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by The Escapes

The Escapes are a garage punk band from Sydney, Australia. They are Rodney Todd (bass and vocals), Kristian “Rissole” Woodcroft (guitar and vocals) Alan Hislop (drums and vocals). Defective World Recorded at The Pet Food Factory Studio in Marrickville March 2021. Produced by Jay Whalley

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Arthaus Rock

by The Uptights

«Arthaus Rock» is the first song we've released since our debut cassette, «At the Wörthersee Hotel», from 2011. It comes with a B-side called «Rings Hollow». Both are filled with distorted guitars, strange bells and haunting echoes. They're taken from our new album, which is due out on June 25th.

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Grave Love

by The Shan

Hello Everyone, We are The Shan, An Atomic Bomb with Guitars from Scotland. This is our new single Grave Love and its inspired by Joy Division, Black Flag, The Book Perfume and Tenents Lager.

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Hit By A Bus

by Parker Woodland

“Hit By A Bus” imagines calling up an old friend, only to be told they have died. The chorus -- “If I die tomorrow / please just don’t forget to sing” -- is an admonition to live life to the fullest and share it with others, a sentiment at the center of Erin Walter’s humanist ministry.

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by La Sanyea Dengue

Automobile was written after singer Simon Lindberg had a near death experience when a car almost killed him at a pedestrian crossing. The driver was on his phone not paying attention to what was in front of him. The lyrics are to be viewed from the drivers perspective.

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Doom Generation

by Table Scraps

In a year lost to fear and confusion what could possibly be more 2020 than the sound of an air-raid siren? 'Doom Generation’, taken from the upcoming album Coffin Face, is a two minute blast of venomous catharsis from a band who have no other option but to keep pushing the boulder up the hill.

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Ruin Your Youth

by Grand Theft Audio

People tend to believe bands know what the fuck they are doing - but let me tell you, they don’t. It's just an urge. For us, the whole GTA story was exactly that - something brilliant from the past urging us to do something more, so after our epic 20 year hiatus, we're back and ready to party!

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It's Simple


Brighton based trio KUSK drip with furious grit and compassion that binds urban influences with hard garage punk sensibility. ‘It’s Simple‘ is a raging call to arms for the disenfranchised to take control of the destructive spiral of mainstream rejection. Out on all platforms on 5th September 2020.

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Self Titled

by Dead End

The best band you ever heard!

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White Fruit


When it comes to garage rock and punk it’s easy to say you’ve heard it all before. CRACKUPS makes mincemeat of such preconceptions because this an entirely new animal: an orgy of riotous but superior garage punk. Enjoy!

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Tax Free World

by Van Dammes

We are Van Dammes, a garage punk band from Helsinki, Finland, and this is our summer hit from our fourth EP called Risky Business. It might be the best music that the Nordic countries can produce at the moment.

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The Malthusian Trap


Playing with the boundaries of both garage- and punkrock they bring a loud, energetic sound that will make you bang your head for the entire 4 minutes and even leaves you wanting more!

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Iron Bloke

by Spudge

Ay up, we're Spudge. Thick like a spud, smooth like fudge.

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Getting The Vibes


Hi, we're CRACKUPS from Belgium. Enjoy our kick-off single 'Getting the Vibes', a sweaty, feverish trip of garage punk madness. Check out our new album 'Greetings From Earth' releasing August 21.

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Hard Of Thinking

by Disgraceland

We're Disgraceland, 3 arrogant misfits from Devon who just want to make an unholy racket that takes the last 60 years of rock and roll history, crank up the distortion and hammer the foot to the floor.

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by Pacific Estate

Formed in 2013, Pacific Estate have evolved into one of Ontario's premiere indie-rock acts. Following years of shows headlining and support of larger acts, Pacific Estate began recording their debut album with Juno Award winning producer Julius Butty (Alexisonfire, City and Colour, Protest the Hero).

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Little Robot

by Summer of Blood

An amalgamation of noise, horror, and death, they exist outside the parallels of normality in a heightened state of danger and energy. A true tour de force, bonded by years of familiar association.

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Good Clean Fun

by Lucy Furr

Greetings! We're a band from Indianapolis called Lucy Furr. We just put out our debut album "The Jungle" on June 1st. This is what we used for the single. Hope ya dig it! The full album is available on all major streaning platforms.

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Crooked Spies

Hailing from the heart of the new west, Calgary, AB, Crooked Spies are an emerging garage influenced four-piece drawing inspiration from all that the rock genre has to offer. Fronted by brothers Dylan and Steven Evanik there is a certain allure to the sibling’s enthralling live demeanour.

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The Hippaes

People of the world, we are The Hippaes. Summery power pop punk from members of Bangers, No Comply, and Attack!! Vipers!! 80% pop, 20% punk and made to convince you it's warm enough to surf when it's actually a couple of degrees too cold.

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