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by Relate.

We are pop-punk/emo (or "warpedtour-core" as I've affectionately named it) band from Denver called Relate. We released "Dreamland" last year and I figured I'd shoot it over to y'all. We definitely date ourselves with this track, it has much more in common with Brand New than it does with MGK.

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If It Means

by The Telling Time

Hey there! We're The Telling Time from Brooklyn, NY. We hope you enjoy our track 'If It Means' which is on our Debut EP 'Meaningful Spaces' found on all streaming platforms. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook so that you don't miss any fun news on our end!

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Let's Go Home

by KD Knows My Name

Hello There! We are KD Knows My Name, a 3-piece Punk band from Swansea, UK. This single Let's Go Home is our first release in over a year, and its a big energy Pop Punk tune with a big chant along chorus and relatable lyrics for any band in their local scene.

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by If and When

Hey there! We're called If and When from Columbus, OH. I am TJ the sole member of the band. If you've ever gotten to a point in any time of relationship whether it be romantic or a friendship where you have just had it and don't care anymore this is what my new song "86" is all about.

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Imperfect Life

by Dangerous Fashion

Hey y'all, we are Seattle based pop punk duo. We like to write energetic pop punk songs. "Imperfect Life," is a positive coming of age song. Its realizing you didn't have the best childhood but you've grown up and are thriving in life now.

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a room filled with bees

by peregrine

This is the last single off our upcoming LP, "the awful things we've done". We are a music collective from Worcester, MA, and have spent the last two and a half years refining these songs. We hope you like them.

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Small Doses

by The Dent Act

Hi guys, we're The Dent Act, a three piece alt-rock band from Portsmouth. Small Doses is our third single and we think you'll quite like it. Get your vaccine in your arm, and this song in your ears. Not the other way round.

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Old Tattoo

by The Dent Act

Hi everyone. We're The Dent Act and this is our debut single 'Old Tattoo'. Is there that one person from your past that you've never really been able to forget? This song is about that. Enjoy!

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by Gardner Leonard

Hi all at Punktastic! We are Gardner Leonard! a UK based pop-punk duo consisting of Daryl Gardner & Rhiannon Leonard. Conspiracy serves as the 4th single from our upcoming debut album, and we hope you enjoy it!

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Feed The Birds

by Dearbones

Hi! We're Dearbones. We are a 4 piece alternative rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. Our new single "Feed The Birds" is about the struggle and navigation through the every day grind and to always stick by what you believe in.

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Dead to Me

by Drowning Days

Hi, we are Drowning Days. We are a pop-punk/emo band from The-Middle-of-Nowhere, UK. Our debut single "Dead to Me" is about the process of losing a to circumstances that are beyond your grasp. Hope you enjoy!

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Okay Okay

by How To Escape Reality

嗨,My name is Sam. I daydream too much. I grew up in China. How To Escape Reality is my alternative rock project and my debut EP came out on March 27. This music is who I am. These songs make me feel alive. I hope you find something in them that resonates with you.

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Little Liaison

by Ivypaint

We're Ivypaint and this is our debut music video for our song 'Little Liaison'. The song was written as a therapy of sorts after some failed relationships and questionings of mental stability, so the lyrics are as raw, authentic, and honest as humanly-possible. We hope you enjoy!

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Groan Ups

by Sadface

YO. We're Sadface, four mates who've cut our teeth on the London DIY Punk circuit. 'Groan Ups' is taken from our debut EP, 'A Tree Grew Through Me', an exploration of spiritual vice. This track critiques celebrity culture and the toxicity it perpetuates. Abrasive, frenetic, satirical. Fuck 'em all!

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On Uranus

by Morningviews

Hey guys, we're an italian band from (near) Perugia. We play a post-hardcore, post-rock hybrid built on contrappositions, from very loud to very quiet, with whispered, shouted, spoken vocals. Our lyrics are sung in english, okay, it won't be the best version of english being italian speaking dudes.

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Travis Marc

We are very excited to share music from Travis Marc's solo album (from Dead Days) with all parts recorded by him alone (vocals, guitar, drums).

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Ruled By Raptors

Ruled By Raptors have just revealed a new video for the single, Time. The track is taken from the band’s debut EP, Ouroboros, which arrives via Pulse Music on Friday 7th June.

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THC Dreams

THC DREAMS offer up a fresh and animated take on emo infused rock. With a neat and solid rhythm section, thoughtful guitar work, and soaring vocals, THC DREAMS drop their spanking new single, All My Friends, on Friday 11th January 2019.

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Hi! We're Pinch from Flint, MI. This is out first release and first single from upcoming 3 song EP "It's All Over, All Forgotten" coming out via Save Your Generation Records in November.

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We're Shadowboxer, a Norwich alt-rock quartet combining gritty and aggressive instrumentation and vocals with softer, catchier moments.

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