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Yo, we are PLEO and this is another visualaudio piece that blurs the lines of music. It is inspired by Plato's "allegory of the cave" and deals with the perception of reality.

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Imposter Syndrome

by Solcura

Imposter Syndrome is a seething storm of biting lyrics, thundering rhythms and furious guitars that has been harnessed into a 4-minute barn burner of a tune. Solcura are an exhilarating alternative rock band that bring a genre-melding and diverse soundscape to the fore.

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Hey guys, we are MUDSHARK, a rock/metal band from London, UK, currently releasing our debut EP “ZLV”. This is our favourite track of the EP and probably the most straightforward “metal” track on the EP. Beautiful vocals and lyrics, with a definite chorus that’ll get stuck in your head.

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Katoomba (Live @ Anarchy)

by Giant Walker

Hey, we're Giant Walker and this is a single from our upcoming Live album which is due to be released on the 7th June! We wanted to celebrate our debut album, 'All In Good Time', and so we decided that a live recording of the album in the format of one of our live shows would be super cool :-)

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Keep It Going, Going, Going, Go!

by Rainbow Skull Party

Australian independent rock band Rainbow Skull Party is ecstatic to announce the release of our debut single, “Keep It Going, Going, Going, Go!”. Combining punk-rock energy with psychedelic sensibility, it blends pumping rhythms, charged vocals, and dreamy guitar mayhem.

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by Hedra

We are Brit progressive metal unit HEDRA and we have unleashed a new single and video, Jackdaw, out now - . The track is lifted from our anticipatedd new EP, The Pecking Order, which drops via Devils Clause Records, on Friday 11th November.

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For My Sins

by Famyne

Hailing from the heart of the garden of England, Canterbury Doom outfit Famyne have, ever since conception in 2014, been steadily building a name for themselves, and a sound all of their own. 'Famyne II: The Ground Below' will be released on Friday May 13th, via Svart Records.

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by Ragdoll Sunday

Following on from the success of 'POST RONA PERFECT', 'RAZORS' is the 2nd single/video coming out on 26th November from RAGDOLL SUNDAY's forthcoming LP 'AND NOW WE GRIEVE', itself released on 10th December. 'Razors' alludes to the barrage of forces that vie & seek to influence us to their benefit.

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Shake On The Floor

by Lucifers Beard

Over the last few years I have built my own recording studio, and this is the first product of that. I worked closely with Ed Ripley (NOFX/Frank Turner/Spice Girls) he also mastered 'SOTF’. This song is free from restrictions and having the freedom to express myself from my own studio.

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by Giant Walker

Hey, we're Giant Walker - a Heavy Progressive Rock band from Newcastle, UK. ‘Optophobia’ is a fear of opening your eyes and the lyrics of the song are inspired, both by this, but also by the truth that our vision is merely our brain’s best guess of the world around us. We hope you dig it!!

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by Giant Walker

Hey, we're Giant Walker and this is our brand new single, 'Katoomba' and our final single before our debut album release in May! The song opens with a menacing guitar riff that undulates with an intricate, yet powerful drum groove. FFO Karnivool, Deftones, Soundgarden, Tool.

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by The Blood Republic

Hey guys, i'm Zak from The Blood Republic and i'm all about making music that I love and I hope you love it too!

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Left To Wreck

by Giant Walker

Following on from their ethereal and melancholy last single, Giant Walker’s upcoming release, ‘Left To Wreck’ showcases a more progressive sound - twisting and turning through a multitude of grooves and bouncy riffs, which keep you instinctively moving throughout.

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Party People

by Black Star Jackals

Hi, we are Black Star Jackals, an alt rock 4 piece from Glasgow looking to bring rock music back to the mainstream. This is our latest track Party People - a melodic dance rock anthem, bent on compelling you to join the party, and dance away your dreams.

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The Power

by James Kennedy

Hey Punks, this is James Kennedy and this is my new song 'The Power' from my new album 'MAKE ANGER GREAT AGAIN' coming September 25th. It's a friendly little ode to Trump, Boris & whichever evil douche is screwing your country up! Play it loud, play it proud, get active & Make Anger Great Again!

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by Same Gods

Post-hardcore band Same Gods album 'Worried Eyes' was released in July. It's a fantastic combination of nostalgic 90's throwback, mixed with fresh energy.

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The Presidents

by Stone Breaker

Hi There, we are the Stone Breaker. The video is called "the Presidents" and is about our favorite rock club Marginália a Sweaty rock club, loud music and cold beer. It's our homage to our favorite rock club in Portimão in the south of Portugal

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White Wolf

by The Mighty N

Hey Guys, We are The Mighty N and this is our new single White Wolf from our latest release ENTROPIA. White Wolf has a hypnotic dark groove thats heavy as hell. We hope you enloy it.

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Comprised of Joey Rogers (vox/guitar), Martin Söderin (drums), Joe Bennison (bass) and Louis Greenway (guitar), Drool employ a palette of pummelling drum beats and discordant guitars to create a sound with the sky-scraping prowess of the 90’s grunge era and the wily spirit of 60s garage-pop records.

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One In The Chamber

One In The Chamber is a dirty rock & roll band straight from the heart of Toronto!

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