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by Evergreener

Hey, we're Evergreener and we're excited to share our new single "Incandescent" with you! Incandescent is a song of self-discovery, exploring the notion that old habits have to change in order to flourish again.

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slowly, long

by Virgins

Hey, were about to release our new gaze-pop single, 's l o w l y, l o n g', The single finds us embracing pop-centric melodic influences as much as the multitude of fuzz and reverb pedals that adorn our pedalboards. Lyrically the track speaks of unchecked desire being set free.

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Falcon Punch

by Open Palms

We're Open Palms from SE London, playing slightly rough-around-the-edges emo/pop-punk since the summer of 2021. We've just put out our second EP, 'i hope you find your tree', through iniit records. It's four short, (hopefully) sharp songs about how shit it is to be around in the UK at the moment.

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Need to Feel

by lemon mouth

Our debut single “Need to Feel" is a powerful and intense track that starts with a strong, aggressive guitar riff, coupled with technical drums that set the tone for the entire track. The combination of the nu-grunge sound, a punchy beatdown, and raw, emotional vocals will be sure to get you moving.

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by Pale Lungs

Hi - this is the band Pale Lungs from Nashville, TN. Check out our song Hum - it's one of the singles leading up to our self-titled full length record that drops 1/13/2023. We self-produced this record from a remote cabin in the hills of Tennessee and are very proud of how it turned out.

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Lung Capacity

by Hot Mass

Our new single 'Lung Capacity' is out now. Check out the video for it here. It's a homage to the greatest video/80's banger 'The King of Rock n Roll' by Prefab Sprout. The song features on our upcoming record 'Happy, Smiling and Living the Dream' which is released 14th October.

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Hi, we are a band called HEAVE. We just dropped our debut single 'Saddo'.

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in my coffin

by allcaps.

allcaps., is an upcoming pop-punk band from the Netherlands. Our first EP, named ‘my fantasy // my enemy’ releases Wednesday the 20th of april. Presskit:

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Pain Ball

by Hippie Trim

Hey everyone we are Hippie Trim from the Germany and just released our new single "Pain Ball". Even though the past months have been tough for everyone, "Pain Ball" shows that true friendship will always prevail.

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Hard to Believe

by Memorial State

Formed in 2019, Memorial State is a trio that carries diverse influences from punk to alternative rock. The New EP "Bloomed" is coming out soon and the band will tour in the UK this December. If you're interested we would like to premiere the single "Hard to Believe" from the new EP with you.

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Worn Out

by Ruined

hey hey, we're Ruined from Switzerland and 'worn out' is the first single of our upcoming debut-album 'everything is'. The lyrics are sad and emo, but the music video is funny so I guess it's cool.

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by Honeyspider

Honeyspider's new single, “Marbles”. The foursome breath new life into their pseudo-shoegaze sound with strokes of post rock, hinting towards metal influences. Marbles skirts the boundaries between the emo sound of previous single, “World’s Smallest Violin” and a darker, more expansive sound.

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The Opening

by Sprues & Runners

Hey Guys! We are Sprues and Runners from Providence RI. Please check out out new track 'The Opening' off of our album Trips to the Caribbean. “The Opening” is a good example of the jangly but acerbic guitar sound throughout the record and it has super-powerful guitar harmonies at the bridge.

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Hey Guys, we're a post punk band from North Wales. We're readying to release our 2nd EP, feauring this song 'Malkovich' and 'Dreams' that follows. Our last EP was BBC Radio Wales Top sounds of 2016 by Adam Walton, a Louder Than War article described us as a band that 'Will bring down governments'.

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by Revive

Hey there, we're emo/punk band Revive from Poland. We've recently dropped a new EP and we'd love you to give it a go if you like emotional, melodic punk with some 90s alternative rock vibe!

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Path of Destruction

by Chlorine

Hey, we're Chlorine a five piece alternative rock band from Birmingham UK. This is our debut single from our upcoming album. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we are going to be releasing more stuff in the upcoming months.

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by Colourful

We're a new Glasgow based band with influences in emo, alternative and hardcore artists. We currently have 2 singles out - 'Your Best Possible Life' and our latest single 'Healthy/Happy' which are both going to be on our debut album 'Until Life Gives Us Colour' out next month.

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Hey We are Feeze, a Pandeglang (Indonesia) -based Noise / Indie Rock group consist of Azi, Naufal, Alifian, Ikbal & Refan. Our performance and records are identical with layers of distorted & fuzzy guitar riffs, noisy feedback, unique sounds and effects, and streams of soft yet melodious vocal.

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Damn Cargo

Hi, we're Damn Cargo, from various bits of Derbyshire. Our debut EP Machine Cut is out on May 3, we recorded it with Lewis Johns (Rolo Tomassi, Muncie Girls, Palm Reader) and we're super-proud of it. Our influences are a mix of post-hardcore, grunge and pop... oh, and some dark indie too. Enjoy!

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