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by Jigokü

Let me inform you about the new song by JIGOKÜ.

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Hi! I’m ANTI. I just released this new single “Depression/Suffering/Suffocation” from my upcoming album “Second Death”, produced by OTSUWA. In "Second Death", my demons will blossom and shine from a clearer perspective. But for now, enjoy “DSS” video, as it portraits exactly how anxiety feels like.

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by Tayne

The concept originated as a satire on contemporary pop music. With heavier music seeping into the mainstream our goal was to try test the limits of “Pop music” ideologies. Harsh industrial soundscapes, juxtaposed with overproduced vocals, sounds, verse chorus verse "pop" structures created our ethos

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Crucify Their Martyr

Crucify Their Martyr are a satirical powerviolence band, creating the heaviest music possible but with contrastingly mundane lyrical themes and vocal samples

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God Complex

Breeding Filth was created before the current incarnation of God Complex came to be. The subject matter was largely influenced by a news article on the Assad regime’s chemical weapons attack on a Syrian town called Khan Shaykhun in early 2017. Initially, focused on war atrocities, the track grew

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Gravel Pit

Yo yo yo! We are Gravel Pit from Wiltshire! The coolest band from the most uncool county in England! We like big dirty riffs and bouncy groovin' riddims!

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