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Big Data

by Spirit of the Wildfire

Hi Folks! We're Spirit of the Wildfire from Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is the first album we've released since before the pandemic and we're excited to be back. This song is called Big Data, it's full of loud guitars, screeching synths, pounding drums and powerful vocals. Hope you enjoy, cheers!

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by Ratking

G'day everyone, we are Ratking from Perth, Western Australia. We are a punk/hardcore band influenced by the likes of Trash Talk, Last Lights, Ceremony, Wavves. We would be stoked if you gave us a listen!

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by Snark

We're Snark! We're excited to share our new song "Stay" with you. It's an oddly positive song about losing a loved one and searching for closure. We tackle a relatively heavy topic with a high-energy song that you can bop to - because there's nothing more cathartic than dancing away that darkness.

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No More Kim Kelly - Demo

by Death Plumes

Hi All! We are Death Plumes. We are a Garage Punk band from Richmond, Virginia and our debut single 'No More Kim Kelly' just released. Together our sound is a blend of sounds such as surf, lo-fi, psychadelic, grunge, and pop punk. Our main goal is to keep our songs raw, energetic, and punchy.

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Autumn Shade

by Happy Animal

Hi, Happy Animal here, The noise I make is described as Mancunian LO-FI FUZZ POP/Garage Rock. Like a shook up can of fizzy vimto. I have just dropped my debut single 'Autumn Shade'. Its fuzzy, catchy and heavy. I self produced, recorded and released this track from home during lockdown. Thankyou ✌️

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Finally There

by Van Dammes

Van Dammes, the Finnish garage punk quartet from Helsinki, just released their fifth EP called ''Finally There'' with a music video for their eponymous single. The record is a tribute to the Finland national football team which will finally play in their first ever major championship.

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Raw Plastic - "Waiting Till Summer" EP

by Raw Plastic

Hello! We are Raw Plastic and we've just released a new EP "Waiting Till Summer". Our sound is a fusion of lo-fi surf/bedroom pop and shoegaze. Fans of bands such as Wavees and early Cloud Nothings might dig it!

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Tax Free World

by Van Dammes

We are Van Dammes, a garage punk band from Helsinki, Finland, and this is our summer hit from our fourth EP called Risky Business. It might be the best music that the Nordic countries can produce at the moment.

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by Sophisticated Dingo

We're Sophisticated Dingo from Melbourne, Australia. Our new single ‘Vultures’ is a little bit about being misunderstood, a little bit about being frustrated, and a little bit about finding your voice in a crowded place. Hope you enjoy!

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Bloody Nose

by Birds Fear Death

I'm Kelly and I make music under the name Birds Fear Death. This track is from an album which I wrote and recorded in my bedroom. It's noisy and rough but hopefully enjoyable.

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Late Nights Alone

by Backseat Vinyl

Backseat Vinyl is a three-piece Indie Rock band based in Denver, Colorado who started out as high school friends. Our most recent track 'Late Nights Alone' is a fun, Garage sounding Punk tune. Enjoy!

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The Trust Fund Kids

Greetings, punks! This is a song that means a lot to me because it's one of the first songs I wrote that I felt truly proud of. It's worth listening to because if you don't I will drink an entire gallon of milk in under a minute. You are liable for whatever happens legally 'cause that's the law.

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A musical powder keg three parts power pop, indie rock and pop punk, detonated by wild abandon – we are SMUG – high-octane guitar solos, jubilant hooks and slacker anthems inspire much headbanging, high-kicking, and windmilling.

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Naked Giants

Famed in Seattle for their energetic live shows, Naked Giants are made up of guitarist/vocalist Grant Mullen, bassist/vocalist Gianni Aiello, and drummer Henry LaVallee who joined up with producer Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Unwound, Soundgarden, Minus The Bear) in October 2017 to record debut album SLUFF.

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I formed metayouth when I moved back into my parents house. I'm tired of sad pop punk and wanted to write some fun stuff.

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