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Lost On The Endless Sea

by Affidavit

Hello there, we're Affidavit (Alternative Rock - Paris, France)! This track brings together the most energetic influences of the band, from Hardcore Punk to Pop Punk, with an airy Math Rock outro. A lively mix of The Story So Far, Four Year Strong And And So I Watch You From Afar.

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by Atticus Finch

Hey guys! "Angst" was written and recorded completely remote with band members spread 3,000 miles apart. This nostalgic pop-punk song begs the question, “is it you or the world?” and elicits feelings of remaining authentic to where you started.

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by Coffee Talk

Hi, we are a brand new pop punk band from Germany. Our first song 'Reflections' was released on 5th June 2020. We make modern pop punk with '00s-emo and pop-rock influences and a polished sound. We'd be so grateful if you give our song a listen. Thank you so much!

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by Reverie

The phase of leaving is a moment that often occurs, whether it is not because of one's own will or desired by others, but they are still trying to maintain what has become their choice. From our perspective REVERIE from Surabaya created this song titled 'ARIMA'.

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The Latter

by High Regard

Hey! We are High Regard an explosive pop quintet who grew Hertfordshire. This is our debut single and we are set on releasing an EP by the end of the year. 'The Latter' was produced by Trash Boat's Ryan Hyslop. Super excited to be able to get it out for people to hear!

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No Potential

by Common Grounds

Hey, we're Common Grounds from Los Angeles.
We hope you enjoy our new single and music video, "No Potential".

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by Loose End

We're Loose End from Melbourne Australia. Our new single ‘Discontent’ is a candid look into the experience of burnout and its effect on the enjoyment of success. It’s also a love song – a glimpse into how romance can bring with it new perspectives. Hope you enjoy!

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Not Around

by Two Trains Left

We are Two Trains Left, a dynamic pop-punk band from Paris. We are inspired by bands such as Blink-182, and Neckdeep and we offer a blend of pop-punk. This is our song "Not Around".

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Burning Branches

by Jumping Ship

Hello! We are Jumping Ship, a pop punk band from Illinois (We know, very original!). Burning Branches is one of three singles we have out for an EP that'll be released in March. This song is about making that decision to stop feeling bad for yourself and how hard that tends to actually be.

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by Nautical Mile

Perth's premiere pop-punk band - we've been releasing a steady stream of EP's since 2015, and are finally ready to deliver our first LP. Our sound is focused and densely melodic.

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Two Towns

by For Our Friends

Hey people! This track is the first single from our debut Coming To Ya EP and we couldn't be more excited about releasing music. This song is for all of our friends that love someone in a different city. Stick with it. Distance is temporary. Thanks for listening. xx

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Greetings! We are a Chicago pop-punk band (how original right?) looking to set a new standard for Pop-Punk! Our music is heavy & emotional, but also uplifting & full of density. Rather than pointing fingers at the world around us, we look inward & try rationalize our struggles through our music!

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Back at Ground Zero

by Swish

We are Swish and this is our most recent single release, “Back At Ground Zero.” We began jamming in Chicago, IL and still enjoy its local music scene. We hope you enjoy this energetic new single as much as we do!

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My band 'Bloodsport' are releasing our 1st single 'Turn & Run' after recoding with Bob Cooper (WSTR, Kamikaze Girls). Its a hard hitting hitting, fast and tight pop-punk song that I think is right up Punktastic's alley. Cheers! Sam

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Kissing The Klepto

Hey homies! We are Kissing the Klepto from Philadelphia, PA. We have established a reputation in our area for overly energetic live performances with piñatas full of stickers, black lights, and tons more! Here is our flagship track “Northern Philadelphia” Available on our debut EP “Why Bother?”!!

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Pathetic Ordinary

Hey pop punkers, we just released our debut single "Some Pop Punk Song I Wrote (About You) . If you're a fan of pop punk with breakdowns, feel free to check us out !

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Stations Creations

Ex-This Legend's Vocalist Chris Castillo's new musical project Stations Creations. New EP has just been released - Check it out!

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Those Without

Hi! We're Those Without, a swedish pop punk band originating from the town of Örebro in Sweden. We've JUST released our second single "Polaroids" for our upcoming sophomore EP called "Easier Said Than Done"! Would mean a lot if you guys gave it a spin.

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Hi! We're Bandage from Athens, Greece. We've just finished our new record called 'Build'! Here is the first single, 'Paul Pierce is in the Past.' - Pop-Punk / Rock and NBA fans rejoice!

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Arrows In Action

Greeting! We're a Pop Punk band called Arrows in Action based in Gainesville, FL! We're all about good vibes, loud guitars, keepin' it weird. We like to think our music portrays an emotive, beach-y summer aesthetic, colored by witty, cutting & brutally honest lyrics. Check out our Coasting EP!

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