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by The Fair Warnings

Hey! We're The Fair Warnings, and this is our debut single! This is our favorite song we've written so far, and is entirely self-produced. We think the chorus melody is insanely catchy, the guitar riffs go hard, and is sums us up as a band - fun, punchy, energetic. Hope you love it :)

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Oh Dang

by Worse Off

Worse Off is a pop punk duo featuring Jaclyn Falk and Colin Jay (2/5ths of Entropy NY). Oh Dang is a single from their debut EP, You Win Some, You Lose A...Lot. The EP tackles the struggles of trying to find your way through an often cold and conflicting world by way of fun-bummer pop punk jams.

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Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind

Hey there, we are a post-hardcore/emotive band based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Recently we released our new mini album, "Dread and Vision" which can be seen as a turn towards modern post-hardcore with a potent dose of emotion. Check out "Asleep in Sorry" if you are into rugby!

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