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It's just like flying (the fears are paper tigers.)

by Danvers

Danvers is a skate punk / emo band from pittsburgh, PA. Our third LP, "Like We Knew What It Meant" was just released in May 2023. This track is an emotional rollercoaster, hope yinz like it.

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by Awkward Since '82

I'm a Singer Songwriter by the name of Awkward Since '82. My song "blocked" is about this time I went on a bar crawl, Got to drunk and kept asking a friend to come out and join me. when I woke up the next morning she had blocked me on every social media account. So I wrote this song.

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This Might Take A While


HOLYFANGS is a new punk rock band based in Los Angeles, California. The sound is instantly familiar, yet fresh, heartfelt and pulsing with life. A driven, angst-fuelled combination of tasty riffs, crunching grooves and blood-soaked melodies that bite.

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No Spoilers, But Everyone Dies At The End

by Lucias Malcolm

Hey! I'm a punk/ska multi-instrumentalist from Kent. Like all musicians in the pandemic, I was cut off from touring. So I set up a home studio and wrote a new batch of songs. This track (and the album that is coming March 10th) represents the culmination of 3 years of DIY work. Enjoy!

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Kill Me First

by The Jack Knives

The Jack Knives are a 4 piece, British fronted melodic punk band from Anaheim CA. The new single is called "Kill Me First" and is a catchy, upbeat song about optimism amongst insecure romance.

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by Hot Mass

Hey! Our new single, Astroturf, is out today. We made a music video for it and you is also available for streaming. You can find a band bio, a description of the new single and streaming links via our bandzoogle page. Thanks for reading!

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Nothing To Celebrate

by Wood and Nails

The political and upper class are liars. That's it. This song was written in 2020/2021 when every time we opened social media or turned on the news there was another lie, another hypocrisy from the ruling class all the while making themselves richer and more powerful off the back of our suffering.

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Science or Belief

by Bridges to Nowhere

Hi guys, this is the first track from our third album. During the pandemic we locked ourselves in our rehearsal room and recorded it all ourselves. It's always been hard for us to label our music, since each track is a little bit different. Just listen for yourselves and tell us what you think.

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Look Alive, Judy!

by Vampire Slumber Party

Hey folks, we're Vampire Slumber Party from London, UK and this is our new single, "Look Alive, Judy!" It's dark and dirty and we hope you love it.

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Get Your Shit Together

by Nowhere Days

Ladies and gentlefolk, it's time to "Get Your Shit Together"! Combining blazing guitars, mischievous basslines, and drums that are wilder than a senior center on bingo night, the Chicago punk band is back with the first single from their forthcoming sophomore album, "Hell Is Real."

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Northern Blood

by All Now

Hey, we’re All Now and we’re based in Salford, Greater Manchester. We’re inspired by everyone from Saves the Day to Deftones but with an unmistakably Northern English identity. This is our first single ‘Northern Blood’ and we think it’s a great intro to the sound and energy of our band. Enjoy!

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Sympathy (& Validation)

by Latewaves

Sympathy and Validation is essentially a voicemail you leave your friend when you’re having a panic attack. Your brain is racing a mile a minute and you’re convinced that if you could just connect with someone and have them validate your feelings you could maybe find some semblance of peace.

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Poisoned Lungs

by One Million Motors

‘Poisoned Lungs’ was written and recorded throughout 2020; matching the frustration caused by the chaotic stop and start nature of each social restriction. There’s a rage behind this single. A harder take on our previous sound; we're playing faster and we're singing about things that matter.

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Drop Dead

by Halfway Atlantic

Premiering almost twelve months to the day from their last packed gig before lockdown, Drop Dead forms the capstone of the most emo year on record. It also serves as the title track for an aptly-named EP in a time of global pandemic, civil unrest, and collapsing infrastructure—DROP DEAD.

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by Angry Son

Emerging out of Northern Virginia we are Angry Son! We skillfully blend the genres of emo, alternative rock, and pop punk into a familiar yet refreshing take. Our first single Home dissects the balance of figuring out who you are, and who you once were.

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Regular Blokes

by American Thrills

We are bunch of old dudes who have been in touring bands for the last 15-20 years. Recently came together to write some new music. This track is about aging punks and the transition from the rock n roll lifestyle to something more normal. This is our debut track.

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What's Left of Me

by Wes Hoffman

Hi everyone! My name is Wes Hoffman. I've recently released my new punk rock single, titled “What’s Left of Me”. It's a song about going through major transitions in your life and being there for your friends. Hope you'll like it!

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What Went Wrong

by Molly And The Krells

We're an Australian punk rock band called Molly And The Krells, this track is about losing touch with a friend who refuses to let you help them get their life back on track.

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Phantom Pain

by Halfway Atlantic

I wanted to write something that was honest to my own experiences, while at the same time relatable. You can be overwhelmed by a wave of conflicting emotions when a relationship ends — and that love doesn’t immediately disappear. It’s painful and disorienting. - Matt Warmuth

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Love Song in 2020

by James Barrett

Hi! I'm James! When the planet shutdown in March I wrote a song about finding forgiveness at what felt like the end of the world. Dealing with a relationship that ended catastrophically and a global pandemic at the same time was a lot to process. I wrote Love Song in 2020 for everyone in that boat.

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