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Party Line

by Supercut

Hey everyone, we're a Belarusian punk band named Supercut and here's our brand new song Party Line. Hope you'll enjoy it, cheers!

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Path We Choose

by Lyrehound

Hey guys, we're Lyrehound and this is our second single 'Path We Choose'. Manchester has a lot of cool wall art around so we thought, why not shoot a music video showing some of it! The song is about bringing people together, going on a journey and achieving something great - come join us!

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by Jane N' The Jungle

Jane N' The Jungle, Phoenix, AZ., Alternative Rock band lead by a strong female force, has a new single, "Animal" that dropped on April 10, 2020 produced by Grammy Award winning Producer/Engineer Chuck Alkazian. "Animal” embodies a primal earthly grit intertwining with the modern day 2020 world.

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Muddy Waters

by Pale Oaks

Hi guys! This is our first single from our upcoming album that will be out later this year. Musically we draw from a lot of artists we love like Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Mew, & many more! Lyrically it deals with mental health issues, specifically depression & how it affects every relationship one has.

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The Latter

by High Regard

Hey! We are High Regard an explosive pop quintet who grew Hertfordshire. This is our debut single and we are set on releasing an EP by the end of the year. 'The Latter' was produced by Trash Boat's Ryan Hyslop. Super excited to be able to get it out for people to hear!

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Dead to Me

by Drowning Days

Hi, we are Drowning Days. We are a pop-punk/emo band from The-Middle-of-Nowhere, UK. Our debut single "Dead to Me" is about the process of losing a to circumstances that are beyond your grasp. Hope you enjoy!

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by Safety Net

Hi! We're a band called Safety Net and this is our new track Back. Back was inspired by a feeling of wanting to go, well, back; back to being kids, back to before life got so... complicated. Back is all about sentimentality and looking back on the past through a rose-colored lens.

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The Story

by Infinite Eve

This is the title track from our new EP, The Story. It's the heaviest song on the EP and has elements of progressive metal with soaring female vocals! It's all layed out on a bed of seven string chunkiness, it's sure to satisfy the guitar nerd in you!

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Going Nowhere

by Weekend Recovery

We are a 3 piece punk rock band from Leeds, with grit and determination to break through into the mainstream - and we won't stop until we make it! Our music shouts and screams and hooks you in. Our latest single, Going Nowhere, is about backstabbing, and why we do the things we do.

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Dream Boy

by Beach Bunny

"Dream Boy" was inspired by summer love - it is a song about being jaded to the idea of falling for someone again after being heartbroken in the past. It's about giving into the butterflies in your stomach even when love seems so scary at times.

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Not Too Late To Be Okay

by Bronnie

Hey! We are a female fronted pop punk trio! (Bronnie, Chris & Pete) We have supported bands like Neck Deep & WSTR and have toured the USA, UK & Europe! This song is a mental health awareness song... 'It's not too late to be okay!!'

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High Femme

by Calico Plaid

Calico Plaid is an Indie Rock band based out of Chicago composed of couple duo Nic and Camille! Heavy hitting yet surprisingly dynamic, Calico Plaid's newest single release "High Femme" off of new album Crumpled Up will take you through a journey of a millennial couple's outlook on today.

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Heyo - we're Lionizer, an indie pop punk trio out of Perth, WA. Semi Permanent was written, recorded and produced entirely within our living room, and we are super proud of it. Semi permanent is all about the struggle with growing up, getting old, and falling away from your friends.

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Loyal Panic

Hey everyone! We’re a Pop Punk Band from Tel-Aviv! We’v Just released a new song and video ‘Hero’ - check it out!

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"Hologram" smuggles a discourse on power dynamics and the nature of reality inside of a candy-colored pop-rock coating.

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Hi guys, we're Grayhunter! We'd be honored to be featured on Punktastic. We just released our debut EP "Comeback Kid" last month. It's 4 different tracks that tell stories of overcoming various challenges to find pure happiness. We're super happy with how the EP came out and we hope you love it. :)

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Lost From The Start

Lost From The Start is an energetic pop punk band from Limburg (BE). By utilising melodic guitar parts and catchy, yet thoughtful lyrics, the band reaches out to everyone trying to find their way. A fair warning though, the songs might get stuck in your head for days. A trip down memory lane.

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Hi guys! We are VSTHEWORLD a local band from Manila, Philippines. We've just released our debut EP "A Different Perspective" which is now available on major digital stores worldwide. If you grew up listening to early-mid 2000s music then you should definitely check the record out!

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Arrows In Action

Greeting! We're a Pop Punk band called Arrows in Action based in Gainesville, FL! We're all about good vibes, loud guitars, keepin' it weird. We like to think our music portrays an emotive, beach-y summer aesthetic, colored by witty, cutting & brutally honest lyrics. Check out our Coasting EP!

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no reception.

Hey everybody! I'm Claire and I make up the one woman pop-punk band that is no reception. "Time to Kill" is a taste of my upcoming EP, See Through, and through its crunchy guitars and angsty pop vocals it tells the familiar story of putting more into a relationship than you are getting back.

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