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Crash The Gates

by LaVein

We are a metallic hardcore quintet from Dublin and have recently released our debut EP "Fine Failure". Our influences include early 2000s hardcore such as Converge, Dillinger escape plan and Every Time I Die, as well as Current bands like Knocked Loose and Malevolence.

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Hi! I’m ANTI. I just released this new single “Depression/Suffering/Suffocation” from my upcoming album “Second Death”, produced by OTSUWA. In "Second Death", my demons will blossom and shine from a clearer perspective. But for now, enjoy “DSS” video, as it portraits exactly how anxiety feels like.

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by Kin Corruption

Hello everyone! We are Kin Corruption from Athens, Greece. He have just released our latest single, "Brothers", which is a message of unity and solidarity we want to convey to every single person in this scene, especially in the weird times we live in.

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By Any Means

by Scarfold

Scarfold is solid anger in its purest form! Here's By Any Means!

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