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by Broken Head

We are Broken Head, an alternative two piece from Massachusetts. New EP Sungazer out now!

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Sympathy (& Validation)

by Latewaves

Sympathy and Validation is essentially a voicemail you leave your friend when you’re having a panic attack. Your brain is racing a mile a minute and you’re convinced that if you could just connect with someone and have them validate your feelings you could maybe find some semblance of peace.

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Lost Without It

by For You The Moon

Frontman Isaac Cooter explains: “I wrote ‘Lost Without It’ when I was in that weird period after breaking up with somebody, in that place where you’re really trying to numb your own feelings and I was partying more often than I wasn't."

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by Honeyspider

Honeyspider's new single, “Marbles”. The foursome breath new life into their pseudo-shoegaze sound with strokes of post rock, hinting towards metal influences. Marbles skirts the boundaries between the emo sound of previous single, “World’s Smallest Violin” and a darker, more expansive sound.

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Hey Guys - We're PARLA, just a couple of mates from Cardiff making as much noise as possible. We've just released our second single 'Sick' and we've got loads more music in the pipeline! Its ambient, dirty and one of our favorite tunes live, maybe it can be one of yours too! Give it a spin x

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by Coping

Hey guys, we're a brand new band from Leeds called Coping. We're all just having fun and writing songs that we love so hopefully you will too so please check us out.

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Path of Destruction

by Chlorine

Hey, we're Chlorine a five piece alternative rock band from Birmingham UK. This is our debut single from our upcoming album. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we are going to be releasing more stuff in the upcoming months.

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by small talk.

Hey everyone! We're small talk. from San Diego, CA! Listen to our single Runner and stay tuned for our ep "mindspace" which is coming soon. We're just a few sad kids playing sad songs who want to connect with others who might feel like they're alone.

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Hey We are Feeze, a Pandeglang (Indonesia) -based Noise / Indie Rock group consist of Azi, Naufal, Alifian, Ikbal & Refan. Our performance and records are identical with layers of distorted & fuzzy guitar riffs, noisy feedback, unique sounds and effects, and streams of soft yet melodious vocal.

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Midnight Son

Hey Punks, we're Sheffield's latest Emo outfit and this is a song from our debut EP. Feast yourselves!

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Movement At Night

Hey guys! We are Movement At Night, a French Indie/Pop-Punk band, we’ve just released two songs and a music video. We like to mix many influences, bringing heavy pop and pop-punk melody, throwback to the late 2000s! We'll hope you enjoy it!

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Hey there! We're Creekside, a four-piece pop punk act from Chico, CA. We've all been making music together for four years now, and this song is the opening track off of our new Self-Titled EP. It's a dancy rock track exploring the fears of closing a major chapter in your life. Hope you enjoy!

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Sit Calm

Hey y’all we’re Sit Calm. We started in 2014 as a 3 piece band and since then have added 2 members and released 2 EP’s and an LP. Our newest EP “Percia” dropped in October last year and it’s by far our best work yet. Hope you enjoy!

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Sven are a four piece rock band made up of Steve (Vocals/Guitar), Joe (Bass/ Vocals), Jesse (Guitar) and George (Drums). Formed in Portsmouth, UK in 2017, they bring together a mix of shoegaze, grunge and emotion.

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With this release, we decided to take a more direct approach to stay true to our live sound and keep everything as stripped back as possible. The result has left us with what we think is our best work to date, and we’re stoked to putting it out with Venn Records

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Hello there! We're a band called GUTS. from Lincoln. We play grunge flavoured, anthemic powerpop bangers with a britpop-esque snottiness and swagger. Check out our new single 'Hush', the first track released from our upcoming EP, recorded and mixed by the legendary Bob Cooper.

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Hey, We are Heep from Leeds, UK. The band consists of members, Gabe Dawson (vocals/guitar, formerly the guitarist of Beesley), Robin Haigh (Bass) and Phil Griffiths (Drums). This is the first track off our two-track demo. If you like then head over to the bandcamp to hear the rest

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Hey! We're Morale, a 3 piece band from Guildford, UK. We've recently released our debut single "Left For Dead" available on Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, etc. Come check us out!

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Matter Of Mind

We are Matter Of Mind, a 4 piece Alternative Rock band from Stockport, Manchester. We like loud guitars, big drums and catchy as hell vocals. Punch in ya gut tunes are what we're about. We may be from Stockport/Manchester, but we ain't no 'indie' band.

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The Weekend Classic

The Weekend Classic recently announced their signing with independent record label, Rude Records and their forthcoming EP entitled 'Better Health', due out April 6, 2018. produce and mix the six-track EP. Off the release comes “Mutual Interest” a song about a stagnant, yet hopeful relationship.

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