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What Will It Take?

by Crash-11

This song questions the misogyny and toxic masculinity in society, from ‘I’m Sorry, I Was Wrong’, which is available now on all standard music platforms. Described as well produced, aggressive, catchy skate/ pop-punk. All music is written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Naylor.

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by Downtown District

We are Downtown District! A young, upcoming punkrockband from the Netherlands. We are proud to present to you our new single 'PRESSURE'. It is fittingly about the pressure we as a band experience in the search for a cemented spot in the twisted world of the musicindustry.

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by Lasting Effect

Lasting Effect released their first album, "Drift Away" in January 2016

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On Our Own

by Lasting Effect

On Our Own is an energetic and upbeat song about coping with losing touch with lots of childhood friends after graduating high school and college when everyone starts to go their own way in life by relocating, having kids, or becoming too busy to give efforts to the friendship.

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Love Thyself

by The Outside Kids

Hey we're The Outside Kids! Our new song “Love Thyself” basically means f@&$ you! It’s about exes changing our trajectory, life path, goals, who we are… Or not, as the case may be. Check it out and feel things.

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by Wasted History

Hey Folk we are Wasted History. And lately we've been mucking around with some Punk Rock and came up with a few gems we'll be releasing throughout the year. This is the first nugget and it's called 'Postmouth'. We hope you dig it \m/.

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The New Influence

by Zeta Zeroes

I'm a one-man band based near D.C. My debut EP "11:01" is out today, 4 hardcore and punk rock bangers I wrote as a teenager 11-12 years ago, rerecorded for proper release this year. I hate the contradictory conformity of punk and hardcore so I wanted to make something off-kilter and original.

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Scream If You Want To

by Inner City Witches

In just 2:43, listeners can expect two separate guitar solos doubling as a bridge between tremendously polished, persistent sections of heavy percussion and vocals. The second solo then leads into a complete change of pace for the track’s final 45 seconds, providing an ominous, grungy breakdown.

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Mona Lisa

by Backdrop Falls

Catchy choruses you can sing along to, thick alt-rock riffs and dead honest pop punk and punk rock sensibilities are a few of the band’s biggest assets and their new single “Mona Lisa” showcases just that. Backdrop Falls new realese is part of the band's new album release "Fairytales and Fireworks".

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by Drew Gallagher

My name is Drew Gallagher and I'm a pop-punk artist from Boston. I grew up listening to bands like blink 182, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Neck Deep, and other American Pie artists. My song Treehanger is about meeting a friend that helped me in a low bout of suicidal depression.

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Sad And Short

by Stick Figure Funeral

Hey, this is my newest track Sad And Short! It's a fusion of a rough angsty 1990s pop-punk sound with some more modern production elements, with a fast tempo and catchy hook to go along. Hope you enjoy it!

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Is Heaven Worth This Hell I'm Living

by Van Full of Nuns

Hello! We are Dallas, TX based pop punk band Van Full of Nuns, founders of Pop Punk Nite!, and we just released our new single "Is Heaven Worth This Hell I'm Living." It tells an ill-fated story of love that crossed international borders.

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Why Am I Still Here?

by Something In-Between

Hey guys, we're Something In-Between and this is 'Why Am I Still Here?' which was released on our most recent EP. It was written by our bassist, Jared, who recorded the main vocals for this track. Jared is a massive Hoppus fanboy and a lot of inspiration was taken from early Blink for this song.

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by Nebulosa

Hi, we are the Nebulosa, 3 guys from Rome. "Ventisei", our first track, tells the life of a boy with a passion for music who, at 26, given the problems that afflict the world, feels in a cage and with little chance of success. so in the song he talks to himself about his relationship with music.

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Over & Over

by Bloodsport

Hey, we're Bloodsport... a Yorkshire based Pop Punk/Punk Rock quartet. We're super excited to release our next track 'Over & Over'... the song means a lot to us as it's the first song we ever wrote as a unit and we just really hope everyone enjoys the track as much as we enjoy playing it!

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Fall Asleep

by Smile Wide

Hello, we're Smile Wide from the town of Medway in Kent. Fall Asleep is our debut track about general relationships and life stuff. We've been a band for a couple of years writing our debut EP. The catchy song takes influences from bands from the late 90's and early 2000's pop punk

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by My Latest Failure

We are a three piece Punk Band from Middlesex, London (UK) who play heavy riffs, catchy hooks with sing along lyrics. Known for being energetic and raw with our sound. Voices is off our Failures Vol.2 EP out 30/04/2021

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A Moment to be Seen

by Friday's Spirit

Hey guys! We're Friday's Spirit, a punk rock band hailing from Salzburg, Austria. We've recently revealed our new single, “A Moment to Be Seen”, taken from our upcoming EP “Skin And Bones”. Hope you'll like it!

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by Flat Out Insult

Based out of Charlotte, NC, and formed from the ashes of Kill Eagle, Darrell Sullivan and Isaac Schrum reformed the band and later found Jake Hyzy. Infuriated with the modern "punk" image, Flat Out Insult are reviving the ethos of the old school punk sound with unmatched energy and tenacity.

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Hold Your Ground

by Project Revise

Project Revise are a three piece pop punk band from the UK. New single 'Hold Your Ground' is inspired by 2000s pop punk. It's a melodic song with a heavy twist towards the end. The lyrics are about our struggles in life and how we try to overcome them, while also trying to remain true to ourselves.

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