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Youth Is Wasted

by Tilly Kingston

Hey! My name is Tilly Kingston! This song is about saying "fuck you" to all the adults who look down on us and say we're wasting our lives partying and just having fun!. "Well, if this is wasting my life, than fuck yeah I am ....AND LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

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Letto di Spine

by Jay

I'm just an Italian girl, I need to speak with all the broken souls out there and I think music is the only voice I can use it for that. My songs talks about mental issues, depression, bad past, feeling like an Alien on our planet, love and broken Heart's... Just an ordinary life in a shitty world.

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Same Old Story

by Read The Room

Hi, we are Norwich (UK) newcomers Read The Room. We're pop punk band with an alternative rock twist who aren't afraid to deliver annoyingly catchy hooks with a twist of humour. We have just launched our video single 'Same Old Story' (shot entirely on a phone!). Debut EP is also OUT NOW!

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by Colourburn

Hey we're Colourburn and we're debuting with out new single Star! It explores love and loss and the complex emotions that surround the process of a break up. About struggling to find one's place in a changing relationship and the difficulty of letting go of something that once meant so much.

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by Air Drawn Dagger

This is a song about feeling as if fate is against you, laced with fat riffs, frantic synths and hip-hop beats. An anthem for swinging against the hand you've been dealt. This is denying your destiny, this is Stigmata.

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Toxic Heart

by From The Other Side

From The Other Side is a female fronted, 5 piece pop punk band from Melbourne, Australia. Bursting onto the scene with their high energy performance, it’s a tip of the hat to the 00’s pop punk bands before them. With catchy riffs, massive drums and melodies that will get stuck in your head for days.

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New Beginnings

by Yur Mum

Yur Mum is a powerhouse duo with a vibrant fusion of rock, punk and noise with tropical vibes. 'New Beginnings' is an empowering and anthemic modern rock track for fans of Paramore, Turnstile, Deftones, and it's been on Spotify’s All New Rock, The Punk List, Shockwave playlists.

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by Heart A Tact

Hey there, this is our new song Outcast. Its a catchy pop punk song with a female singer.

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"The Dream"

by Lucid Dream

San Diego’s favorite anxiety ridden rock band, Lucid Dream dropped “The Dream”, the lead single of their highly anticipated debut LP, I Think It’s Fine? out on June 30th. “The Dream” captures an existential crisis in double time and is a non skippable headbanger.

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by Learn To Lie

We are alt-rockers LEARN TO LIE, and we have a hybrid sound that is riff-orientated and super catchy. We have just released our brand new single and lyric video, Strong. Please watch the video, here - .

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Never Gave it Back

by Petrichør

Hey! We're a 4-piece band called Petrichør. We're based out of Miami, Florida and we've only been around for about a year. We believe that music deserves to be experienced by the 5 senses so we made our first song "Never Gave it Back" much more than a track; we made it an experience.

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by The Fair Warnings

Hey! We're The Fair Warnings, and this is our debut single! This is our favorite song we've written so far, and is entirely self-produced. We think the chorus melody is insanely catchy, the guitar riffs go hard, and is sums us up as a band - fun, punchy, energetic. Hope you love it :)

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by Keep Your Secrets

Hey! We're a pop punk/emo band called Keep Your Secrets, and we just released a new music video today for our song called “trauma.” It’s a moody, emotional track that blends the 2000's emo formula with modern metalcore breakdowns and elements of anime music. We hope you like it!

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Serotonin (Acoustic)

by Kr!s Cortez

I'm smoking on secondhand serotonin. Hi, my name is Kr!s Cortez. When punk goes acoustic, it brings a whole different meaning to the word "Emo". My song Serotonin tells a story, a story that many people are familiar with. Loneliness. With melancholy melodies and anthemic lyrics, to fill our void.

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Remnant ft. Julian Latouche of Inertia

by 51st Avenue

Hey! We're 51st Avenue and we're excited to share our new single "Remnant" with you. We had some help from Julian Latouche of Inertia to bring an emotional contrast to the song. It's about experiencing a loved one struggle through addiction, and slowly watching them lose themselves to their vice.

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I Want It All

by Sugarpunch

Inspired by bands such as Paramore and Guano Apes. Sugarpunch! launch their catchy tunes at you and blow you away with their dynamic rock sound. Standing still just isn't an option with the untamed energy that they give off on the stage. Each show is a party, guaranteed!

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by Relate.

We are pop-punk/emo (or "warpedtour-core" as I've affectionately named it) band from Denver called Relate. We released "Dreamland" last year and I figured I'd shoot it over to y'all. We definitely date ourselves with this track, it has much more in common with Brand New than it does with MGK.

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Black Sheep (Metric Cover)

by gloomy june

Hey Pickup! My name is Alexi and I sing for California moody pop band gloomy june. Our cover of Black Sheep by Metric is coming to streaming platforms on Oct 6! We feel the track perfectly combines our heavy punk side with our synthy ethereal side.

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Every Good Idea Came From A Bad Idea

by The Historians

We're The Historians, and this is our debut single! Our singer Mrin came up with this song while she was in the hospital with nothing but a piece of paper and a pen. After she got out we took her ideas, put them to the test on instruments instead of paper, and created this song. We hope you like it!

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by Hipersona

Hi! We are Hipersona, a pop punk-alternative rock band also beany twin sisters who love making noise from Turkey! We wanna show that "POP PUNK IS NOT DEAD!" with our high and raw youth energy! The song has been played on Radio X (as "Hot One" by John Kennedy), Amazing Radio USA and UK, BFBS radio.

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