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Every Good Idea Came From A Bad Idea

by The Historians

We're The Historians, and this is our debut single! Our singer Mrin came up with this song while she was in the hospital with nothing but a piece of paper and a pen. After she got out we took her ideas, put them to the test on instruments instead of paper, and created this song. We hope you like it!

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by Hipersona

Hi! We are Hipersona, a pop punk-alternative rock band also beany twin sisters who love making noise from Turkey! We wanna show that "POP PUNK IS NOT DEAD!" with our high and raw youth energy! The song has been played on Radio X (as "Hot One" by John Kennedy), Amazing Radio USA and UK, BFBS radio.

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by Bad Mary

Hey Friends! We're Bad Mary a punk rock band from New York! This song, Addicted was the first single off of our last album, The Return of Space Girl. We first played this song on our tour of Japan in 2019 and its video was shot at a show in Tokyo! Rock on!

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Last To Love You

by Protect Your Heart

Hey yall! We just released our 5th music video and would love to know what you think!

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We are EVERLYNE from Melbourne. DERANGED has a more produced and heavier sound than our old stuff, which we love. Lyrically it's about a girl that is slowly losing her mind and hearing voices. The heavy riffs, high powered rhythms, hardcore accents and Mac's incredible vocals help us stand out!

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Bury Me

by Gunpoint Alibi

Hi, friends! We're Gunpoint Alibi! We're a group of absolutely silly best friends located in Denver, Colorado. Bury Me is the first release off of our upcoming album, "deathwish" We can't wait for you to give it a listen, and we look forward to seeing you out there, dancing around to it!

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Never Gonna Leave You

by Protect Your Heart

Hey Everyone! We're Protect Your Heart from Los Angeles

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by Still Talk

Hey, we're Still Talk and this is the second single from our upcoming EP. We recorded the track in our own Studio and released it on our friend Dave's label hithome. We would love if you checked it out.

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by Mani Kontador

Mani Kontador is a quirky punk band from the Philippines. Junee Abe (Guitar/Vocals), Rafael Gerardo (Bass/Vocals) and Ralph Rapiz (Drums) started in May 2019. They simply know how to elevate pranking to some sort of art form.

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Blue Light Trails

by Paper Tigers

Just thought we'd drop you an email to let you know our new single 'Blue Light Trails' is out today! It's the first single from our forthcoming EP 'Graceless'. . We go on a UK tour at the start of November to promote the single which we are so excited for!

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Up Next On...

by American Ink

American Ink is coming at you HARD and FAST with their new single 'Up Next On...'!!! This is the title track from their latest EP . Thanks for listening!

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Nothing But A Memory


Dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment means your whole life stops—everything else takes a back seat while you enter battle mode. You are faced with the concept of your own mortality and identity, but there’s also the opportunity for perspective.

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by Bad Idea

Hey - we're Bad Idea, Leeds fuzzy dream-pop kids. We've just released the first of two new singles with Rose Coloured Records, 'Winter', a pop vocal-led punk track about when you could waste your money on getting drunk with your friends (which we're all desperately missing). Hope you enjoy! <3

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Hey guys, girls and non-binary pals, We are COLORWAVE from London, UK. COLORWAVE is about honesty, about tough love, about sharing experiences. It is boundless and borderless, havoc and harmony. It’s been a home for the wildly weird, those wonderfully wicked, and every stormy soul in-between.

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Half to Life

by Wine & Warpaint

We're Brandon, Colleen, Hunter, Taylor, and Hannah, and we're called Wine & Warpaint, 2000s-inspired alternative pop-rock. Our new single "Half to Life" is about the difficulty in recovering from setbacks, something I think many of us experienced in the past year. Cheers!

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by Prey drive

Hey! We are PREY DRIVE, an alt rock 4 piece from Norwich, UK. This is our latest single called "O.M.G" - Sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days. This is about putting a brave face on it and hiding how you are really feeling in tough times.

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I Don't Like Feeling Great

by As December Falls

As December Falls is an UK alternative/ emo rock band fighting against the tide of a change in the rock scene towards electronic influenced songs.

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Out of the blue

by Atwood

We're Atwood, an Italian band from Milan. We play alternative rock with pop and electronic influences. "Out of the blue" tells the beauty of waiting for something good to come – and the wait becomes a bubble we lock ourselves in, oblivious of the passage of time.

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Admit It

by Signs of Progress

Most people have had someone close to them stab them in the back. This song is about not only that experience but it's also a message about how it's okay to cut those people out of your life. There are plenty of good people in the world, don't waste your time on the bad ones.

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Punk Rock Kitty Cat

by The Nearly Deads

Anar-kitty! Punk Rock Kitty Cat is a fun, campy homage to our musical influences. It's all about being your own unique self and realizing you're purrfect just the way you are! It's about clawing your way through the noise of the world and coming out on the other side totally confident and powerful!

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