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by The Maguas

Hey! I'm Brandon from The Maguas, an emo-leaning, alternative rock band from Scranton, PA. Our debut album, "Settled," is set for an exclusive release via CI Records on Nov. 10th! Check out our latest release "Glum" - an emo anthem that's sure to get stuck in your head! Thanks for listening!

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Built For This


This trio does their best to inject a little sunshine into everyday life's ups and downs. Embracing the spirit of Southern California’s pop, alternative, hardcore, and pop punk traditions, SUNBURNT fuses these influences into a tidy and modern package.

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Jane Doe


JANE DOE is the debut single from Cambridge's Best Boy Band, Bangkitan.

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by Air Drawn Dagger

This is a song about feeling as if fate is against you, laced with fat riffs, frantic synths and hip-hop beats. An anthem for swinging against the hand you've been dealt. This is denying your destiny, this is Stigmata.

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Toxic Heart

by From The Other Side

From The Other Side is a female fronted, 5 piece pop punk band from Melbourne, Australia. Bursting onto the scene with their high energy performance, it’s a tip of the hat to the 00’s pop punk bands before them. With catchy riffs, massive drums and melodies that will get stuck in your head for days.

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by Chris Catalyst

My name's Chris, I've spent the last six years playing with Swedish behemoths Ghost, and now it's time for me to put some of my own stuff out. It's from a new LP I've done 'Mad In England', and it's a trip through my record collection which consists of all the best tunes. I guess I would say that.

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Hollywood Ending

by Sinners In The City

When did day dreams become so tragic?! Check out our new single 'Hollywood Ending' Love Sinners xo

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All For Nothing

by Up From Here

Hey everyone, we're Up From Here. A newly signed pop punk/emo band from Tampa, Florida! "All For Nothing" is the title track on our new album. It captures the raw emotions of love and ambition colliding. And delivers an important message to our listeners: never give up on your dreams no matter what.

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The Static


The Static” is a reflection of the personal struggle to find your place in the world, with all its highs and lows, its beauty and its horror. Is this the world that you and I hoped for?

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“BACK TO LIFE" blends classic 90’s alternative and industrial influences with the soaring choruses of modern rock. Nonbinary queer activist and VATTICA frontperson Alexander Millar sings about confronting mental health struggles, especially OCD, in a way that is authentic and reenergizing.

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by Ocean Dvst

Ocean Dvst is a pop-punk, a female-fronted trio from Greece known for their straightforward attitude and emotional openness of their music. Their mission is to bring their passionate feelings to those who struggle to express them in their own way! Their latest single NME released in December 2022.

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The Color Red

by Fountain Island

We are FOUNTAIN ISLAND and we are set to drop our ultra-magnetic new single and video, Pretty Little Nightmare, which lands on Friday 9th December through all platforms. Before then, please check out our last single, The Color Red.

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Black Sheep (Metric Cover)

by gloomy june

Hey Pickup! My name is Alexi and I sing for California moody pop band gloomy june. Our cover of Black Sheep by Metric is coming to streaming platforms on Oct 6! We feel the track perfectly combines our heavy punk side with our synthy ethereal side.

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Available to Fall

by Solene

Solene, Brazilian Pop Punk band formed in Brazil, releases an album that has 6 tracks, presenting the best in the pop punk & emo genre, bringing back the feeling of nostalgia that the young adult has when remembering the times of MTV .

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Death Of The Author

by Sobriquet

Hi, we're a post-hardcore band from Sheffield called Sobriquet. 'Death Of The Author' is our new single, our first release in over two years and a song which firmly stands for self-expression in the face of those who wish to diminish it.

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Chewy Fruit Center

by Chelsey and the Noise

Here's a lil something to chew on for Halloween- you can decide if it's a trick or a treat. We're full of surprises. Release date 10/31/21. Thanks for listening.

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Farming in Detroit

by Cruel Children

Hi we're Cruel Children and this song's about starting a cult on an urban farm! Ever felt sad? Like this world isn't for you? Well consider: for a low low price (courtesy of Urban Blight) you could buy a (slightly run down) house and a plot of land in Detroit, and start you very own little world!

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by The Kanz

We are electro-pop punk trio THE KANZ and our ne single Borderline, is out everywhere now.

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by Cheridomingo

Hi Punktastic fans! We are Cheridomingo a four-piece alt rock band from Simi Valley CA. Our new single and video "Swallow" is all about how we can sometimes express anger and distress in an immature way and how destructive that can ultimately be.

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