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Death Of The Author

by Sobriquet

Hi, we're a post-hardcore band from Sheffield called Sobriquet. 'Death Of The Author' is our new single, our first release in over two years and a song which firmly stands for self-expression in the face of those who wish to diminish it.

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Chewy Fruit Center

by Chelsey and the Noise

Here's a lil something to chew on for Halloween- you can decide if it's a trick or a treat. We're full of surprises. Release date 10/31/21. Thanks for listening.

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Farming in Detroit

by Cruel Children

Hi we're Cruel Children and this song's about starting a cult on an urban farm! Ever felt sad? Like this world isn't for you? Well consider: for a low low price (courtesy of Urban Blight) you could buy a (slightly run down) house and a plot of land in Detroit, and start you very own little world!

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by The Kanz

We are electro-pop punk trio THE KANZ and our ne single Borderline, is out everywhere now.

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by Cheridomingo

Hi Punktastic fans! We are Cheridomingo a four-piece alt rock band from Simi Valley CA. Our new single and video "Swallow" is all about how we can sometimes express anger and distress in an immature way and how destructive that can ultimately be.

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Message Of A Teenage Martyr

by Quick and Painless

Hello! We're Quick and Painless - a band of preppy losers from the outskirts of Madison, Wisconsin - here to make you think too hard about growing up and your mommy/daddy issues. We've been categorized as Pop-punk, Emo, and at times, Queercore! Stream our music so we can quit society!!!

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The Arsonist

by Havelocke

We're Havelocke, four best friends who bonded over our love of emo music. This is our new track 'The Arsonist' which is the second single from our new EP 'Arsonist'. The track is a throwback to the early-mid 2000s emo/post-hardcore sound and details the collapse of an old friendship.

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The Witches

by Vampire Money

Hey! We're Vampire Money, where Halloween spends the rest of the year! This is "The Witches", the lead single from our new EP "Outcast Club"! If you like your emo spooky, then turn this up!

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Vampire Eyes

by Havelocke

Hey, we're Havelocke from Sheffield. Havelocke are an Emo Hardcore band from Sheffield, UK. We play a haphazard mix of emo, post-hardcore and things horror, with big harmonies and post-apocalyptic themes.

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Long Gone Silver

by Y!KES

Written in the heat of global frustration, 'Long Gone Silver' smacks against the rage with massive guitars, bass hooks, punchy drums & sinister vocals to remind the world that music is alive, kicking & screaming.

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Wish You Stayed

by The Haunt

Our new single is a bittersweet loveletter to touring life. I wrote it about going on tour and leaving a relationship paused. The video features footage from our UK/EU/US treks with Palaye Royale. (Anastasia Grace, vocalist)

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Hard Candy

by Psychoward

Hey guys! We're Psychoward, a teenage punk rock duo from Los Angeles. We just released our debut EP Black Lagoon, Inc. across all major streaming services, and this is the final track from the EP. It's upbeat, punchy, epic, and not your typical pop punk/pop rock track. Enjoy!

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Ante Metus

by Chaidura

Hey guys. This is Chaidura, an upcoming rock & metal artist from Singapore. My music can be described as a blend of Goth Rock and Alternative metal and lyrically I try to provide insightful revelations that hopefully gives people strength especially in these trying times :)

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Love and a Riot

by Jack and Sally

Hey guys, we are Jack and Sally from London and "Love and a Riot" is our first post-lockdown release. “Love and a Riot” is a tale about the struggles faced by a couple in keeping their family together.

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Easy To Forget

by Frank's White Canvas

“We are part of a society that is accustomed to turning a blind eye toward injustice. They convinced us that one person cannot change the world, but we have decided to try.” That is the feeling that Frank’s White Canvas express in their new single, “Easy to Forget.”

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Lost On The Endless Sea

by Affidavit

Hello there, we're Affidavit (Alternative Rock - Paris, France)! This track brings together the most energetic influences of the band, from Hardcore Punk to Pop Punk, with an airy Math Rock outro. A lively mix of The Story So Far, Four Year Strong And And So I Watch You From Afar.

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The Lonely Ones

by Well Being

Hello friends, we would like to introduce you to our debut single, The Lonely Ones. Inspired by the loss of a childhood friend to suicide at 23, we crafted a world for those dealing with their demons to escape to in times of adversity using noughties rock energy and pop sensibilities as a backdrop.

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[Corpse Party]

by L'exqusite Douleur

Yerrrrr, check out our new song [Corpse Party] out now on all platforms. We hope to help on keeping this style of music alive and relevant in 2020.

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by Y!KES

Hello Earthl!ngs, we're the shambolic anti-pop entity 'Y!KES'. We thought we'd share our upcoming single/vid 'Pirouette' with you. We built our spaceship out of tin foil & bits and produced the song ourselves. The track is from our 2nd EP 'Mass!ve' out 28th Aug.

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