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by Mass Distraction

Hello punktastic people! We are Mass Distraction, a small trio of weirdos from southern Spain. We started out because there simply wasn't that kind of music around here, and nothing tastes better than what you cook yourself! Next thing we know, we are releasing this song with a full music video!

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by Gnarlah

Creeper is an insight into how Gnarlah began. Having been in their set since day one, the latest release from the Alt-Rock trio draws inspiration from generation-shaping TV like Black Mirror. Introducing the band's fascination with analysis of control and influence

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Give Me Fire


“‘Give Me Fire’ was our way of capturing that feeling you get in your belly when you look at someone and nothing else matters in the world - it's about those people who make you come alive, who breathe life and energy into you and give you a reason to keep going.”

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Mr. Clean

by BigKarma

“‘Mr. Clean is a song about deceit. Sometimes the people you least expect are the ones taking the most from you, and doing it with a smile. They will tell you what you want to hear, gaslight you and isolate you and move on when you’ve nothing left to give.”

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Color Of Time

by Minai

"Color Of Time" An overwhelming excitement and a peaceful relief; "Color Of Time" is the leading single off our new EP "Love Has A Bitter Taste".

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Hey guys, girls and non-binary pals, We are COLORWAVE from London, UK. COLORWAVE is about honesty, about tough love, about sharing experiences. It is boundless and borderless, havoc and harmony. It’s been a home for the wildly weird, those wonderfully wicked, and every stormy soul in-between.

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Party People

by Black Star Jackals

Hi, we are Black Star Jackals, an alt rock 4 piece from Glasgow looking to bring rock music back to the mainstream. This is our latest track Party People - a melodic dance rock anthem, bent on compelling you to join the party, and dance away your dreams.

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by Radio Silence

Radio Silence release new EP that explores themes of modern living, such as alienation in the face of technology and the pressure imposed by the rapidly growing debt collection industry.

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Dying for a Future

by The Late Aprils

Hi we're The Late Aprils, a 4-piece Alt-Rock band out of Hertford in the UK. This is our follow up to our debut and it's called "Dying for a Future", it’s a pulsating, breathless, rollercoaster of a rock song, just like the past year it encapsulates.

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Savoir Fair

by We Three Kings

Our new single, Savoir Fair, tells the story of a dark & twisted night, with mysterious consequences. A razor sharp reminder of the power of monstrous riffs turned up to 11. If you like massive fuzzed up bluesy guitar riffs (Rival Sons, Royal Blood, The Black Keys etc) then this might be for you!

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Just Another Animal

by Vegasettes

Hey guys! We are Vegasettes, a 5 piece Alt rock riffy band from South East Kent. This song is all about how we shouldn’t be judged on how we look when deep inside, we’re all just animals.

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Nature's Curse

by Mawpit

Hi we're Mawpit, an Alt-rock/Grunge power trio from Cardiff. Our debut track, Nature's Curse, is a heavy-hitting political anthem about the bushfires that devastated Australia. Expect colossal fuzz filled riffs, powerful euphoric vocals and a catchy as hell anthemic chorus! Hope you enjoy!

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Solid Gold


We're WHIMS - an instrumental rock duo that aims to create walls of sound as just two dudes. Our track Solid Gold is a perfect representation of our sound (driving riffs + hypnotic grooves wrapped in modern song structures) from our first album release.

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by Feathers, Wood 'N' String

We all have secrets that we feel others will judge us on. Marionette is a song about breaking free from societal norms. We hope this song will give us all something to reconnect over in these isolating times. So cut your ‘puppet strings’ and rock out with us.

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Broken Windows

by Creature Creature

Originally written as an ode to the struggles of the working man, almost eerie comparisons can also be made between our current single and the state of the world in 2020. Regardless of its somber heart, Broken Windows is an out and out rock banger, complete with epic solo and driving choruses.

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Shiver & Shake

by Toreador

'Shiver & Shake' is another slice of indie rock with a heavy twist perfectly showcasing the band’s soulful harmonies. We describe it being "about the concept of meeting someone who you have an instant connection with. Sometimes you meet a person and instantly click, like a sort of divine chemistry."

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Lose Myself

by Red Light Acid Test

Red Light Acid Test are a new band on the London music scene. Merging the psych rock of 60’s garage, grunge’s spit & fury and the tight angular riffing of post punk they have created a noisy blast of brooding intensity

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The Presidents

by Stone Breaker

Hi There, we are the Stone Breaker. The video is called "the Presidents" and is about our favorite rock club Marginália a Sweaty rock club, loud music and cold beer. It's our homage to our favorite rock club in Portimão in the south of Portugal

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Keep your hands to yourself

by Stone Breaker

Hi There, we are the Stone Breaker, a rock band from Portugal and "Motörbass" is our first single of our upcoming album, released on the 17th of April.

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All Of Us

by Sauce

Hi we're Sauce, a four piece rock band from Manchester who have been grafting away and writing good old fashioned rock and roll songs that bring a bit of a feelgood factor back to guitar music. All of Us is our best example of that.

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