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Futon Frenzy

by Futon Frenzy

Hey folks, we're Futon Frenzy, a freshly formed pop-punk group from Lake Constance, Germany. We're all about great melodies, having fun and even shredding some wild guitar solos. We really hope you like our first single!

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by allcaps.

Hi, we're allcaps.! We're a pop-punk/emo band from the Netherlands. The track we want to introduce is called mountain. It's a new, refreshing sound for us as a band with catchy guitar riffs, combining calmness and total mayhem. Some might call it pure heartbreak.

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I'm Ready to Ride Giants, Kunu

by Sucker Punch

Guitarist Billy Butka: “'I'm Ready To Ride Giants, Kunu' is an anthem for those stuck in the vicious cycle of self doubt. We had the pleasure of working with Chris LoPorto to deliver a powerful performance to help extinguish those negative thoughts keeping you down.”

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Seven Twenty

by What Makes Sense

Hey! We are What Makes Sense from upstate New York. We've been putting our spin on pop punk for about 4 years now, and Seven Twenty is the first sample of what's to come. If you like heavy riffs and acrobatic performances, you'll enjoy this video!

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Bad Energy

by Wheelbite

Hey everyone! We're a Pop-Punk band called Wheelbite. Our songs hit home to people that have been wronged by ones they love, and people that are struggling to find their own in tough times. Things do get better, and keep pressing forward!

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by jxke

My name is Jake Morell (also known as “jxke”) and I am dropping my first single as a solo artist, after playing in numerous alternative bands for the past 10 years. Fans that love early 2000’s pop punk such as Blink-182, Sum-41, Avril Lavigne, and more, have shown heavy interest in this track.

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by Relate.

We are pop-punk/emo (or "warpedtour-core" as I've affectionately named it) band from Denver called Relate. We released "Dreamland" last year and I figured I'd shoot it over to y'all. We definitely date ourselves with this track, it has much more in common with Brand New than it does with MGK.

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by Motionyear

Disarray is a metaphorical song describing a verbally abusive and controlling relationship through the lens of a plant that has been abandoned in a bedroom. The plant sits on the shelf, uncared for, and becomes covered with dust and lacking in water and nutrients.

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Paint Me Gold

by Down And Out

We're Down And Out from Adelaide! Paint Me Gold is written about a relationship that was born out of lies & deceit and ended the same way. Everybody said a relationship forged in the fires of cheating would never last - I thought I was smart enough to figure out a way around that... I wasn’t.

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by Bornside

Hi! We're Bornside from Lyon. “Somewhere” is the 3rd single from our first EP, “Light Rain & Dick Moves” released on 19/09/2022. It's about the questions we all have, every day. Whether it’s about our place in today’s society, our place in the workplace, in our family or in our group of friends.

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by Good Call

Good Call, an alternative emo band from northern Utah, has amassed a following both locally and globally with 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and shows that pack a punch and a venue.

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by If and When

Hey there! We're called If and When from Columbus, OH. I am TJ the sole member of the band. If you've ever gotten to a point in any time of relationship whether it be romantic or a friendship where you have just had it and don't care anymore this is what my new song "86" is all about.

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by Keep Your Secrets

Hey y'all! We're a pop punk band from DC called Keep Your Secrets. We've just released our first original song as a full lineup: a fast, heavy easycore track called "concussed." We were lucky enough to work with Casey from The Wonder Years on this track, and it turned out MASSIVE. Hope you dig!

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by Down And Out

We're a pop punk band from Adelaide and we just released our new track "Sidelines" that we're really excited to share with you! It's a song a lot of us can relate to, about how the rich get richer and the rest of us continue to work our fingers to the bone for those who profit off of it.

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Johnny Cash

by This Side of Paradise

Hi, we're This Side of Paradise, based out of Nashville, TN! We are just two guys who grew up listening to emo and pop punk bands, and wanted to pay homage to some of the greats. We actually met in the elevator of our apartment building during lockdown, and created this band as a way to pass time.

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by High Sierra Club

Hey there! "Stay" is the third of four songs that we recorded in Indiana with Seth Henderson (Knuckle Puck, Real Friends) and Skyler Acord (Issues, Twenty One Pilots). It's a moody Pop Punk ballad written in 3/4 time. I hope you love the track. I wrote it while at an emotional high.

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by Petrol Station

Hi! We have just released our new EP Tracy on 27th of August. We are alt-rock/pop-punk band from Czechia. We believe it would be cool to interest your listeners/readers with our new EP and we hope you´ll like it and give us some feedback! We would like to expand our new music even more!

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Off The Ground

by Neversaid

Hey, we're Neversaid! Off The Ground is the lead single featured on our debut EP 'Getting Better'. It was written about cutting out a toxic friend, and describes the anger, sadness and desperation of realising a person is having a negative impact in your life.

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In My Head Again EP

by GLD

We’ve put blood sweat & tears into this since 2020 unfolded. We love all good music no matter the form but to be able to make pop punk again & bring it into the future means the world to us. Thank you Kayzo and Welcome Records for believing in this project. 💛

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