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by Reside

Hey, we're Reside and we're releasing out new song Eden, we hope you like it! The story takes place in the Garden of Eden, which felt fitting as a metaphor for a song about finding somewhere that you wish to be safe in, only to find out it has every intention of rejecting and turning against you.

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by Relate.

We are pop-punk/emo (or "warpedtour-core" as I've affectionately named it) band from Denver called Relate. We released "Dreamland" last year and I figured I'd shoot it over to y'all. We definitely date ourselves with this track, it has much more in common with Brand New than it does with MGK.

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by Good Call

Good Call, an alternative emo band from northern Utah, has amassed a following both locally and globally with 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and shows that pack a punch and a venue.

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Coffee Stains & Picture Frames

by Nervous Light

CS&PF is our first single since the release of out debut EP earlier this year! Inspired by modern emo rock bands like Movements, it details the journey through heartbreak and moving on, reflecting on the self destructive behaviors that can rear their head when left unchecked and unaddressed.

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by Make for Maine

We are Make for Maine, a post-hardcore band from Virginia. This track is one of our personal favorites off the new EP. It starts with a spacious guitar melody, growing darker and darker, heavier and heavier.

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by paper-jam

Hi guys! We're paper-jam, a pop punk band from Milan, Italy. The pandemic, ironically, brought us back together after 8 years to start working on a new project. The first song to come out is Quarantine all self produced, home recorded during the Italian lockdown of March 2020. check it out!

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by Rusted Hearts

We're Rusted Hearts a band from Cleveland Ohio. We have been a band for about 2 years now. We try to write our music with a strong emphasis on emotion and hopefully that helps us connect with people who are looking for music that feels like its not just scratching the surface.

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Everybody Knows The Rules

by Haunting Portraits

Hey Punktastic, we're Haunting Portraits from Tampa, FL. We've just released our new EP, 'That Which Looks Far Away'. We hope you enjoy our music video for "Everybody Knows The Rules".

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by Defeatist

Defeatist deliver a blend of hardcore that is both highly emotive and introspective. 'Mother' serves as both a testament to single mothers working tirelessly to support their families, as well as a middle finger to every father that couldn't be bothered.

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Little Liaison

by Ivypaint

We're Ivypaint and this is our debut music video for our song 'Little Liaison'. The song was written as a therapy of sorts after some failed relationships and questionings of mental stability, so the lyrics are as raw, authentic, and honest as humanly-possible. We hope you enjoy!

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Hey there! We're Creekside, a four-piece pop punk act from Chico, CA. We've all been making music together for four years now, and this song is the opening track off of our new Self-Titled EP. It's a dancy rock track exploring the fears of closing a major chapter in your life. Hope you enjoy!

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