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The Malthusian Trap


Playing with the boundaries of both garage- and punkrock they bring a loud, energetic sound that will make you bang your head for the entire 4 minutes and even leaves you wanting more!

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Hard Of Thinking

by Disgraceland

We're Disgraceland, 3 arrogant misfits from Devon who just want to make an unholy racket that takes the last 60 years of rock and roll history, crank up the distortion and hammer the foot to the floor.

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Hey guys, AANTHEMS here from Vancouver BC. Our first full length Blood Fortune is a bastard of a record, railing against greed, corruption and the end of humanity. It’s a sweaty angry mess, and it feels like someone is finally on your side.

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Cyanide Car & Death by Fish


Hey guys! We're FIGHTS, and we are releasing a double single! A little more than six months after our first release, we have been lucky enough to play support for one of the biggest bands in Norway, Honningbarna. We look forward to bring these two bangers to the world. Mini EP streaming everywhere on March 27.

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They Threw the Bodies in the Ocean

by Fizzy Milk

We became a band in early 2020. All the music was recorded and produced by the band (including the sword that’s hidden in this track!). Shortly after we finished this, our first song, we recorded and edited our own video in a 24 hour period, for the grand cost of 52 pounds.

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Two Shots

by Duck & Cover

Made up of ex- and current members of a few Boston bands from the past decade or so, Duck & Cover has shared the stage with The Dickies, The Queers, The Adolescents, Swingin' Utters, The Dead Boys, CJ Ramone, Death, Michael Monroe, and the Street Dogs, among others.

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Et Tu?

by The Business End

Hi! We're The Business End, and this new song of ours is an attempt to convey just how the current state of political affairs in the USA makes us feel. Turns out, the answer is angry. Quite angry.

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Stolen Desire

by Our Escape

Hey! We are Our Escape from Orlando, Florida. 'Stolen Desire' is about expressing anxiety, claustrophobia and isolation while feeling desperate for connection with others. Its a fun track to play and one of our favorites off our debut album.

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There’s no elaborate story surrounding EAT DIRT. What you see if what you get. They’re just a bunch of musicians who needed a place, and head space, to get creative, away from the mess of life in modern Britain—this band is an outlet for the frustration, anger, and rising tide of disenfranchisement.

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Comprised of veteran members of long-established and respected names from the heavy music scene including Winterfylleth, Drowners, The Colour Line and Outspoken Silence, this is abrasive, high-energy punk’n’roll.

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Dead Frames

Dead Frames are a high energy punk rock band from Plymouth in the UK. With catchy tunes and fast paced music these guys epitomise the true spirit of punk rock!

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We are Dublin Rock n' Roll outfit OverLockers and first came onto the Irish Music scene in February of 2018. Drawing from a vast array of Rock influences both old and new, our energetic live shows help to deliver on the no bullshit approach to revamping the Irish Rock n' Roll scene.

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Crooked Little Sons

Ladies and Germs we are Crooked Little Sons a Rowdy Punk’n’roll quartet from Devon/Bristol and this is our latest single ‘Noosepaper’ a brash one and a half minutes on not believing everything you read!

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West Thebarton

We're West Thebarton; garage-rock 7-piece from sunny Adelaide. We've just announced details of our debut album, Different Beings Being Different which is to be released on 18th May via Domestic La La. We've also just revealed our video for Stuck On You. Go check it out!

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