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Too Far Too Reach

by The Fires Below

We are Londoners, THE FIRES BELOW, and we return with our savage sophomore EP, Thorns, out everywhere on Friday 7th June. Check out our new single and video, Too Far To Reach - .

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by Squidge

Hey gang! We are Squidge, Big Sad Loud Dumb Punks from Bristol UK. Truck is the second single from our upcoming EP "Tough Luck" (releasing April 26th). It's an abrasive sucker punch of frustration from feeling the need to rise out of a slump imposed by adult life.

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Scoundrel Church

by The Lyricals

We are The Lyricals a dual-fronted rock band made up of Josh Bovington and Dino Mensano. Sharing a strong passion for music, we wasted no time learning how to produce our own music in Josh’s bedroom armed only with one guitar, one keyboard, and an iPad.

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by Volka

We're Volka and our new track 'Run' is about self-doubt and feelings of exasperation with a bouncy pop-punk energy for a slightly different vibe to some of our material which tends to be dark and stomping. From Scotland and formed in 2015 we're all about high-energy live shows and catchy riffs.

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by Sleep in Motion

We are heavy alt-rockers, SLEEP IN MOTION, and we release our debut album, Existential, on Friday 10th November. For now, please check out our brand new single and video, Terminal - .

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by Chris Catalyst

My name's Chris, I've spent the last six years playing with Swedish behemoths Ghost, and now it's time for me to put some of my own stuff out. It's from a new LP I've done 'Mad In England', and it's a trip through my record collection which consists of all the best tunes. I guess I would say that.

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Washed Up

by nicayba

US based nicayba brings the low-tuned drive with debut single "Washed Up". Listeners who appreciate high energy, fast-paced alternative rock with few chances to catch their breath will feel right at home. The song released 8/3 on all platforms and is part of a singles set due out early fall '23.

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Dead Air

by Cola Bay

Hi, We're Cola Bay, an alt-rock band from Manchester. Dead Air is our latest release, a single taken from an upcoming EP. We're really excited this track, it's huge chorus and range in dynamics make it a fun one to play live and we hope it's received as well on recording as it is at our gigs!

For fans of a Fraction: I. Restless

by Elsewhere

Hi everyone, we are Elsewhere and we're a Prog leaning Punk Rock band out with 'Restless' lead single off our concept album 'Life...Is A Fraction'. This is a song about feeling aimless and explores feelings of dissatisfaction, delving into the relationship between time and age.

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"The Dream"

by Lucid Dream

San Diego’s favorite anxiety ridden rock band, Lucid Dream dropped “The Dream”, the lead single of their highly anticipated debut LP, I Think It’s Fine? out on June 30th. “The Dream” captures an existential crisis in double time and is a non skippable headbanger.

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by The Fires Below

We are UK heavy rock quartet, THE FIRES BELOW, and our new EP, Masquerade, is out Friday 1st September. We have also just released the single and video of the EP’s namesake out now. Please watch the video, here - .

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Toys in the Attic

by Hare

Hello world! We are Whatever, a punk-rock band that have released his first album. We hope you love it!

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Running Back 2 U

by Ten Eighty Trees

'Maybe I Like The Misery' is a five track exploration into the pressures and stress of modern living with a pitch of existential dread thrown in for good measure. 'Running Back 2 U' is the driving first of the EP!

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What You're Made Of

by WhiteRoomNightmare

Hi guys, this is my new single What You're Made Of which is an up-tempo pep talk for any of you agonising over whether or not to follow your dreams, particularly in the realms of making music. Ignore the haters and naysayers and do something you love. Never hide your light.

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Be My Queen

by Kovanta

formed in late 2019, eldest was 16 years old- youngest was 12 years old. 5 piece teenage band, recording their first EP. Heavily influenced by 80's/90's rock, we're literally a Covid formed band, we're still working hard creating new material

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All Mine

by Blue Stragglers

We are BLUE STRAGGLERS, and we unleash our new single and video, Reactor, on Friday 24th February, via Hassle Records. For now, please check out last single, All Mine.

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by Kittenhead

Hi from Kittenhead, a truly Californian band. Kittenhead plays prog-punk with a glam edge. Don't worry, Kittenhead will purr you to sway with our sly hooks and catchy lyrics.

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When It Began

by Pullstring

My name is Toke and I am a part of an alternative rock band called Pullstring. We recently dropped our album "All I Know Is What I've Seen" and its single "When It Began" is an optimistic rocker for those looking forward to better days.

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Keep It Going, Going, Going, Go!

by Rainbow Skull Party

Australian independent rock band Rainbow Skull Party is ecstatic to announce the release of our debut single, “Keep It Going, Going, Going, Go!”. Combining punk-rock energy with psychedelic sensibility, it blends pumping rhythms, charged vocals, and dreamy guitar mayhem.

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The Arsonist

by Cola Bay

Cola Bay are an alternative rock 5 piece based in Manchester, UK. Formed from the ashes of several well regarded previous bands, Cola Bay have burst on to the scene fully formed and with a substantial catalogue of catchy, grungy music and an energetic live show.

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