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Farming in Detroit

by Cruel Children

Hi we're Cruel Children and this song's about starting a cult on an urban farm! Ever felt sad? Like this world isn't for you? Well consider: for a low low price (courtesy of Urban Blight) you could buy a (slightly run down) house and a plot of land in Detroit, and start you very own little world!

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Welcome Home

by Matt Caskitt & The Breaks

"Hi, I'm Matt Caskitt and these are The Breaks!" If you were seeing us live right now as you're reading this, that's what you'd be hearing. When my marriage fell apart and Caskitt went on indefinite hiatus, I wrote a bunch of songs that turned into this album: "Welcome Home".

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St. Miguel

by McBain

McBain is a Punk Rock power trio based in Milano, Italy. There's only one important thing our song: it's fast and short. We can't promise you'll like but for sure you won't have time to get bored.

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by hangnails

Greetings humans and non-humans of the extended Punktastic Universe. This song is from an EP we made in 2017. It's about the unsettling encroachment of the manipulative digital advertising world into our personal lives. It has electric guitar and piano, which we all know is a winning combination.

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Poisoned Lungs

by One Million Motors

‘Poisoned Lungs’ was written and recorded throughout 2020; matching the frustration caused by the chaotic stop and start nature of each social restriction. There’s a rage behind this single. A harder take on our previous sound; we're playing faster and we're singing about things that matter.

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Fear Up

by Crazy Arm

We're back! It's been seven years since our last record and we have a new album out (on 29th January 2021). 'Fear Up' is taken from it. It sounds (in our tiny minds) like Ennio Morricone conducting the Constantines. Giddy up. x

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The Beast Must Die

by Harker

Harker here! We're excited to be sharing the first single from our new album Axiom (April 23rd). The Beast Must Die is based on the idea of Mono-consciousness by Colin Wilson, who focused on striving to live with a heightened sense of meaning and avoiding a closed mindset. Plus noise! We like noise.

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What Went Wrong

by Molly And The Krells

We're an Australian punk rock band called Molly And The Krells, this track is about losing touch with a friend who refuses to let you help them get their life back on track.

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New Year's Resolutions

by Pandemic Pat & The Murder Hornets

I am a Detroit DIY Studio owner. Lost my day job to the pandemic. Now I need to make the studio my full time gig. I'm doing a lot to get my name out there. PPMH is one such project. Other work: I recently did a Suicide Machines track for the Ska Against Racism on Bad Time/Asian Man.

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[Serial] Killer Product Placements

by No Murder No Moustache

Did you ever wonder when advertising will get so depraved that it'll ask serial killers what are their recommended products to murder people with? Possibly not. I did.

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Hold My Beer

by No Murder No Moustache

This is the video for the title track from my new EP. Recorded and shot in the lockdown, it's a cheap shot about terrible governments trying to outdo either other with some classic celtic bits in too.

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Among Thieves

by Jared Grabb Among Thieves

Hello. Tom Satterfield and I had a punk band called Scouts Honor on No Idea Records in the mid-2000s. In recent years, we have been performing under the name of Jared Grabb Among Thieves with Chris Anderson and Brett Conlin. "Among Thieves" is about political corruption in the Midwestern U.S.

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Human Bones

by Bowers

Hey my name is Luke Fewtrell-Bowers. I play guitar in a doom band called Opium Lord; when I'm not doing that I play and sing my own brand of anti-authoritarian folk music, rooted in my upbringing in punk rock but also inspired by the protest singers of the past century. Thanks for your time!

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Miami Moon

by Noah Skape

Western Australian punk-rock singer/songwriter, and once lead-singer for WAM Award nominated theatrical-punk band 'FAIM', Noah Skape, continues his unpredictable and manic pop-songwriting legacy with his latest effort "Miami Moon", showcasing his passions for both punk rock and musical theatre.

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I'm Not In Love (With You)

by Gas Hands

Hi, We're Gas Hands, a Northern Irish Punk Rock band (formerly Lost Avenue/ Mosmo Strange) This is the video for our newest single-  "I'm Not In Love (With You)" Currently working on an EP and just after a U.K Tour (cut short by the covid sadly) Thanks!

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Obliterate Me

by Adam Carpenter

Hello Punktastic readers! I'm Ads. I'm a Welshperson based in Manchester. I write songs to figure out the relationship between my brain, my body and my behaviours. 'Obliterate Me' is the lead single from my upcoming EP. It's a punk banger about my anxiety of how people see me. I hope you love it!

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Up and Down

by Jared Both

I am a Canadian songwriter who lives in London Ontario and 'Up and Down' is the first single from an upcoming EP release title 'The Secret Hymns'. recorded live off the floor and mixed by Nimal Agalawatte (from the band Basement Revolver). It's lo-fi and earnest storytelling by a group of friends.

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by Breakfast for Turtles

Hi folks! We're a folk-punk-adjacent kinda post-punk band out of Philly, and we just launched our first EP, Old Gods & End Times. Revelation is a heavy, lyrical, high-energy eulogy for a dying planet.

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Life On Standby

by Movin In Stereo

Hey! We are Movin In Stereo from Gothenburg, Sweden. If ya like a catchy tune and goodtimes then we are the perfect Tinder date for you.

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When the Conspiracy Becomes the Truth


Hi! We are the band DOKA from Sweden and we have done this since 2009. 2018 we released our latest and best album Separate Ways. The single When the Conspiracy Becomes the Truth have it all! Good and important lyrics, great melodies and the perfect hook! The Music video is really awesome! Don't miss!

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