passionate style of post-punk. “Hold Still” is the second track from the upcoming album, ‘Storm.’ It's a love song, a song about the kind of supportive love that keeps us grounded in turbulent times, just like we’re in now.

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by Jools

Jools take shape in the formation of a sextet and proudly demonstrate their stance on socialism, public figures and the importance of well-being. Spineless illustrates the tale of Jools singer, Mitchell Gordon and his relationship with an oppressive hierarchy in his first place of employment.

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Tell The Vein

by Lexytron

Hey Punktastic! My debut album ‘Something Blue’ is out on 20 March 2020 and is an alternative girl's guide to love, loss and lust. ‘Tell The Vein’ depicts an emotional journey on London's DLR during a melodic slice of power pop.

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by Palissade

Palissade announces the release of their self-titled debut LP to be launched on February 28, 2020. The band unveils the music video for M’éloigner, with a further two songs scheduled for pre-release to the upcoming album.

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