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Secret Languages

by Wood and Nails

Secret Languages is the follow up to 2022 single Nothing To Celebrate. Spending the last 12 months on two UK Tours and shows with The Get Up Kids, Puppy, Tigress, The Scratch and a performance on the Frabbit stage at 2000 Trees, Secret Languages is already heading towards 30,000 streams on Spotify.

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by Keep Your Secrets

Hey! We're a pop punk/emo band called Keep Your Secrets, and we just released a new music video today for our song called “trauma.” It’s a moody, emotional track that blends the 2000's emo formula with modern metalcore breakdowns and elements of anime music. We hope you like it!

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Start Again

by Red Weather

Hello there Punktastic readers! We're a band called Red Weather from Virginia Beach, VA. (a.k.a. America's largest suburb - Google it!) This song has it all - the classic Emo vocals, a driving and punchy chorus, and a goosebump worthy bridge. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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Restarter Repeater

by Gods and Forest

Gods and Forest was founded in a small apartment by two friends with a passion for early 2000 rock. The lyrics are based on storytelling and darker subjects. The song is about a girl numbing her sadness with alcohol, drugs and nightlife. she wants to change but repeats her selfdestruktive path.

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Imperfect Life

by Dangerous Fashion

Hey y'all, we are Seattle based pop punk duo. We like to write energetic pop punk songs. "Imperfect Life," is a positive coming of age song. Its realizing you didn't have the best childhood but you've grown up and are thriving in life now.

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by The Throwaway Scene

Hey Punktastic, we are a new project and this is the first track establishing our story between a character and his inner battles through the medium of a journal. Each track will be referred to as a 'scene' as we look to progress our story through video. We hope you enjoy the track!

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Homestar Runner

by Funtabi

Hello! We are Funtabi, a Ks based punk band, and we wanted to share our newest song "Homestar Runner" - a tongue-in-cheek look at love, regret, alcohol and cartoons. We think it totally rules and hope you do too!

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Northern Blood

by All Now

Hey, we’re All Now and we’re based in Salford, Greater Manchester. We’re inspired by everyone from Saves the Day to Deftones but with an unmistakably Northern English identity. This is our first single ‘Northern Blood’ and we think it’s a great intro to the sound and energy of our band. Enjoy!

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Hope Like Hell

by Suckerpunch

Upon first listen, the bright, pop punk guitars and infectious energy will paint a smile on your face. Underneath the sing-along exterior lies the somber yet hopeful message of battling and overcoming depression.

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Small Doses

by The Dent Act

Hi guys, we're The Dent Act, a three piece alt-rock band from Portsmouth. Small Doses is our third single and we think you'll quite like it. Get your vaccine in your arm, and this song in your ears. Not the other way round.

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by Prey drive

Hey all! We are Prey Drive & you are listening to our new single Socrates, taken from our upcoming EP "Neon God" (May 28th). Expect a powerhouse of authoritative rock riffs intertwined with intricate mathematical lead lines and a dream-like ambience, with soaring vocals soaked in canorous harmonies.

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by The Weather Might Say Otherwise

Hi! My name is Karalyn Hope and I am filling this out for the young Fredonia, New York alternative rock band The Weather Might Say Otherwise! This track is an energetic song that focuses on the darkness of drug use, specifically alcohol. It is also their first song in about 1.5 years!

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The Arsonist

by Havelocke

We're Havelocke, four best friends who bonded over our love of emo music. This is our new track 'The Arsonist' which is the second single from our new EP 'Arsonist'. The track is a throwback to the early-mid 2000s emo/post-hardcore sound and details the collapse of an old friendship.

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Old Tattoo

by The Dent Act

Hi everyone. We're The Dent Act and this is our debut single 'Old Tattoo'. Is there that one person from your past that you've never really been able to forget? This song is about that. Enjoy!

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Stay Single

by Absent Friends

This is the first single off an album we’ve been working on since the spring of 2018. Our band is actually just the two of us, doing the work of many and we’re excited to share this track with you - we’re hoping it becomes part of your summer soundtracks.

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Private Tantrum

by New Fossils

We're New Fossils from the Bay Area, and this song is about what playing music means to us. It's boppy and fun but still looking for something more than where we are.

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[Corpse Party]

by L'exqusite Douleur

Yerrrrr, check out our new song [Corpse Party] out now on all platforms. We hope to help on keeping this style of music alive and relevant in 2020.

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Nothing at All

by Red Weather

Hey all! We’re Red Weather from Virginia Beach. We just released our debut EP entitled Empty Places, and we’re hard at work recording our follow up now. The pandemic may have stopped shows, but not writing and recording. We plan to release a new song every month for the foreseeable future.

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Less Talk, More Shots

by Never Ender

Hey Everyone! We're Never Ender. This is the first song off of our new album "Long Shot". Hope you enjoy it!

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Just Like Them

by Viva La Bear

We are Viva La Bear. We combine big riffs with high energy vocals for some catchy Alt-Rock bangers! Check out our first single "Just Like Them"

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