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“Irukandji” is the first single of the upcoming EP “INTI” that is gonna be released on 8.12.2023. The song is about the jellyfish Carukia Barnesi, the syndrome that occurs with burns by the smallest CB jellyfish in the world. The song contains very heavy parts like blast beats and very low growls.

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Crash The Gates

by LaVein

We are a metallic hardcore quintet from Dublin and have recently released our debut EP "Fine Failure". Our influences include early 2000s hardcore such as Converge, Dillinger escape plan and Every Time I Die, as well as Current bands like Knocked Loose and Malevolence.

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by Jigokü

Let me inform you about the new song by JIGOKÜ.

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by CellarDoor

The sound could best be described as a mix of nu-metal riffs, earth shattering breakdowns and catchy hooks. If you're a fan of some heavy metalcore with a dark twist, this one is definitely for you.

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Keep Your Distance (ft. Bryan, Knocked Loose)

by Malevolence

Keep Your Distance was written about positive aggression; having the strength to remove and liberate yourself from any negative influence that you see fit - a sentiment that we believe everyone can relate to. - MALEVOLENCE

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by Trailer Trash Terror

Hello, world. We are Trailer Trash Terror, a hardcore band from a country of 1000 lakes, Finland. We would like to introduce you our catchy and groovy track Unbreakable. We hope you love it and find us later on our social medias to listen more! Cheers

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Grim Addiction

We're a 4 piece hardcore band from the West Side of Puerto Rico. Grim Addiction has been around the (PRHC) scene since 2015. Playing in various local shows, killing venues with our music and sharing stage with other very talented musicians / bands of the island. Our Riffs are pretty insane.

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