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Don't Forget Me

by The Softer Side

Jacksonville, FL melodic punk rockers, The Softer Side, have released a new single, "Don't Forget Me", which is a melodic, intense, and poignant song about one's own lasting legacy. The band's new EP, Deathbed, will showcase 6 songs blending skate punk, pop punk, rock, folk, and metal influences.

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It's Fine

by It's Fine.

Check out the debut video from Phoenix, AZ melodic punks It's Fine. released courtesy of Fifth Day Records!

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by The Upshot

The Upshot are a new punk band from the south of England delivering high octane melodic punk. Speaking about the debut single 'Detoxstaycation', guitarist Matt Spracklen says, “It’s angsty and fast and written at a point during lockdown when I was climbing the walls to get out".

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Science or Belief

by Bridges to Nowhere

Hi guys, this is the first track from our third album. During the pandemic we locked ourselves in our rehearsal room and recorded it all ourselves. It's always been hard for us to label our music, since each track is a little bit different. Just listen for yourselves and tell us what you think.

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No Humanity

by The Little Rock

After 13 years since the last full album in 2009, The Little Rock released a single called "No Humanity". A single that tells about the anxiety of someone who is pressured by government policies during this Pandemic.

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Every Mile

by Dirty Shrines

Featuring longtime musical collaborators Tim Browne and Brian Van Proyen (Elway), Drew Johnson (Chumped), and Max Barcelow (Gregory Alan Isakov), the quartet's sound reminds No Echo of everything from the guitar-harmony-driven sound of Thin Lizzy to melodic punk to power pop.

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In The End (Tony Sly)

by Sammy Warm Hands

My name is Sammy Warm Hands (Dead Fucking Serious). I asked my friend Yotam Ben Horin (Useless ID) to join me for this tribute to Tony Sly (No Use For a Name). Stolen Songs 4 is available with my new book, HOW TO RUIN YOUR LIFE: The Daily Grind of a DIY Tour at Cover art by Evan Vaught

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by big spin

After not playing together for 17 or 18 years, "Bottomless" was one of the first songs that the four of us wrote together as a group. It starts with a heavy bass riff, then enter the guitars, which, together with the drums, create a syncopated harmony with which we wanted to generate expectation.

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[Your Name Here]

by Oppkast

Ahoy! Our band Oppkast from Kristiansand, Norway, recently released the single [Your Name Here]. This single is not meant as a political song, just to assholes in general - we used Trump as an example since he is the biggest of all assholes right now :) Cheers!

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by Wasting Time

Hey, we're a pop punk band from Toronto, Canada called Wasting Time. We've been an active band since 2017. 'Runaways' is the third single from our upcoming album. We believe that it is one of our best songs, as it's sincere, melodic and packs a punch.

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Right As Rain


This is our first new song after a 6 year hiatus! It's more urgent and immediate than our standards. It's about the need question our lifestyle, the contrast between the desire to be free and the need to sell our time for material goods and a sense of security.

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You're the hero

by 360 Phoenix Flip

Heavily influenced by the likes of: NoFX, No use for a name and Rufio, skate-punk obsessed Mark is following up with his second single “You’re the hero”, Mark focuses less on synths, and more on the pop-punk sound that everyone in the scene has grown to love.

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by Lamonta

Our new song TIDES 🌊 is out! We’re pumped with how this one turned out and if you like mid-tempo pop punk with hooks, then we think you’ll agree! Let us know what you think and please share, save, follow, tell your friends, etc.

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Outlast You

by Sparks Red

We're 4 East Coast punk-genre veterans playing original 90's inspired West Coast melodic punk rock. Featuring current and former members of The Softer Side, The Pennyroyals, Hetfield & Hetfield and Beware. Our focus is heartfelt lyrics paired with driving drums, guitars and vocal melodies.

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by SxGxS & TAKE YOUR LIFE (Split album)

Hey folks, Yokosuka(Japan) fastcore SxGxS and Kanazawa(Japan) female fronted melodic punk TAKE YOUR LIFE released split album "Giving is Living" on July 8th. Digital releases is available on every platforms. Hope you like it!

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by Joey Cobra

This track is one that I wrote about self-isolation, and the monotony and hopelessness of daily life. I felt as though these themes resonate in this reality that we're living right now.

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by Jay Parade

We're Jay Parade from Charleston, WV. This is a single off our upcoming album which is out July 3rd. The song is called 'Destroyer' and is a story about betrayal and the negative, unproductive ways people deal with it.

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by The Unsinkable

We're the Unsinkable! A 4-piece from Nijmegen, the Netherlands who happen to play punk rock! The Unsinkable consists of (ex-)members of 90's punkrock pioneers Facing Down, The Minority, post-punk/hardcore outfit The Assange and punkrock karaoke band Sing Along Riot.

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Old and Boring

by goldenboy

goldenboy is pop-punk-rock from Bergen, Norway. Been around since 1999, and celebrating our 20th anniversary with the release of a new single (June 7) + EP (June 14) this June.

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King for a Day


Hello everyone, we are Playground Circus a punk rock band. I would like to gladly inform you about the release our brand new video and single “King for A Day”. It was shot in London by the multitalented Nonsap Visuals and it will be part of our brand new album.

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