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Hit By A Bus

by Parker Woodland

“Hit By A Bus” imagines calling up an old friend, only to be told they have died. The chorus -- “If I die tomorrow / please just don’t forget to sing” -- is an admonition to live life to the fullest and share it with others, a sentiment at the center of Erin Walter’s humanist ministry.

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Three Stage T-Shirt Tan

by Young Pretorians

We're Young Pretorians from Portsmouth, UK. Check out our second single ‘Three Stage T-Shirt Tan’, recorded with Ben Whyntie at Old Blacksmiths Studio. The song is about the second guessing, the anxiety and the doubt that define dating in your mid to late twenties. Melancholy words over music in the major key. Full debut EP coming soon.

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Among Thieves

by Jared Grabb Among Thieves

Hello. Tom Satterfield and I had a punk band called Scouts Honor on No Idea Records in the mid-2000s. In recent years, we have been performing under the name of Jared Grabb Among Thieves with Chris Anderson and Brett Conlin. "Among Thieves" is about political corruption in the Midwestern U.S.

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Blind Adam and The Federal League

Long time friend of The Bouncing Souls, Adam Gogola decided to start a band after a cross country motorcycle ride with the group before his degenerative eye disease took over his vision. Full of gritty, soulful punk roots with Bruce Springsteen chutzpah, the band hold rustic, rock forward melodies.

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