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by InRetrospect

Ripping straight into the core of their new sonic wave, 'WHO CARES?!' is a direct and relentlessly energetic demonstration of the electric new skin InRetrospect are flaunting.

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Hey guys, we are MUDSHARK, a rock/metal band from London, UK, currently releasing our debut EP “ZLV”. This is our favourite track of the EP and probably the most straightforward “metal” track on the EP. Beautiful vocals and lyrics, with a definite chorus that’ll get stuck in your head.

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by We're Wolves

Active rockers We’re Wolves level up with the release of their new single “Titanium.” The track, built for rock radio and metalheads alike, showcases the band’s soaring choruses, pounding verses, and top-tier songwriting capabilities.

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Hi! I’m ANTI. I just released this new single “Depression/Suffering/Suffocation” from my upcoming album “Second Death”, produced by OTSUWA. In "Second Death", my demons will blossom and shine from a clearer perspective. But for now, enjoy “DSS” video, as it portraits exactly how anxiety feels like.

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Go Outside

by Sugar Spine

Angry, hard-hitting and unflinching. These are only a few words to describe the freshly established Sugar Spine, a super-charged metal project from Sydney, Australia. 'Go Outside', the debut single, is unrelenting and fierce in its delivery of modern communication.

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Grave robber

by Slow Death

Slow Death is Slow death. Grave robber is about digging up the past. Feelings of righteousness, regret, guilt and seeing things in a new light.

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by Sobriquet

Hey everyone, we're Sobriquet. A post-hardcore band from Sheffield, we love to make abrasive noise, big riffs and big hooks. This track is based on our singer's time spent in Okinawa, Japan, with the shadow of the American Military always present.

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Lilith And The Knight

LILITH AND THE KNIGHT showcase a technical trio who possess the ability to scorch any horizon in front of them. This enterprising quartet have a singled minded purpose: to push guitar music into the next generation of its evolution. The band release 'War Cry' on Friday 30th November

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Of Legions

Coming at you from a diverse background of punk, metal, rock and hardcore, Brit hardcorers, OF LEGIONS, are a towering, raw, and formidable group. The band release their enthralling new single, Vision Of Misery, featuring Loatheā€™s Kadeem France, on Friday 9th November.

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VNDTA unleash an appealing blend of stout riffs, gut wrenching vocals, and unbridled passion. By taking in a glut of influences from Thy Art is Murder, through to No Doubt, VNDTA have crafted a sound that is both unique and potent. The band released their explosive new EP, Pale Glow In April.

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Kill Pat Kill

I write on behalf of Kill Pat Kill. Everyone involved with this release wanted it to be a weird and catchy blend of various metal subgenres. The lyrics were made to sound dumb and fun on the surface but deepen the more you listen. We hope you enjoy!

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